Tuesday, 30 June 2020

An Idea

I have this idea.  In approximately six months....the company folks will be dumping the Aunt Jemima container and name.  New name to come.....new bottle look to be developed.

So my idea is to develop these old plastic-container like Aunt Jemima from company A, and then develop fake stickers that say Aunt Jemama (notice the spelling difference) from company B....market both via some Chinese distributor, and sell it to the American public. 

You buy the new no-name product and simply pour it into the new fake plastic bottle, and put the label on the side of the bottle. 

I know....there's probably ten different legal matters with this idea, but I think the general public will want to keep the brand bottle and label alive in some way. 

Fake Card

I started laughing when I read this story in the morning.

Basically, some 'idiot' with graphics ability....made up this card. 

It basically is a Facial Mask exemption card. It states because of the Disability Act, you are granted a waiver from wearing the mask....for any reason.

Course, it mentions at the bottom....denying access to a person...could trigger you being reported to the FTBA.

Fake?  Yep.  In fact, the Justice Department came out and has said some pretty harsh things about people using the card.

How many exist?  Unknown.  I'm guessing daily....some idiot tries to enter Wal-Mart, and shows the card. 

Just Observations

1.  The more you view the Antifa/BLM video....the more you feel it's Baghdad or Afghanistan....in the midst of the war period.  Local police could do nothing....people were intimidated....looting was commonplace.  It's an Americanized civil war....whether you like it or not.

2.  38-percent of people, according to polling, think that Joe Biden has Dementia.  The rest simply think Joe is acting like Joe.

3.  Back in 2008, Joe's medical records were released.....noting two serious brain aneurysms in 1988....which required part of his skull to be penetrated as part of the surgical procedure.  The odds that this procedure set up long term issues?  It makes you wonder.

4.  I think if people who heavily favored socialism....actually went to a heavily attached socialistic country....after three weeks, they'd quietly come back to the US and never say a word about socialism.  And no, I'm not talking about Denmark or Finland.

5.  It kinda hit me yesterday.....a guy comes up and takes the Covid-19 test....then tests positive.  Ten days later, he feels really fine....no symptoms, and wants the second test to  get approval to go back to work.  Second test?  Positive.  Oddly at this point, that test is counted as a brand new test for US statistical numbers.  Three days go by and this guy feels super-fine.....takes the third test, and it still shows positive.  That counts as another new test.  So a week goes by and finally the fourth test shows negative.  One guy, four tests, three positives....equals three infections.

6.  Chicago's gay pride parade was officially cancelled by the mayor....because of the Corona concerns.  What happened then?  Unofficially, thousands showed up and did the parade anyway.  Odds of a surge in Chicago over the next week?  Probably, but you can't blame this on the mayor.

7.  This Russian bounty story?  It appears that the Pentagon spent an awful lot of man-hours and effort to find some supporting data/evidence.  At this point?  Nothing.  I admit, it was a good story....kinda like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness sea monster.  Maybe the NY Times will send someone to Afghanistan and get a personal interview with some Russian dude to prove the story.

8.  If the Russian bounty story was true?  First, what was the amount?  $200 per US soldier?  $4k per US soldier?  $9k per US soldier?  Second, once you established if the story was true....the logical step would be a reverse ransom situation....offer up double the ransom for Russian operatives in the area.  Then the Russians would double theirs, and the US would react, and double theirs.  In a matter of six months....one single US soldier would be $500k, and we'd end the whole necessity of anyone (Russian, US or otherwise) being in Afghanistan.

9. The question came up at the White House press conference yesterday: Does President Trump believe that it was a good thing that the South lost the Civil War?

Ha, I sat for a good long ten minutes thinking it was fake news....but no, it was a true question.

The war has been over for 160 years, and people stand around....like it was last year....asking if it was all a good thing or not.  Maybe some idiot should ask the guy if the fall of the Roman Empire was a good thing, or if the arrival of the Plymouth Rock idiots was a good thing, or if the Red Sox selling their young pitcher named Ruth to the Yankees was a good thing.

10.  Three states have governor-recall petitions approved and working presently (Michigan, Minnesota, and Oregon).  A fourth, California, will likely be attempted but fail with enough signatures.  Odds here?  In the case of Michigan and Minnesota....it's decent odds that the governors will be voted out (not overwhelming though).  Oregon is less than a 50-50 situation.

Monday, 29 June 2020

The Fake White Supremacist Story

I sat and tried to make sense out of this Louisville, Kentucky shooting.  There was one version, and then when the 'smoke' cleared....we had an entirely different version.

Factual data....some folks got shot.  One is dead.  Cops reacted....firing no rounds, and captured the 'white supremacist'.  We were told this over and over via social media and various news networks.

So around 24 hours later, the 'white supremacist' story has virtually disappeared.

The shooter?  A homeless guy named Steven Lopez (yeah a Latino).  From what the police say....he'd already been kicked out of the camping area for the protest crowd. 

Naturally, you'd ask why?

Back on 17 June, same area of town....he was with 17 other protesters.  That morning....the police came and put Steven up for several charges....disorderly conduct, harassment, possession of drug paraphernalia, and inciting a riot. The court folks kinda ordered Steven to move along.  My guess is that they were hoping that he'd hop a bus, leave town, and the charges would just dwindle down to not exist.

Well....Lopez stayed on.  Local newspaper (the Journal) says he was a regular at the protest. 

The gun?  No one says much over where it came from.  It would be interesting to have Lopez to tell the story, but with murder charges....this might not be something he'd want to share.

A Latino guy, drug-user, and probably to be diagnosed with schizophrenia later?  It just doesn't sell the white supremacist thing well.


The simple problem of kneeling....when you start, you don't know where it ends.

Jews in Vienna, Austria, 1938, kneeling to Austrian Nazi bastards.

You only lose, by kneeling.

Just Observations

1.  It's just odd about various black gentlemen hyped on this 'white supremacy' thing....are generally the same guys who desire white girlfriends, or white wives.  Course, black women often refer to the same guys as 'losers' because they didn't marry a black gal.

2.  The massive surge in Covid-19 cases in Minnesota in the past ten days?  Well, the age group thing stands out....mostly all 20-to-29 year old folks.....the riot age type.  The over 40 years old crowd?  It marginally jumped. 

3.  Over the weekend, the NBA agreed to allow players to have social justice statements on the back of their jersey.  This will continue until some wiseguy puts up the Chinese phrase 'Baizou'....which means criticism of inferior intellectuals who seem to think big on social justice.  If you wanted to turn off 50-percent of the NBA fans, this is a guaranteed way to do it.

4.  Twenty folks shot in Chicago over the weekend, seven dead.  No one seems to care.  Chicago lives don't matter.

5.  The hype over Bolton and his book?  Mostly now finished.  He can put his suits away by next weekend, and go into full retirement.  There won't be anymore interviews.

6.  Just about every state is seeing a surge in the purchase of weapons.  Gun shops are probably going set all-time records for profit in 2020.

7.  A nationwide mask mandate (proposed by Pelosi)?  It won't happen.  If some governor wants to make it a rule in their state....then fine.  Set a period of time and go for it.

8.  The negative selling point of Joe Biden, if you sit and ponder upon it....if you elect him....all of the riot business and racism stuff....goes away.  Puff....like magic.  It just leaves a lot to your imagination to figure out how this works.

9.  17 August, set date for the Democratic Convention. VP will be chosen.  Figure around ten days after this....fake heart attack for Biden or health situation, and we finally get to the real (replacement) candidate for the Democratic Party in 2020.

10.  Romania oddly enough has set up a national day for remembering Christians harmed or killed by violence. 

Sunday, 28 June 2020

The 'Russian-Bounty' Discussion

First, this is only printed in a couple of big-name newspapers, and all based on anonymous sources.

The odds of the story being true?  Unknown. 

The odds are some tribal group in Afghanistan simply told some US Army liaison of a story they heard, and that Afghan guy heard it from another guy?  That's the problem....it sounds like a good story. 

Second, did the Pentagon hold back the story in March because of the question of factual data? 

I would make a strong suggestion that they needed secondary confirmation, and just never got anywhere with this.

Then third, and probably the bigger of all problems....once you proved all of this....then what?  Would you offer a counter-bounty on each Russian?  Would you remove all troops from the region? 

After all of this....then the question comes up....why wouldn't ISIS or the Taliban do the same thing?

Days, Weeks, Months, Years Ahead

Ten predictions:

1.  Most (certainly not 100-percent) all of the 'defund-police' efforts will be put onto a ballot....rather than signed off by the mayor or city council of a city.  The ballot measure will appear and will say (1) cut x-amount of police funding, or (2) cut the police entirely. 

In most all cases, the ballot measures will fail.  Even in Minneapolis....I would have doubts that you could suggest a 25-percent police funding cut and get the public to agree with you.  Regular working-class people won't be stupid enough to dump the police. 

2.  Most universities will start dumping Civil War classes, and lessening history classes in general.  Southern states will be the exception.

3.  Republicans will shock people in DC by coming out with a 'return of property' to Maryland suggestion.  Drawing a federal property map, the Republicans, with Trump's approval....will suggest a simple lessening of DC property.  DC local politicians will go nuts over the suggestion and Maryland will shock the news folks by saying they would never accept the 'gift'. 

