Friday, 1 May 2020

Biden's Economic Intercourse Situation

I sat for several days trying to understand what economic intercourse meant?

So this is the plain-blunt Alabama explanation for it: economic intercourse is a theory of exchange....where you are going to give up something of value (maybe cash, maybe booze, maybe your dignity, maybe your honor) get something that you seem to think is of 'more' value, but not readily proven or factual.

It's like you hook up with a trailer-trash gal, who seems to know a few extra tricks in life, and marry her.....thinking trailer-trash thing won't really bother you in the long run.

Or, it's like you agree to just stay permanently unemployed and getting $1,200 a month from the government to just lounge on the porch of your 'shack' and not feel dishonored over the 'free' money.

The problem never quiet know the value of anything.  You assume 'free' stuff is great but never ask questions.  You also reach a level of always questioning how this exchange will ever get you ahead in life.  On top of that, you generally rely upon some idiot who tells you values and information....who might be lying to you.

The trouble here is that we all do this in our lives, and each time we screw up.....we go back to the bar.....sip heavily upon whiskey and promise that we will never repeat that mistake again.  Then the next day, we go and think about more economic intercourse, and try to persuade ourselves that value and self-respect will work out once again.