Tuesday, 28 May 2019

The 'Corrections' Story

I sat today and read a business/economics story over at Yahoo.....which was prescribing this terrible awful event where 10-percent fall-out was due any day now, and people should worry.....this leading back to the 'evil' Trump.

At the end of this....I thought....10-percent drop?  That's a correction.  You have three to five of these per year.  Maybe back in the 1990s....it was one every eighteen months. 

Then I started to think....don't these Yahoo business writers go to college and pick up on 'corrections'?  Then it occurred to me.....they probably attend the same colleges as AOC.  They have no understanding of 'corrections'.

This is what angers me about journalism today.....we have so many individuals that went off.....got marginally educated.....then moved up because no one wants to pay that much for older and more experienced journalists.....so you get garbage talk because of their lack of knowledge.