4.  The BLM guys will be invited to a IRS audit, and the topic of tax-free status comes up....with the problem of admitting that the primary agenda of BLM is rid the nation of President Trump.  That violates the tax-status of BLM.  The financial expert of BLM knows this, and goes back to the BLM 'bosses'.  None of them will be able to handle the blunt nature of the truth.  Either they lose the tax-free status, or they face criminal proceedings with the IRS.

5.  BLM will end the year with zero effort to lessen shootings in Chicago.

6.  Based on Joe Biden-math, virtually every single American will be dead by Christmas.

7.  PepsiCo is the owner of Aunt Jemima syrup.  Since the announcement of new branding and a new name for the syrup....most people are sitting there and feel amused.  Once they deliver the new container, with the new name....I suspect that the competition will take fifty-percent of the normal business away from PepsiCo.  Sad loss for profits. 

8.  Seattle, by mid-summer of 2021, is in serious financial jeopardy.  Lawsuits will drain capital of the city....over allowing CHOP to exist and harm business in the downtown area. 

9.  Republican VP Pence....won't be the VP candidate on the ballot for November.  (will be a shocker for people to imagine).

10. No NCAA football or NFL football for this fall. 

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Future of Things

Yesterday, the Minneapolis City Council (unanimously) approved a deal where a vote would occur in November....where the city’s police force could be dissolved if a majority agrees.

First, the odds of this passing?

Population of city?  425k.  You can probably anticipate around 250k votes occurring.  No one can cite any polling data on this, but I would suggest that it'll be fairly close, and the 'no' vote might win.

Second, going to a majority of 'yes' votes?

Then I would suggest that within six months....the force is disbanded.  A lot of the members would have resumes out already in August, and probably half the force might have given notice already by election day.

Third, sale of guns?

Well, I anticipate every single home in the city will have a minimum of one guy....maybe even five or six....by election day.  I don't see a peaceful period coming out of this.

Probably in the first three months, at least three-hundred folks probably will meet some untimely end.  All of this shooting business will push the remaining folks in the city to a new view of things....remaining there is simply not a solution. 

Pretty dramatic ending to a once vibrant city.   

Friday, 26 June 2020

Marxists, Black Panthers, and the German RAF Folks

There's a good 19-page piece written by Robert Winkler for the Ludwig-Maximilans University, which talks to the connection between the Red Army Faction (of Germany) and the Black Panther group of the US.  I'd recommend a read of the whole report.

Winkler points out something that most people miss....the Black Panther organization was around before the Red Army Faction.

At some point, the Black Panthers went to a platform/agenda (9 points).  Later, the RAF adapted the same basic points.

So the platform for the Black Panathers?

1.  Simple basic freedom....although it's never specified to what degree or how it'd be different from Constitutional rights of the 1966 timeframe.

2.  Full employment for blacks. Basically, if you didn't have real employment, the government would just create a job and give it to you.  Along with this....a guaranteed income level was inserted....so it wouldn't matter if you dug ditches, or fixed transmission....you got paid 'X'.  If you had zero training or education?  Doesn't matter....the government was still responsible for finding you a job.

3.  'Robbery by the capitalist system' had to be ended in the black community.  This was never explained in any great detail.  In a Marxist system....capitalism would not be allowed to exist in any fashion.  In this case....a lot of things would just disappear because capitalism would not provide (drugs, weed, booze, beer, etc). 

4.  Decent housing.  Along these lines....they wanted the government to simply provide it.  Cooperatives would be created and each group would run their own area.  Looking back to the Soviet model....it mostly failed.

5.  Mandated education for blacks that 'exposes the true nature of the decadent American society'.  Basically, everything up to modern times would either be dumped or told by their angle of view.  Black kids would get black education.  Everyone else would get 'non-black' education. 

6.  Blacks would be exempt from military service (remember this is 1966 we are talking about).

7.  End of all police assaults and attacks on blacks.  If you think about it....the only way to ensure this is to have townships where blacks stay in their zone, with only black police. 

8.  All blacks released from local, state and federal jails.  New charges would be done, with blacks only on the jury.

9.  So we come to this one odd agenda item....a UN-supervised effort to be mandated...to ensure blacks got 'land, bread, housing, education, clothing justice, and peace'.  Who would be on this UN commission?  Anyone's guess.

Remember, this was all Marxist doctrine, which the Black Panther crowd developed their program around, and the current BLM seem to be on the same path today. 


To be kinda honest, I've never watched a NASCAR race, or attended one.  Yes, I did grow up in the south, and will admit that demolition derbys did interest me....but that's my 'limit'.

So I look at the current chatter of NASCAR and I predict five things:

1.  Once the Confederate flag business is written up, and fans told not to display the flag at races, or cars to have any such 'art' on them.....about one-third of the racing fan crowd will dissolve away in a matter of a couple of months.

2.  NASCAR could still run with just two-third's of the fan base.....but ticket sales would lessen, and profits dwindle.  Fewer teams would participate.

3.  NASCAR would probably disappear within three years out of the Talledega area of Alabama. 

4.  Finding companies to sponsor teams will become a problem.

5.  Most of the NASCAR authorities (employees) would freshen their resumes by the end of 2021, and be looking for a new challenge in life. 

Just Observations

1. I noticed in the news that Melanie Gates (wife of Bill) wants the Covid-19 vaccine, when done, to be administered to minority people....primarily blacks, first.

It's a bit comical how she explained this, but I'm in full agreement.  Most engineers and chemists would always suggest that the first version of something is usually 'crap', and as you learn from your mistakes....you get to a safer version.  So yeah....I got no problem in letting some 'other' folks getting into the line ahead of me.

2.  Nike is reporting a $790-million loss....forty-six percent downward trend in the US.  For the remainder of 2020?  I'd expect that trend to continue for them.

3.  Some news story floating around LA....a BLM white-protest dude....apparently got hit by rubber bullets fired by the cops. Took one to the balls....and doctors were unable to save that one ball.  If you ask me....there are 10,000 reasons to avoid riots and demonstrations and this is just one of them.  Based on the picture....he's over 40, and probably should have been at work. From this point on.....work associates will remember him by 'one-ball Larry'. 

4.  Bubba Wallace did write up a noose apology of sorts.  Maybe it'd solve his problems with 5-percent of the public.  The rest are just sitting there and laughing over the hoax.

5.  How many Confederate officials were involved in riot operations over the past month?  Can you name any?

6.  Just odd....the same people who hype up on burning the Confederate flag....are the same ones who'd likely burn the US flag.

7.  Just who manufactures the Confederate flags you see?  Well...Chinese folks.  And frankly, they don't know anything about the flag, except it makes a pile of cash for them.

8. Go to a college kid or college graduate (from 20 years ago) and ask them....define Emancipators, and Abolitionists.  I'll wager you that fewer than 10-percent can give you a decent two-line explanation of either.  Why?  Ask the same kid....if there is any difference between the two (there shouldn't be). 

9.  Ever looked around for someone who fled capitalism for communism?  The only example that most can give?  Lee Harvey Oswald, except he didn't stay long, and he got shot by someone (ask people to name the shooter over Oswald....80-percent can't do it).

10.  The 'Dixie Chicks' gave up 'Dixie' in their name.  So, just 'Chicks'?  Isn't that sexist? 

Military Chatter

I noticed this morning a note on Defense Secretary Mark Esper.  He came out and said "Today I'm creating a new, internal Defense Board on Diversity and Inclusion in the Military."

Basically he wants a 6-month research project to establish recommendations to increase racial diversity and equal opportunity across all levels (including the officers).

I sat and pondered upon this.

Basically, since the 1970s, it's been a volunteer force.  Their enticement (which I figured out in the six months before joining the Air Force in 1977)....was college education, tuition assistance, and job-training.  Nothing much has changed since that era. 

I met all kinds of folks over the decades, who came from mostly working-class, or poverty-class situations.....with their chief aim to be....a trail to a better life or education achievement.  At one point, I worked with a NCO who'd written down a 15-year goal....going from high-school level....to a PhD.  The Air Force basically paid 75-percent of all tuition costs.  In those days, there was no shortage of funding, and you could go and spend $6k of their money a year easily (in 1980s/1990s money).  At the 20th year, this NCO retired out and had a $100k job in a matter of two weeks. 

So I look at Esper's idea....he thinks they need more diversity.  The Pew folks in 2019 did a study, and it has interesting numbers.

On women in the military....16-percent of the force are women.

Blacks make up 16-percent of the force.

Latinos make up 16-percent of the force.

Asians make up 4-percent of the force. 

Trying to rig open a door for gays?  Well...the door already exist, including inclusion for gay marriage.

So it's hard to see what extra inclusion he might be talking about.

You see there is there are these two other components of the force which rarely get discussed.

Once you walk in the door, it's kinda explain a simple way.....your job in some way, is to dispatch enemies of the nation in some way.  Either they give up their 'evil' ways, or you dispatch them to heaven in some way. 

The second thing explained in lesser talk....the military really doesn't want to be a full-time baby-sitter, or continually dealing with mentally unbalanced people.  If you are a commander of a 200-man unit and spending a quarter of your yearly time dealing with mental nut-cases or people who won't comprehend orders....then you've become a baby-sitter.  In a stressful war environment.....you'd better off to leave the 'kids' home and just take the non-problem people into the war-zone.

If Esper is successful....basically in five years, you will have 10,000 characters in the military....often referred to as 'Esper's kids' and deemed as mental issue folks. 

Perhaps we should start another study....how to find future Secretaries of Defense, who meet remarkable levels of stupidity and have an IQ below 75. 

