Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Culture Wars over Bama

With all this Bama talk in the past week of gay marriages and harsh feelings over this business...I've done a fair amount of reading over polygamy and threesome marriages....which I tend to believe will be acceptable and legal within Bama by 2020.

Naturally, this would disturb some Bama enthusiasts a bit.  But you have to sit down and use your Bama intellect on this subject.

Way back in the beginning....Old Testament days....polygamy and multiple wives was acceptable.  You can find various mentions in the Old Testament where some prophet mentions this guy, then wife number one, and then wife number two.  No big deal.  God was apparently all in favor of this tradition.

Oddly....there is some divide that occurs when some guys meet up a generation or two later.....writing up the New Testament, and deciding to just hint a bit that guys might want to be limited one wife, but never clearly saying that "God said.....".

Somewhere along where the Catholic Church came along in ancient Roman days.....that was the dividing point where they determined that one wife was sufficient and spoke to this on various occasions within sermons delivered. It was kinda helpful to avoid the dozen-odd occasions in the Old Testament where multiple wives got mentioned.

So, this brings me to the way that this will happen in US legal standings.  The whole fight currently is that no law can determine a marriage is just a man and a woman....thus inviting the whole gay discussion.  Well, if you apply the same logic....the same understanding would be that a marriage is not contained to JUST a man and a woman, so you ought to be able to have two wives, or for that matter, three or four or five wives.  You won't be able to clearly limit a guy, or to limit a woman to four husbands.....if her happiness is what matters.

All of this will lead some judges to make yet another odd interpretation and leave the door open for more things which have no basis in law or religion.

How many polygamy-type situations would occur in Bama?  I would make this odd guess that it might be limited to one hundred "couples" during the first year, and within a decade....maybe include around 2,000 total couples within the state.  Course, this would drag out the divorce situation, and how one person might divorce two members....yet the two remaining members might still be married.  It also drags out property settlements.....how you'd split a property if one quits a marriage, yet two remain.

You can imagine five Bama guys sitting around a general store situation....discussing this matter.  One guy would cite Bible verses where it's appropriate, and one would cite the psychological issues (you gotta be crazy would be spoken over and over).  Another guy would cite bathroom troubles as it is currently with the house-trailer and just wonder how you'd handle this with two women in the trailer.  The fourth guy would say he really needs another woman because wife number one just can't cook.  And finally.....the fifth guy would ask about the sexual implications, and wonder how he'd get all his plowing done by planting season.

Yep.....bold new world coming to Bama.  Not a moment too soon.  Better start browsing for the second wife now, and preparing the first wife for competition.  Hopefully, you can find a second wife who is also a NASCAR enthusiast, enjoys Andy Griffith, stays tuned to Channel Nineteen weather during tornado spells, is a Bama NCAA football fan, knows something about veterinary science, and likes to hunt (unlike wife number one).

This Brian Williams Discussion

In terms of rating how significant some stories are in the news today.....I'd consider this NBC anchor guy....Brian Williams....and his story to be a "three" on a scale of one to ten.  Yeah, it really begs some questions, but it's the network's issue to look over and feel the heat about.

Here is the odd part about Brian Williams because I spent some time looking at his timeline.

The guy finishes high school and briefly attends a local community college. Then he goes to the Catholic University of America, and then he transfers over to George Washington University in the District of Columbia.  He admits....he's got roughly eighteen total classes finished....so no degree.  Oddly, he hooks up as an intern with the Jimmy Carter White House, and that's the end of schooling for him.

The cost of GW University in DC?  Just one year....tuition only....is $48,000 today.  You can guesstimate what it was in late-1970s....but it wasn't cheap.

So, he moves on (without a degree) to Kansas.  He works for a year for KOAM-TV....a minimum wage rookie.  A year into this....he gets hired for WTTG (a independent network in DC at the time....it belongs to Fox now).

After roughly a year at the DC situation....he gets hired to moves to Philly for WCAU....an NBC flag-station in the local area.  It's a pretty big step....just two years prior being a minor no-name guy with a mid-Kansas TV station.

Roughly four years later....he's brought to New York City, and part of the CBS team there.  In six years....he's picked up as a weekend guy for NBC and is now a major player.

A couple of months ago....Williams ends up signing a five-year contract with NBC....for roughly $10 million a year.

You just start to look at this guy and how he moves around every year or two, and wonder about his resume and what exactly it says.

The chief problems?  Lets say you terminate Williams.....which would be the logical point to take in a case like this....what bill do you get stuck with?  He'll take you to court and by the contract.....he's entitled to a fair sum of money.  Maybe the contract allows for them to pay him off with $20 million....maybe he's entitled to the whole sum.  No one has said much over that.

The other problem is who you bring in....Matt Lauer of the Today Show?  I sat and read several stories which note the back-up plan is now considered to be Tom Brokaw coming in for a month or two while they hire up another wiz-kid....or bring Matt Lauer into the situation and then play games over who is hired to replace Matt on the Today Show.

Matt as the evening anchor guy for NBC?  Well....yeah.  Maybe if you did a couple of shots of booze prior to the evening news, and try to avoid hitting the mute button constantly....it'd all work out.

But the real question is.....does any of this matter?  I mean....Brian was telling bogus stories....but it's an accepted part of the position.....which anchor has not made up various bogus stories over the past decade.  Since Harry Reasoner, Frank Reynolds and Harold K. Smith have all passed on.....we really don't have news anchors at night....we have some story-teller-wizards who pick up stories to emphasize or de-emphasize.

My advice....if channel seven is offering Andy Griffith or Judge Judy episodes while NBC news is on....you might want to check them out.....or consider resodding the backyard.