Thursday, 25 June 2020

The Noose, Bubba, the FBI, and NASCAR

So after this noose with Bubba Wallace came up at Talledega....the FBI home office in Bama got the call.  They needed to investigate this.

So 15 FBI agents drive down to Talledega...in their black SUVs.

You can imagine the various guys and gals in this, and hoping....finally, they'd bust a big case in Bama, on racism and nooses.   This would have been a 20-odd page report, a thousand interviews, and maybe sixty photos. 

It does not appear that it took more than eight hours of work to determine that the noose thing and racism chatter....was a hoax. 

To be honest, I think you could have taken a retired veterinarian, a Piggly Wiggly clerk, and a transmission mechanic....they would have come to the same conclusion...in about an hour. 

I would guess that NASCAR gave the 15 FBI folks NASCAR hats, and free tickets to the race.  Probably the biggest adventure that any of them have had in a decade.....all about a fake noose.

Flynn's Revenge

As the smoke cleared yesterday....it's clear that General Flynn is now 'free'.  What happens now?  Recovery of his money spent on 'defense'.  He'll hire someone to add the amount up and verify the numbers.

Then, he'll send a letter to Barak Obama and hand him the bill (my humble guess, in the neighborhood of 2-to-3 million dollars).  He'll give him a month to assemble the money and pay the debt.

My guess is that Obama will hire a lawyer....get advice to pay nothing, and just wait.

So Flynn will open up a case against three characters....the FBI crew who interviewed him, Agent Strzok from the FBI, and President Obama.  Each group will be dragged into a room to make a statement. 

The new amount sought by Flynn?  It'll be in the 10-to-12 million range (figure in the damages amount).

The FBI folks will have to hire personal lawyers, and this will screw up their life savings. 

As for Barak Obama?  I think as the legal bills mount and he goes past the $500k range....he's going to ask his lawyer about the end-result, and it's going to be a harsh ending.

Legally, it'll go against the FBI guys, Strzok, and Barak Obama.  Flynn may only get his legal money and maybe a million dollars of damages.  But all of this will suggest serious problems with the Obama administration over the final three months of existence. 

The sad thing, if you think about the landscape of this....it's all behavior of a juvenile group, who just figured no one would ever figure out their secret 'game'.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020


About thirty years ago, I got into a discussion with a guy who I respected and we were discussing German virtues.....one of which is Utopianism.

To break the word down....it's basically a group of people on some dream-fantasy level....searching or designing a place where everything is perfect or ideal.  Streets are lined with wonderful shade trees.  City parks are evident every half-mile.  Trolleys pick up people and transport them across the city in minutes.

Yeah....things that basically unrealistic or just plain idealistic.

You see this a lot in various cultures and societies but the Germans tend to take this to the peak of thinking.  You can fix every problem....if you just have enthusiasm and willpower.

I look at this Minneapolis effort to disconnect the police and go without them.  It's basic Utopianism.  On paper, it makes sense to dump them.  But the reality is.....you will invent something that either closely resembles what you dumped, or you create massive chaos.

Some folks would agree on dismantling the police, but then handling everyone pistols and shotguns.....to ensure 'peace'.  Their idea is that if someone couldn't behave or be halfway ''nice"....the threat of a weapon would be the corrective measure.

Some other folks think that each patrol should be made up of a real police guy, and a social worker (unarmed).  In this case, I'd go and predict that in an average year in Minneapolis....at least a dozen social workers will be assaulted or killed, with the accusation coming up that the accompanying policeman refused to 'protect' the poor social worker. 

Thats the thing about Utopianism....it just sounds so good on paper, or in some university classroom, but it never works in the practical sense. 

Mask Story

I noticed this in the news today....about Lincoln County, Oregon. It's on the coastline of the state, and fairly 'rural' by most standards.

The county commission met and issued a order.....ONLY white people are to wear masks in public.  Non-whites don't have to wear the mask.  The NY Post is reporting this, so I consider it somewhat reliable.

The thing about Lincoln County....I spent two days there on a 'beach' stop in the 1980s.  It's a great area of the US.

So the one thing that stood out while I was there....it's just a lot of plain white people in the county.

I went to look at the official demographics data.  Whites make up 90-percent of the population.  Latinos?  Second, with roughly five-percent.  Blacks?  .3-percent.

Trying to establish some type statement?  Hard to say.  The whole county maxes out at roughly 50,000 residents.

Flag Chatter

Various groups have jumped on the Mississippi 'wagon' in recent days and said that they need to dissolve their Confederate-looking flag, and replace it.  There is some history to this....around 20 years ago, they actually had a state vote, and confirmed the flag.  By the way the wording was done on this vote.....it's awful hard to bring this topic up again.

So this 'woke-nature' of things is causing a problem.  I sat and pondered upon it....wanting to help the poor people of Mississippi.  So this is my solution.

There is no law saying you can only have one single flag.  So you could go and have seven flags, if you desired. 

First, I would create a SEC football flag, with a fine hunting dog stitched into a red background....lifting his leg slightly and peeing on this tree stump that has the letters SEC on it.  It would send a message, and also be acceptable to the anti-confederacy flag folks.

Second, I would create the same type of flag as the SEC flag, for the NCAA.....just with NCAA on the tree stump, and the dog peeing on that stump as well.

Third, I would create the same type of flag as the SEC flag, for California.....just with California etched on the tree stump, and the dog peeing on that stump.

Fourth, I would have a state-wide contest yearly for students to create other 'acceptable' flags, and hand out 1,000 dollar scholarships to the dozen-odd winners. 

Then I'd let everyone know that they can have their cake and eat it too.....Mississippi would comply with everyone, in a special way, and flags would be created for all occasions. 

I should note here....before 1861, they had NO flag.  They existed from 1817 to 1861, with NO flag.  Why?  I think they had better things to do, and flags didn't seem that urgent.  Some folks would suggest they were too busy hunting and fishing....to waste time on flags.

This current flag?  It's been around since 1894 (126 years). 

BLM Chatter

I noticed this little six-line item come up....a fairly influential black capitalist (it's accurate to say everything he touches....is a success), who was interviewed on BLM.  What he said, was a bit curious.

He suggested.....since BLM is all powered-up....they should remove themselves from the Democratic Party, bring blacks to the movement, and develop themselves solely as a third-party. 

So you sit and ponder upon this.

The top twenty BLM folks are probably freaking out because this is NOT the script, and they don't want the movement to get any funny ideas like this.  These are the people who are actually paid to run around....chat on BLM and form movements.  They get paid real money for their purpose. 

Behind that twenty, there are another hundred guys who occasionally see a small bit of cash, and they are probably thinking....'YEAH, we could form our party and edge those stupid Democrats out'.

The Democrats?  They are shaking their head....they can't afford to lose the black vote, and have it run off unattached. 

The reality here?  Personally, I don't think more than 30-percent of blacks really see the BLM movement as something they'd attach themselves to.  The vast majority of blacks (particularly working-class).....don't want Marxism or some radical movement running their lives. 

So, you'd end up with one-third of blacks attached to the GOP, maybe 40-percent attached to the Democrats, and 30-percent attached to BLM's little party.  In simple terms, the black vote would be marginalized.  At this point, you understand the black capitalist guy and his 'talk'.  BLM would be marginalized and ineffective....but it'd hurt the Democrats in a serious way. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Resolving the Rhode Island Problem

In the last couple of days, folks have come to realize some slavery connection with 'Rhode' and there's talk of a necessity of changing the state name.

I felt it my duty to offer some advice here.  So my ten suggestions:

1.  Gotham (yeah like in Batman).  Has a noble thing to it.

2.  East California.

3.  East Germany (since it doesn't exist anymore, you don't need to ask permission).

4.  Ding-Dong (just has a good ring to it).

5.  Hogwarts (like in Harry Potter).

6.  Troy (like in the classics).

7.  Liberty.

8.  New Trump.

9.  New Delaware (you have to ask permission though).

10.  Damnation.

If I Ran Trump and Biden's Debates

3 debates total.

1.  Deck of USS Intrepid (parked in NY City)...no audience allowed on the vessel, just the two, five to ten guests of each, and one moderator chosen by each. Questions?  Same for each guy. 

2.  Deck of USS Midway, parked in San Diego. Same rules on guests and moderators, with no audience.

3.  Deck of USS Alabama (parked in Mobile, Alabama). Same rules on guests, moderator, and audience).

This Photo of Pelosi and 'Team' Kneeling

For two weeks, this image of Pelosi and 'crew' kneeling has been on my mind.

So I'll ask you.....have you ever seen any group of political figures in some kneeling position, other than at some memorial service or such?


As ridiculous as the whole thing was.....to stage a mass kneeling?

Historically, kneelers in some leadership position...meant that they'd lost and given up.....honoring the victors of the campaign.  So ask yourself, who exactly are the victors?

MLB 'Mess'

Discussion going on for baseball to occur this summer....but odds look dismal at this point.

So the owners put down several things, and one of them really stood out.

If you've ever been to baseball games....you know around about the ninth inning....things should conclude unless it's tied.  So at that point, it'd go to extra innings.

Sometimes....it's just one or two extra innings.  Sometimes....it does to eight or nine extra innings.  You could be sitting that at midnight....with the game still going on.

So the owners offered up this unique idea....if things are tied in the ninth, then you start the tenth inning with a runner sitting on second base.  The odds?  Statistically, it's pretty good odds that something will happen in the tenth inning, with team A or team B, and conclude with the tenth inning.  Odds of going to an 11th inning or beyond?  I'd say less than a 10-percent chance.  It'd be the virtual end of games ever going beyond 15 innings. 

Chances of this being accepted?  When you look at the whole package......players have marginal interest, and I'd suggest that it's less than a 10-percent chance of any baseball occurring this season. 

New contract chatter to start at conclusion of the 2021 season?  Yeah.  It doesn't look very good at this point. 

Just Observations

1.  You ever noticed how close the 2009 to 2013 'Arab Spring' movement (with ISIS) compares closely to the 2020 Antifa and BLM situation?

It's just odd....statues coming down, riots, looting, etc.....all matching the script of 'Arab Spring'. 

Same agenda....same people?

2.  Isn't it a bit odd....you have a fair number of elitist and snobby-type intellectual white 'kids' assuming roles as knowing everything about blacks and running their riot planning for them?  Isn't it odd that blacks just let them do this?

3.  People doing full-time riot and protest work?  It just makes you wonder....what their cash flow is and how you can play this game?

4.  Someone urged yesterday that from the seven or eight nightly show 'comedians'....none are female, or black. 

Course, looking around....at the top ten black comedians, I don't think any of them want a full-time job like this.  Can't speak for female comedians.

5.  AOC came out yesterday and said....."Latinos are black".  Yes, trying to associate Latinos all into the same movement.

I don't think she's ever been friends or associated with a Latino in her life. 

6.  Trump apparently has asked for more than three debates with Joe Biden.  Joe kinda says (from his camp) that won't happen.  I could say a hundred things, but it's best to just leave things as they are.

7.  If you just sat working-class people down at a patio (with a beer in their hand), about 98-percent would say that we need police....but it's just that so many poor quality guys and gals have been accepted into the police system, that we've created massive problem with 'bad' police.

Defund the police?  No, but if you got a 30-year old policeman with attitude or anger problems....he's in the wrong profession. 

The same crowd, if told that social services people (unarmed) will make up half the police positions in the future?  They'd just start laughing, and wondering what idiot would volunteer to be a 'fake' cop.

8.  There is a Chinese phrase that you need to become accustomed to.....the word is 'Baizuo'.

Baizuo means....very negative slang description of a fake educated white person, who seems to get joy advocating for peace and equality, ONLY to pursue their personal feeling of moral superiority.

In the eyes of a Chinese guy....the fool practicing Baizuo....is ignorant, un-educated, and not capable of preserving society or culture.   

So if you are sharing a beer or Coke with a Chinese guy, and he points someone out as being Baizuo....rest assured, it's not a compliment....it's a five-star insult toward the worthless character that he's pointing at. 

9.  The CHOP zone in Seattle?  Being dismantled?

Yes.  Basically, after two wounded (in some gunfight), and a dead black dude....some fog lifted over the situation. 

The mayor and the thugs are working out the rest of the script.....cops probably will be allowed in and some recovery will begin to take place.  Great script for a movie, I think.

10.  Just some advice on getting 'cancelled' (the new trend with educated intellectual folks).  If you don't give a 'sh*t' in the first place....then the regret or fear of getting cancelled doesn't exist. 

If you don't give a sh*t about Minneapolis being looted or burned, or Atlanta, or Philly....then the rest of this theatrical production doesn't matter. 

BLM Agenda

The BLM folks came out with their six-point agenda for the organization....so it bears some review and assessment.

First, end the war on black people.  You can't be sure over how they refer to the 'war'.  Maybe they mean as targets of the police.  Maybe they mean the shootings in Chicago or Detroit.  I think it's more of a mystical term, and only the internal bigwigs of the movement can be the ones deciding the outcome.

Second, reparations for past and continuing harms.  If the Civil War had concluded forty years ago, this might be accomplished in some fashion.  Being over 150 years since the conclusion....it's more or less impractical to accomplish today. 

You'd also have the problem of individuals who are 50-percent black, or 12-percent black, and how they fit into the 'deal'. 

The rise of taxes to accomplish this?  I'm pretty sure that Latinos and Asians, along with various other groups would have heartburn. 

Third, divestment from the institutions that criminalize, cage and harm black people; and investment in the education, health and safety of black people.

Here, we'd need to create special causes to fit only for blacks, and behind this....another special cause for Latinos, and another special cause for Japanese-Americans, and another special cause for Puerto Ricans, and another special cause for Italian-Americans, and on, and on, and on.

Oh, I do agree....this stupid law from the 1990s that Joe Biden sponsored...has screwed the justice system up, and done more wrong to blacks, than to any other group.  That could be resolved, but no Congress (Democrats included) has acted.

Fourth, economic justice for all and a reconstruction of the economy to ensure our communities have collective ownership, not merely access.

Yes, basically Marxism....pure and simple.  For the NBA and NFL, the teams would be a locally owned 'thing' and fair wages forced upon all players....meaning the unfairness scale would be thrown out and each player paid one single sum.  See how far this goes.

If you want Marxism....go find the right country, and be a part of their success (or failure).

Fifth, community control of the laws, institutions and policies that most impact us.

Basically, you'd create South African 'townships' and put a fence up around them....with control ceded to the 'township' members.  In addition, the Latinos should have their 'township', the Italian-Americans should have their 'township', and so on.

Sixth, independent black political power and black self-determination in all areas of society. 

Another 'township' suggestion....going nowhere.

Monday, 22 June 2020

The Rap Story

Over on the western side of Frankfurt....lies the suburb of Gallus (2 km by 1 km in size).  Most folks (even Americans who were around Frankfurt in the 1970s/1980s) would say there's really not much there to talk about.

At some point early on Saturday evening....calls came to the police.  Gunshots, from Gallus.

What they found upon arrival were around 30-odd guys....standing around, with a lot of video equipment....making some type of music-video.  The police read the Corona ban rules to them, and noted that even if this was a rap-video situation....they didn't really have permission to shoot video like this.  Then the cops looked around and guns/drugs were noted with the some of 30-odd guys.

Oddly enough, after they'd ID'ed all of the thirty....most all of them were non-Frankfurt residents. So the Corona rules were read out to them, and fines paperwork was issued.

In the past year or two.....private rap video production has ramped up here in Germany and there are probably a hundred different groups who make their own video, with high-tech equipment.  From my prospective, it's more of a hobby, than a money-maker.

Making TV productions or video productions?  Generally, every major city has rules and you apply for the situation....stating how you won't disturb property, upset locals with violence, or hinder traffic or safety.  But I doubt if these small private groups care for all the extra rules. 

Talking Math and Science

I sat and tried to make sense out of a statement by a PhD type person....hyped on the violence and BLM business.  At some point, she uttered the suggestion....folks need to dump 'white history', 'white mathematics' and 'white science'.  Mind you....this is a person with a PhD.

Over the past hour or two, it's been on my mind.

She's basically saying that 'black mathematics' exist (somewhere), and we need to settle in with this new direction.  Course, if you took her serious, then 'Latino mathematics' and 'Asian mathematics' also exist.

What she misses on this, if she'd ever studied math in any degree....mathematics is a Arab-region creation.  You can go back 1,100 years and find vast amount of creation involving algebra, irrational numbers, negative numbers, and cubic equations.  Whatever the Greeks created....the Arabs took to the next level.

'White science'?  If Einstein were around, he'd be having a laugh, and wondering where this came from.

The problem I see with this entire argument....eventually you come to 'white' medicine.  So you are some non-white guy, and you walk into the emergency room.....with a serious condition.  The white doctor and the black intern ask you if you want 'white' medicine treatment or 'black' medicine treatment.  You will utter some profane comment and just say that you'd like to live, without much pain involved. 

At this point, you ponder upon science and mathematics, and realize this whole discussion was a waste of time.

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Observations Over Trump, Riots, Seattle, Biden, and Direction

1.  Politicians or regular people capable of delivering of 130-minutes-plus of speaking and have the crowd 'charmed'?  Right now alive today, I'd put the number at fewer than two.  Maybe since the 1950s, you might have forty total. 

It is amazing that Trump steps up and delivers to the crowd, and they were hyped up from beginning to end.  If you count those at home, or listening via radio....it probably gets up to thirty-million, and over the next week....another twenty-odd million will review it via YouTube.

2.  Joe Biden?  He can talk for maybe 75 minutes, but in that time period....there's at least a dozen gaffes.  I tried to find gaffes in Trump's speech....they simply weren't any. 

Joe is not the guy.  He needs to be heart-attacked 'out' and the VP brought quickly in.  If Trump delivers another five of these epic speeches....before the Democratic place-holder even starts up....there is no chance of them carrying the election.

3.  I sat this week and listened to a 15-minute talk by AOC.  Over and over in my mind, I had to keep reminding myself she graduated from high school, and actually spent four years in college. 

I'm to the point where I consider her speaking and knowledge level that....of a ninth-grade kid. 

4.  I watched a brief clip out of Seattle.  In the 'zone'....car pulls up, and this 'lady' walks up to the trunk, opens it, and hands a AR-15 to some young gal accompanying her.  Based on the way that she accepted the weapon and handled it....I'd say she's never held a gun in her life.  I should note, based on the video angle....I didn't think the gun had a magazine in it.    So the 'lady' pulls out the 2nd one and handle it herself, and seems to know something about rifles.  Then you could see at least two clips handled by the 'lady'. 

What bothers me here....you hand some AR-15 over to a 19-year old person....never having messed with one or fired it.  Then you try to spend half-an-hour going over the weapon, the safety, or clearing it. 

This is simply an unsafe behavior by the older 'lady' and inviting disaster in the end.

5.  Shootings in Minneapolis yesterday?  What the cops say is that one is dead, and eleven wounded. 

Cops are saying that two groups had some argument, and shots were fired between them.  Intent of the discussion? Unknown.  May have been a territory dispute with a gang, or some business group protecting their store. 

6.  At this point, any suggestion that Biden or his replacement....can bring peace....is more or less taken as a joke.  Just to frame this type of suggestion....you'd have to look like some 5-year old kid.

7.  Sixty shot in Chicago so far this weekend.....nine dead.

When BLM Doesn't Matter

From the Saturday morning situation, what can be said is that two black dudes in the Seattle 'Chop' area....were shot.  One is dead, the other guy appears to be doing Ok. 

Ambulance crews got the call....arrived at the barriers, and told the Chop security folks....they would not enter without police protection accompanying them.  This discussion went on, and the worried folks from Chop then realized their 'buddy' would die without help, so they loaded the guy in a vehicle (like you'd see in the civil war area of Syria), and toted the guy off to a hospital. 

Cops?  So far, no one cooperates, no reports, no suspects, and just big open question over how the two guys got shot.

So you sit and ponder over this.

Normally....black lives matter.  In this case, no one wants to talk about the situation. 

The odds that they shot each other?  That's a curious scenario.  Maybe there was an argument over a woman, or drugs, or sports.  Maybe both were lit-up on some drug and thought the other guy was a zombie. 

You can't even assume that they knew each other.

Shot by a white dude to enforce discipline?  Well, that's a wild scenario, but it's possible.  You'd think that BLM people within Chop would be asking serious questions and rioting over Chop....burning the place to the ground.  Yet you don't see that type of reaction.

Cops today?  Somewhere in the US.....some car is pulling up to some mother's house and will provide information on her son being dead.  She's going to ask questions and the response will be....'this is Seattle, and only Seattle police can answer these questions'. 

As each day passes, the internal management crew of Chop have to be standing there and wondering.....all that education they got, and they seem to be missing a lot on civilization, handling large groups of undisciplined people, and simple falling behind on building 'something' out of 'nothing'. 

But here's the real 'cherry' to wonder about.  This black dude in the hospital didn't die, and he remembers precisely what went down.  If some white idiot teenage kids shot him and his buddy.....then some revenge process will kick in and he's coming back with friends to settle this mess.  If I were the Seattle police, I'd move the boundary back another 300 feet and just wait for the real action to occur. 

Saturday, 20 June 2020

Without the McMuffin 'Effect'

In 2016, we had Evan McMullin to contend with in the election.  So where did he really matter?

In Utah, he took around 244k votes (roughly 23-percent of the vote).  Trump still won.

In Minnesota, he took 53k votes....helping Hillary edge out Trump.

In Colorado, he took around 1-percent of the votes, but it wasn't a big deal....Hillary had more than enough to win.

So in this 2020 election, the only state where things are probably changed?  Minnesota.  Without him in the middle of this....it's high odds that Trump will take Minnesota. 

Name Games

I noticed yesterday that pressure was being applied to the Texas Ranger baseball team....to rename the team.  Reason?  Actual Texas Rangers are considered racist, if you go by the long, long history, going back to the 1800s.

I sat and pondered over this, and decided....the only thing to do here....rename the team.

My suggestion....Texas Power Rangers.  Yes, rename them after the kid's show series of the mid-1990s. 

I admit....it was a one-star show, but it was never racist, and that's all that matters. Although we should not bring up the 'yellow' Power Ranger....he was a total loser.

'Timmy and Wandas' Big Adventure to Tulsa

After all this Trump announcement was done and I started to look at the map....things kinda clicked.

Tulsa, for those who've never been to it....is a unique place.  I-44 leads west and east, with around six lesser US roads bringing in traffic from Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. 

Tulsa also is a place where you can go and look for Antifa folks, and I doubt if you can find more than eight in the entire state. 

So as the Trump campaign rally opens up....I suspect on the roads leading into Tulsa the previous 24 hours....at least 3,000 Antifa guys and gals will be in cars, vans, and buses.....attempting reach the site.

Advance teams of FBI and US marshals?  There's probably 3,000 being brought into various towns around Tulsa. 

So as the peace-mob starts their gimmick and the riot-mob start their gimmick....tens of thousands of cameras will catch the action.  Tusla police, along with state police will go after the riot crew.  As the riot crew leaves town and thinks they are safe....the US marshals will descend upon them on the state roads, the US roads, and the interstate. 

As the arrested folks get dragged into a Tulsa courtroom....two or three charges will be read out, and then bail set, with a local crew handling bail bonds.  As the kid emerges and thinks that things are over?  Well...the fed guys will be there, arrest them on fed warrants, and drag them to the fed courtroom.  You see....crossing statelines to riot....is a fed charge. 

Two separate proceedings.

Timmy and Wanda's parents call for private lawyers, and they start laying out the problems.  You go into the Oklahoma court, and admit guilt....do six months in prison and six years of probation....they can swing this deal easily.  Timmy and Wanda freak out....six months in prison?  Then the lawyers lay out the problem for the fed charge.  The feds will demand a full year of prison time, with probably 3 years of probation....for a 'deal'.  The 'deal' will involve rating out on your associates and the Antifa crew. 

Then the lawyer spells out the real problem.  Even if you accept this deal....this prison times leads to probation.  If you screw up....DUI, assaulting someone at another Antifa team meeting, etc....there's barely a 30-minute session in court, and you go back to prison for the remainder of your time....no excuses.  You have to permanently clean up your life and live cleanly.  Then he mentions the occasional drug test....that you have to pass this each and every time, or you go back to prison.  Even failing on the weed test....gets you back into prison.

So as Timmy and Wanda go for the deal....the next problem pops up.  Both were teachers, and this state/fed conviction now gets brought up by the teacher's union.  They can't be teachers in most states now.  The parents are asking questions and wondering what value their degrees now hold?

Timmy's parents spent $130k for his four years....to include the car, the tuition, the beer money, the $8k legal costs to get him off sexual assault charges, and the room/board money.  All flushed down the toilet.

Wanda's parents paid $30k of their savings for her college, and she borrowed $50k to wrap up the degree.  She'll never make enough money to cover the loan there.

Two losers.....doing prison time.  In a decade, both will look back and wonder about that 2020 adventure and where they screwed up. 

Thursday, 18 June 2020


Back along the end of 1983....some folks come up with a marginal script, and some cash....to make this movie, which comes out in early 1984.  The name of the movie?  Breakin'. 

I know....no one much remembers the movie.  The basic idea?  Blacks, break-dancing, urbanized background, music, and a dance competition.  Oddly, it ends up making 38-million and returns a fair amount of profit off a small amount of investment money.

Folks get excited, over the profits.  So they decide to make Breakin' #2, which is also called Electric Boogalo.  It basically has no real script, and doesn't connect to the original movie.  It's pumped out seven months after the original.....in hopes of repeating the 38-million return.  It makes barely 15-million and is mostly deemed a marginal success.

However, because there is a us-versus-them story....Boogaloo becomes a term used people who they are talking about creating a 'war' against the government (yes, basic revolution is Boogaloo). 

For some odd reason, since 1984, the cult people have hung onto Breakin' #2 and this whole marginal script, and the idea of Boogaloo.

So with the internet around, Boogaloo grew over the past two decades.  People are attracted to the idea of a revolutionary war coming to America.

There are probably forty different groups which have curiosity over this (pro-gun, pro-revolution, pro-far-right, etc).

What this revolves around?  You need some event to occur, and suddenly civil war would occur, and all your problems would be cured in a matter of months.  Total collapse of the US government and civilization. 

To be honest, even some far-left groups are interested in the idea, and they might even go to the extent of creating fake-right-wing groups....to help facilitate the coming 'war'.

The problem here...back in mid-March of this year....police went to a no-knock situation in Maryland....to arrest a group leader of a Boogaloo group, and the raid ended up with the dude dead.  The guy has become a symbol for the group, and probably 'woke' up thousands to centralize their theme.  Without the internet, the group would collapse. That kinda gives you an idea of where this problem is going.

So a cop in Oakland was shot in the two weeks....in the chaos of Antifa, and the police now have arrested an Air Force SSgt....who was a participant of Boogaloo.  Yes, they even exist in the military.  The charges?  Murder. 

I sat and pondered over this.  In 1969, Charlie Manson had this basic idea in his head of a massive chaos to come....civil war with the blacks involved....and revolution would reset all values in America.  It's the same basic idea that Charlie had.

It's a nutty thing....to come down from a 1-star movie, and a bunch of folks hyped up to feel revolution will resolve all their problems.  You'd almost think they were on drugs or something.   

One Troubling Thing About This Atlanta Shooting

Most people haven't grasped this.....but the guy shot....Rayshard Brooks....was actually walking the streets while on probation.

The deal?  It appears that back in 2014....he done some crime and the court came to a decision...if he'd admit guilt.  Spend one year in prison, and get six years of probation.  The start to the deal?  Going back to 2016.  The prison in prison occurred and all he had to do....stay clean for six years.  Fail at any point over six years....go to prison.

So when this DUI unfolded....reality set in as the .108 came up on the breath test.  Once arrested and the court episode unfolded....he was going to do a minimum of three years in state prison.

Resistance?  Go and think in his shoes.  A stupid day out....drinking heavily, and one screw-up like this.....getting three lousy years in prison.

This is the problem with probation.  To get the 4-star deals, you have to admit guilt, and then live this amazingly clean lifestyle upon your one year of jail/prison.  The DA and judge gets this 15-minute session and rubberstamp your case....guilt and just doing a marginal amount of time.  Then when you repeat your screw-ups....another 15-minute session stamping the end of your probation. 

This guy was in the Wendys parking lot and looking at a terrible mess, and no real hope.  So escaping from the cops made perfect sense.  The cops?  They probably deal with one guy like this every single week. 

If It Were a Plan?

Someone came up yesterday and laid out this observation.....that the basic Democrat victory plan is for an overwhelming chaos to occur around President Trump and the American people....leading to week after week of fresh new crisis situations (new angles), and the public eventually reaches a point in November where they vote Trump out.....get a return to 'peace' (whatever you might call it). 

I sat and pondered over this strategy for the past day.  It kinda bothers me.

First, you would admit that mob violence and the voice of 12-year-old kids in adult clothing matters.  It's an amusing strategy because three-quarters of the public won't agree to that type of childish behavior.

Brats usually get spanked, or sent to their room for hours of a time-out. 

Second, if you are burning down metropolitan sections of America....do the people living outside of this sphere really care?  Most of us would tell you that we don't really have much focus or care about inner-city Chicago, Minneapolis, LA, or Atlanta. 

Third, statue-topplers?  Really?  This would get us all hyped up and determined to somehow blame Trump and elect the peace-maker Biden/replacement dude?  What kind of idiots do you think we are?

Fourth, screwing up the NFL or NBA enough for us to care?  No.  I would suggest that probably one-third of the fans around the Giants or the Bears....have already lost their interest in the sport, and moved on.  The NFL probably has lost enough permanent fans and interest....to lessen the salary structure, and create massive internal turmoil. 

Go walk into a sports bar on Monday nights in October.  The bar owners will tell you that they've lost a minimum of one-quarter of their customer base, and it's hurting their business model.

Fifth, the problem of portraying Warren or whoever the replacement is to Joe Biden....as the 'Jesus' person to bring peace to America?

Are you saying that any of the next fifty-odd people following Joe Biden or the Democratic Party....are carrying some 'peace' message?  Then you want us to believe that for the next one-hundred years....as long as you vote Democrat.....you get peace?  Isn't that foolish chatter....like you'd hear some kid in the 5th-grade utter?

Sixth and final....after all the damage done....who exactly is going pay for everything?  Isn't that part of this strategy....massive taxes coming....to pay for the chaos and damage? 

I'm sorry, but this strategy is something that ought to be stored with the Russian-collusion business....as fake and bogus as one can imagine. 

Observations Over 'Basement Chat'

About two or three times a week, Joe Biden comes into contact with the general public....via his basement production system.

Through an interview, Joe hands out what I would call 'basement wisdom'.  One would define this as material that you'd clearly say comes from your WW II vet 'uncle' who grew up in such-and-such era.....clearly remembers 300-percent of the past (some events are clear, but fictional in nature)...and wants to promise you something that he probably can't deliver.

The more you hear of basement chatter...the less you really feel enthusiasm for it or the politics promised.

I would suggest that the best thing at this point....get Joe to appoint the VP candidate....get the fake heart attack out of the way, and leave the door then open to the VP moving up, and getting out of basement chatter.  Joe is not mending fences or resolving the chaos. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Odds of a Civil War?

Three months ago, I would have put such an event into the 'never-will-happen' category.  Today?  50-50 odds.

Basically, it'd require an event where a large crowd (say a political rally) would occur, and 500-odd Antifa folks show up, and some roughing-up of the non-Antifa folks occurs.

Some folks would retreat to their vehicles....pull rifles and pistols out, and a brief (hour-long) 'war' would occur. 

The Antifa folks would show some weapons of their own, and the police would simply pull back to observe both groups.

In the end, you'd have around 300 people either dead or seriously wounded.  The rally folks chasing the Antifa 'kids'?  More than likely, and the police would attempt to protect them.....then receiving gunfire from the non-Antifa folks.

Media chatter would get out, and 10,000 locals would likely arm up, and go looking for Antifa 'escaping' out of the area....stopping them in cars, and shooting anyone who went defensive in nature.

In a matter of twelve hours, this situation would cross the nation, and suddenly get various groups armed and on patrol. 

The police?  They are built to handle law-respecting situations, and likely won't volunteer to take mayor or governor orders to halt the conflict.

In a matter of ten days, with truckers refusing to deliver food or gas....the nation would be in some massive doom-or-die scenario.  Roadblocks would be established and people would be told to respect state borders (don't enter), and chaos would reign. 

This is a ridiculous scenario, but things have unfolded in the past month where disrespect and lack of leadership on dozens of levels....have made it a possibility.

Shutdown of universities?  That would also be part of this whole episode.

It's crazy, but a lot of things have occurred to make civil war now a potential item of discussion. 

What Trump's EO Includes

In the lesser discussed part of this recent police-related executive order is this little piece....he encourages the police (nation-wide) to include mental health professionals when dealing in a situation involving a homeless guy/gal, or a drug addict, or a mentally unstable person. 

So this means that a professional will be hired somewhere in the chain, and they will be involved in the 'processing' of these people.

The big hint?  If you were threatening folks on the street, and the mental health guy is there to asses you....he's going to write a report, and it goes to the judge involved (and the prosecutor)....suggesting that 'nutcase Larry' go and spend 30 days in a evaluation program.  If 'nutcase Larry' can't focus or live in a stable environment....he won't be getting out.

Maybe prosecutors and judges can still fake their way out of this, but I would take a guess that thousands of homeless folks and mentally unstable folks.....are going to be headed to state facilities....one way or another. 

In one simple move....Trump put a 700-pound guerrilla in the room and facing prosecutors and special agenda people. 

Prison Time Ahead

The investigation into the Atlanta Wendy's arson continues.  The cops are now looking for this gal.  Strong suspicion that leads to her. 

The gal in question...probably will open social media this morning and look at the image.  She'll call a lawyer, and the guy will advise her to quietly give herself to the police, or spend the next month waiting for the cops to appear at her doorstep....in full riot-gear, with a news team covering the arrest.

The sad thing here....I'm guessing, she has a degree, and a regular job (either a teacher, or university staff person).  She spent four years in a lousy college....owes a fair amount of debt, and now has to figure a way around a arson charge.  If she crossed a state-line?  That's another federal charge while participating in a riot. 

In Georgia?  Arson requires a fine (up to $50k), and a period of prison for 1 to 20 years.  I would be guessing that she's looking at a minimum of ten years in prison for this little act of stupidity. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

A Pinto Story

Back in 1980, I was stationed up in Tacoma, Washington.  One of the folks I associated with in the barracks....had a early-70s Ford Pinto.  He'd bought it used for around $300.

I rode with him on maybe a dozen occasions.

Everything about the car....said 'failure'.

It had a v-6 engine and burned an entire tank of fuel every five to six days, yet this guy was just driving around the base and maybe a mile or two off-base.  I doubt that he got more than eight or nine miles per gallon.

The engine burned oil....probably a can every three weeks.

The backside of the car, at least near the muffler....had this smell.  It was somewhere between a dead possum smell (Alabama folks know this scent) or a burnt rubber scent.  He felt it had something that came off the muffler.

The steering was marginal.

If you applied the brakes....it generally pulled to the driver's side.  He'd wasted two trips to the mechanics....trying to have this resolved, and then finally gave up.

On the rear, rust was already starting to develop (6 year old car).

The seats had issues and he had a cushion there on each to make up for lack of comfort.

I brought it up one day....shouldn't you just dispose of it and give up on the $200 a month that you were spending on maintenance or repairs (on average)?  He liked that idea, but didn't have the cash to afford anything that was better.

I kinda look at theses riots, the Antifa folks, and the looting, and see them as a 1974 Ford Pinto....loser mentality and nothing to attract me to their cause.  The problem for them......probably 75-percent of the general public think the same thing.  They aren't attracting folks....they are repelling them.

The folks sticking to the Antifa/Pinto deal?  They just don't see an alternate situation.

A Dangerous Game

There was a poll done in the past week with truckers (an odd group, I will admit).  Basically, 79-percent said they wouldn't go into cities with riots, or cities without police. 

Now, you have to lean back and think over this.

Lets say that the city of Portland (population of 653k) made this decision.  What would happen?  Some truckers would continue to make the route into the city....without police, but this would only last sixty to ninety days.  After that....most of this small group would then suggest a fee for each trip into a lawless area....maybe in the range of $1k per trip.

So to supply grocery operations?  Some groceries would go and hire ex-Army or ex-Marines, and just fund convoy operations (bringing in 20 trucks, with five to eight military-type vehicles).  Naturally, your grocery cost would go up.....probably 50-percent on a typical weekly bill of $125. 

Eventually, grocery operations would cease within the city limits, and you'd see border towns with mega operations....which had a regular police force, and controlled riots. 

The BIG hurt?  Well....sales taxes.  There's millions per week that Portland would normally collect.  Without that money.....the city government and it's operations would quickly cease.

So imagine forty US mega cities conducting the same thing, and border cities getting the tax money while cities like Minneapolis or Chicago failed. 

Then go and imagine telling this story to some idiot French or German guy.....that you can't buy groceries in Seattle or Portland, because of truckers refusing to participate in the whole 'joke'. 

Bogus Perception

Here's the problem, we are at a point where 5-percent of the US population would readily believe something like this, and mention it to neighbors and associates. 

Just because some social media item passes it along or CNN reports something....doesn't make it factual.  Think about things.

The Drowning Story

It's an odd statistic, and I would have thought bogus, except the WaPo brought this up.

On average....400 blacks (male and female) die each year in drowning episodes.  If you use 2019 as the model....15 unarmed (note, meaning no knife or gun on them) blacks were killed by police.....then you as a black guy or gal....ARE 26 TIMEs more likely to drown than get shot by a cop (if unarmed).

I sat and paused over this.

Drownings, if you ever follow the stories....always circle back around to three causes: (1) drinking or drugs, (2) inability to swim, and (3) panic.  In the case of inability to swim....this is where most kids end up being dead. 

So all these hyped-up folks burning down buildings and staging looting....really doing nothing about the the key method of blacks being dead?  Yeah....more or less. 

Just something to sit there and be amused about death and how folks can't assemble facts. 

Resolving This DWI Crap

DWI's used to be handled (at least in rural or small towns) with the cop testing the guy, and if drunk....taking them in the back seat of the car to their home.  That 'gimmick' probably stopped in the 1980s, and it became popular to just detain the guy, charge them with the DWI, and settle up with a hefty fine, loss of the license for a while, and a couple of days in some city jail.

In some medium-sized cities today, I'd take a guess that half-a-million in DWI fines float through the city every month. 

In California, it's a minimum of $1,400 and possibly up to $2,600 for a DWI, with 4 days in jail as the minimum (if you caused injuries or hefty damage, this jail-time there goes up to six months).

In Alabama, it's a minimum of $600 in fines, but could go up to $2,100.  The loss of the license?  Oh, that's 90 days. 

In Indiana, depending on how much damage you do....it's a max fine of $5k, and a minimum of 60 days of jail-time. 

After watching this Atlanta event unfold, I have a general suggestion.

After you (the cop) confirm the driver is drunk....you go and put a locking device on his wheels, then call the wrecker guys to come and tow it.  The towed vehicle?  It's city property once a judge assesses the test values.  You lose the vehicle.  Once the city sells the car.....some amount is deferred to you (maybe 10-percent....maybe 30-percent), but you only get that money after you go and spend a minimum of ten days in the city jail.  If you don't want to spend the days in jail....fine, no cash from the sale of your car.

The odds of this guy finding some credit company to handle the purchase of another car?  It diminishes a good bit.

This would take the cop basically out of the DWI business, and remove the fines as city revenue. 

Monday, 15 June 2020

Watching These Seattle Chaz Guys

I've probably watched about ten interviews with the Antifa-Chaz folks in Seattle, and come to ten observations:

1.  None of them ever took a class in Western Civilization, Greek philosophy, or logic 101.

2.  Maybe it's just me, but I get the impression that more than half of them are lit pretty good on weed or a stronger stimulant.

3.  In terms of starting a new government or civilization...I'd think you'd probably do better with some 6th-grade kids, or paranoid schizophrenic guys.

4.  I don't think any of these guys have ever met a white supremacist in their entire lives.

5.  None of them seem capable of tidying up the street, and I'm guessing they cannot even tidy their bedroom.

6.  Will they be putting this on their resume....having occupied or run Chaz?  If so, HR just won't buy into the resume.

7.  Just me (a guy over 60) saying this....but I don't their luck with ladies will pan out.  They might want to check Russianwives.com or Congowives.com.

8.  On survival skills....I'd marginally give these guys a '3' (with '10' being the highest level).

9.  As hard as they pump anti-capitalism....they seem to be awful needy in terms of capitalism working and delivering a pizza occasionally.

10.  I just don't think any of these guys have ever had to haul hay in 95-degree temperature in July.  They all seem to be coffee clerks, or pool-cleaner types.

What Churchill Said

"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries."

- Churchill

Ten Things That Don't Make Sense

1.  More blacks are killed by other blacks....than by the KKK, even at the peak periods of the KKK.  I noticed over the weekend....four young blacks arrested in the Philly region....over shooting death of a 13-year old black kid. One pulled the trigger, but the other three are in association, so they will get similar charges. 

2.  Almost all cities damaged by fire and looting....are run by Democratic mayors/city council members.  Statistically, it ought to be near impossible to have such a high rate like this.

3.  For each police car damaged or destroyed....the repair/replacement cost....comes straight out of the city and state budgets, which is paid for by residents of the state.

4.  After viewing all this riot video of American major cities....what idiot would want to go and be a tourist for a week in Portland, Seattle, NY City, or LA?

5.  Mega-sized churches flipping to a leftist theme/message?  What are the odds that they can retain the crowds, with a message that most disagree with?

6.  Ask a working-class Democrat how he feels about abolishing his local police.  Just my thoughts...but 95-percent will say it can't (or it won't happen) where they live. 

7.  If you were a democratic Mayor running for office in November, and had major riots and damage on your resume for June....is that a plus or minus for your 'record'?

8.  For this Atlanta guy who was shot by the cops on suspected DWI check....was this his first 'resisting' arrest effort?  No.  After they had his license and ran the check....the past resisting effort should have popped up and a call-for-back-up should have occurred. Nothing should have occurred until two additional patrols showed up.

9.  The Tulsa city health 'chief' says that having a Trump rally (now nearing 800,000 who requested tickets) is near impossible because of Covid-19 worries.

10.  Trying to get some racist theme out of 'Gone With The Wind'?  It's a marginalized 1-star romance piece where the guy walks off in the end.  Then you sit there for a while....kicking yourself for sitting there for a five-hour movie where the guy finally wises up and dumps the 'bit#h'.  And this has a bunch of immature college kids all disturbed? 

Sunday, 14 June 2020

The Cost Discussion

Over the past month, I've watched at least five different college 'idiots' who wanted to be interviewed, and explain how burning business operations was OK....because they had insurance, and that would pay for everything.

More or less....I just am amazed at the amount of stupidity demonstrated by the college kid.

Most business operations will have a minimum of three insurance packages: (1) General liability insurance, (2) Property insurance, and (3) Business owner's policy (BOP).  So let's talk about these.

General liability insurance is usually for injury or harm to you, your employees, or your customers.  You serve some bad food, and customers sue you for hospital time or out-of-work periods?  This insurance falls into play. 

You go through a period of no usage....the rate stays stable.  You go and activate it several times in one year.....the rate goes up.  Who pays for the rate increase?  Customers....via the cost of whatever you sell or service. 

Property Insurance concerns the building itself.  If you get wiped out via a flood or tornado, this insurance kicks off.  Deductibles?  The more you build into the deductible....the less you pay yearly.

The average deductible is 1-percent of the value of the building.  But if this is a upscale pub or restaurant, worth $750k?  You might go and establish the deductible at ten-percent (75,000).  Who pays for the insurance and the deductible?  Well....the customer pays in the end.....it's figured into the cost of what is sold.

BOP.  This will usually cover business interruption insurance, vehicle for the business coverage, crime/break-in insurance. 

In almost every case....if you activate a policy....your cost rises in the next twelve months.  It might be 10-percent....it might be 50-percent.  If this was a total loss, and due to a riot, you can imagine a insurance company looking at a possible repeat, and maybe bringing the package to a 100-percent increase.  If there is no police coverage in the area, they might just refuse the insurance request, and say 'NO'.   Odds of you rebuilding if no insurance is possible?  ZERO, no idiot would go and build a McDonalds in a police-free zone. 

There is a clear lack of understanding over capitalism, and the cost factor attached to conducting a simple coffee shop or restaurant operation. 

Just For the Record: Atlanta Mayors

Since 1848, the list of Republican mayors in Atlanta?  Two guys.

Dennis Hammond did one single year in 1871, and stepped down in 1872.

Nedom Angier did two years, starting in 1877.

That's it. 

Talking city council?  No one has a full listing going back to 1848, but it would appear that the majority have been Democratic since that era. 

How I Think The Riot Thing Will Go In The Fall

So basically, the Antifa 'kids' will return to classes in August (unless Covid-19 becomes a issue again).

'Marvin' and 'Larry' had an exciting summer.  They were in Minneapolis and Chicago....burning and looting.  They assaulted a dozen people each.  Now, they must return to classes.

Somewhere in the first six weeks....they encounter some guy in a Trump-red-hat, and get hyped-up to react...beating the guy on campus.  A video captures the action. 

The assaulted kid gets a lawyer.  The lawyer walks into the university president's office with three simple demands: (1) million in cash, (2) two armed guards (full-time, 24-hours a day) for remainder of time at school, and that Marvin and Larry be expelled.  Failure to comply?  The cash money goes up to 25-million.  The video is played and the lawyer for the campus is now a bit worried.

Marvin and Larry get brought in....the video shown, and quick fashion....are expelled.  They sit there in amazement....calling their parents.  Both had 3 years accomplished.  Lawyers jump in and threaten big lawsuits.  University President invites them in....shows the video....then shows the fine-print of what the idiots signed.  Yes, the University President can expel you for a list of reasons, and violence is one.

After flushing $20k in lawyer costs and burning up four months of time....the parents now realize....nothing is going to change.

So Marvin and Larry now take themselves to another state public college, and attempt to enter there.  They ask for a copy of the transcript....which has at the bottom of it....'EXPELLED' and says the reason is for violence.  'Nope' is the answer.....this college won't accept them either.   Over the course of a month, six colleges from the state say no.

Finally, they locate a private university in the state that will take them.  But the eval on accomplishments is done, and they throw out almost an entire year.  So both idiots have to repeat around 12 classes each.  Since they've wasted their entire fourth year....they now begin the fifth year, and will have to add a sixth year onto their schedule.  Cost factor?  That goes up as well. 

Now imagine this happening at least a hundred times....perhaps even 300 times. It's going to be a harsh reality coming up for some 'kids'. 

Saturday, 13 June 2020

The Thing About Gone With The Wind

In recent days, folks are hyped up about Gone With the Wind.  I sat and pondered over this.

To be honest, I was probably 23 years old before I saw the movie....via my cable-TV connection in the barracks in Louisiana.  This was the 221-minute version, with another hour of commercials added in.  On the long-scale....this was about five hours of viewing and I could not imagine how you'd run this in a normal theater in 1940.

On the drama side?  Well....I give it plus-points.  Then I come to the final fifteen minutes of the movie.  This whole thing is mostly a five-hour dramatic piece about Rhett and Scarlett, and last minutes really deny this whole relationship thing, and Rhett has just had enough of all the drama and fake-love stuff....so he says adios and walks off.

I sat there for about half an hour.....mute on, with the next movie running.  I'd put five hours into watch what was a historical romance piece, which turned into a one-star ending at the close.  I felt negative about that.

Since then....I've probably watched about 90 minutes of the beginning on one occasion, and flipped the channel at some point.

Yeah, I'll admit.....it's just a marginalized story, bound into some epic deal, with Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh.  For historical content?  I might give it two stars.

Now with this anti-Civil War crowd?  I would imagine each person that made the anti-statement....would admit that they've never watched it, and probably can't pass more than 30-percent of questions on a general history quiz.  If you asked them who stars in the movie, or the direction of the script?  Zero knowledge.

The 'No Police' Era

Just my humble opinion, but as you get to some fairly progressive cities, and police operations are phased out....it'll take less than five days for some murders to capture the city's imagination and people will ask 'who' will save them?  The response....you can only save yourself, by carrying a gun and shooting the other guy as quickly as possible. 

At least three to five months will pass as the city council tries to explain the 300-percent increase in shooting deaths. 

Bouncers will carry guns.  Grocery operations will hire private security.  Banks will start to have two guys on duty with guns.  Schools will hire private security. 

At some point, the five big problems will present themselves: (1) Everyone seems focused on qualifications for private guards now, (2) Everyone will focus on the necessity of people carrying weapons on their belt into stores, (3) Enough news reporters will have been threatened to trigger some worry about the news, (4) Some 18-year old kids in schools will demand the right to haul a weapon into school, and (5) Gun rental shops will start to open up within a thousand feet of airports....where you can rent a pistol for a week while on vacation. 

Around the sixth month of this....the topic of bringing back the police will occur.  By the ninth month, the hiring process will start. 

Friday, 12 June 2020


Over the last few days in Seattle....chaos has ignited and a new country has opened in the downtown part of Seattle....Chaz (that's what the protest crowd calls it).

From what I can figure of this new 'country' (Chaz).....it takes up part of a city park (figure 400 by 400 ft), an area of E-street (maybe 700 ft), and two square blocks (combined to be around 300 by 600 ft). 

People who reside there?  Chazians or Chazzers?

No one says much about taxes so far.  It is obvious that the residents of Chaz are a bit malnourished and pleading for food (looting for food as well). 

Homeless people recognizing the nation of Chaz?  So far....no indicator that any of them are moving in.  You get the impression that living in Seattle was a little bit better than living in Chaz.

Bus route through Chaz?  Well....before all of this....there was a bus stop at Bobby Morris Playfield and 11th street.  I'm guessing buses got redirected and don't pass through Chaz. 

Bars and pubs in or around Chaz?  You can count around around twenty bars within the nation of Chaz or within walking distance.  There was one gay bar within Chaz....hard to say if it's still operating.  Booze might be questionable for delivery at this point.

Survival of Chaz?  Well, being a optimist....I'd say that they will survive through til the middle to end of next week.  There is a federal law or two on the concept of insurrection, and it involves hefty time in jail if convicted.  Course, Trump could just look the other way and say that Seattle is 'lost' and suggest that Chaz can hold onto the whole city of Seattle. 

So this brings up several questions.  Will it be the Chaz Seahawks?  Will Sea-Tac Airport rename to Chaz-Tac Airport?  Will you be required to hold Chaz visas if visiting?  Will the 7th district of Washington state (Chaz area) be voided and the lines redrawn? 

What happens if the area around Portland also converts....to 'Flippy'?  What happens if 'Flippians' decide to fight 'Chazians'?  Would we stand in the way of this civil war or try to help the Chazians out.  And if the people of Boise flip into a new Republic of Berg?  Would we help the Bergians out if Chazians came to threaten them?

Pretty exciting with all this chaos, if you sip enough booze and get animated over CNN coverage. 

(please note, if the Chaz people ask for me to be an ambassador, I would seriously take them up on this)

My Feeling Over Renaming Bases

With all this chatter about renaming US military installations if they bear some Civil War individual name.....I've come to this conclusion.

First, we need to rename the Civil War....the 'Uncivil War'.  This is because it was very uncivil in the end.   This will require taking in all history books (libraries, high schools, universities), and burning them....then waiting for the replacement books to arrive.

Second, all bases.....even those which have no connection to the 'Uncivil War'....need to be renamed.  So I would start a new naming convention.  Base 'A1'.  Army Post 'E8'.  Naval Station 'Q8'.

Occasionally, we would switch the names around, to confuse the Russians and their strategic targeting.

Third, anyone named Lee or Bragg in the US....will be given one year to adapt to a new last name.  Anyone failing this order, will be given the last name of 'Trump'.

Fourth, all American history will be limited to the first seven years of high school.  History will be forbidden after that point.

Fifth, any 'experts' who appear on CNN or Fox, to talk about history....must pass an actual history test, on a yearly basis.

Sixth and final, all statues and paintings within the US Capital building must be removed by the 4th of July of this year.  The Capital building must be sanitized and represent....nothing of the the past.

(I should note this....toward the end of an era in both Roman and Greek history.....statue dumping reached a enthusiastic period, and everyone was doing it on a weekly or daily basis). 

Thursday, 11 June 2020

The Finance Side of Antifa and the Riots?

Well....if you follow the Frankfurt school crowd....their agenda is to bridge socialism and Communism.  So you look around and there just aren't that many countries that fit this build.  The East Germans aren't around anymore....the Russians are mostly 99-percent capitalistic in nature....the Chinese may chat about Communism, but their whole philosophy is now capitalism. 

So it can't be a nation-state.  Any journalist suggesting this angle of state-sponsored terrorism, and trying to link it to the Russians?  Another fraud.

It has to be a non-state operation or sponsorship. 

Austromarxism, Riots, and Antifa's Philosophy

About a decade prior to WW I....some intellectual guys in Austria came this philosophy that they wanted to recommend to the general public....call Austromarxism. 

The basic selling point was that you'd kinda dump the idea of states existing, and just lean toward people or groups of people running things themselves.  A borderless society....so to speak.

This really didn't go too far, and the war years dampened discussions over capitalism.

Around 1921, a big meeting is held, and this one particular group has taken on the idea of bridging socialism and communism....within Europe.  Their big selling point?  Changing the economic rules of society....adding city-provided housing....introducing free healthcare....and standardized education. 

It's worth admitting that for just over a decade....these guys made an attempt to sell this philosophy around Europe, but in particular.....Germany.

The chief guy trying to make the sell in Germany?  Carl Grunberg.  He became the first professor brought into the Gotha University of Frankfurt (1924).  For roughly five years....he developed the school/group direction.  In 1929.....he had a stroke and retired. 

The Frankfurt branch of Grunberg?  It goes on....until 1933....where the theme is harshly counter-attacked by the Nazi Party. 

This group of Marxists....was considered a prime target of the Nazis, and had already been 'let go' out of the SPD Party of Germany right before WW I.

What happens after 1934?  Members of the intellectual group leave and set up shop in NY City (Columbia University), and stay there until the war ends.  Then they return after the war to Frankfurt. 

Closely connected to the 1968 student riots?  Yes. 

Chief goals....anything that marginalized people desire.  The chief 'chief'?  Capitalism and commerce....the 'evil' of modern day society. 

Something About the Kenti Cloth

So this photo of Pelosi and the Democrats in the Capital building has been on my mind.  You know....the one of them wearing Kenti cloth around their shoulders.

So I dug into this.

The cloth in this epic moment comes from Ghana, and from the Ashanti tribe.  It's distinctive.

Well....here's the odd thing....Ashanti folks were deep into the slave trade....all way into the mid-1800s. 

They grasped the economic power of wars....capturing opposing tribal folks, and selling them. 

So in some aspects....without much research on Pelosi's part....they put on the Kenti and in some weird way attached themselves to slavery. 

Something to Think About

If both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are 'law and order' guys....how does any guy go and vote in November? 

This is pretty confusing with defunding, riots, looting and statue-toppling. 

Maybe Biden is law-and-order 'lite'?