Saturday, 15 June 2019

Fake Doctor Stuff

I spent half-an-hour this morning reading over a fairly simple 40-line story written by a journalist who talked to a Yale professor gal....Brandy X. Lee.  The professor, an expert Psychiatrist....says that she's putting out a warning that President Trump's mental health (declining minute by minute)....has reached a point where the country is at a point of 'no-return' (destruction of modern civilization is at the brink). 

To be honest, I had to read this story four times, and sat for about eight minutes trying to grasp is Ms Lee is actually a intellectual, or just some fake intellectual with a degree of marginal value.  I eventually came to the opinion that she's another person with a marginalized education/degree, and she might do well to find a real job.

Course, if she'd suggested that more than one-hundred folks in include House members and Senators, along with some journalists....are in deteriorating mental health.....I might go along with that. 

Avoiding ethical standards?  There's a major standard that got set up in the 1970s for Psychiatrists, who says you can't make a general pronouncement of a person, unless you can meet them face-to-face and have a legit examination.  In this case?  She basically watched some TV clips and made her fake pronouncement.  It'd be the same thing to watch Road Runner or Donald Duck cartoons, and suggest that you've been a mental health case off their cartoons.  The sad thing here is that she works for Yale, and it's an example of the poor level of education that presently exists there.

How to Handle the Oil Tanker-Iran Business

After looking at the videos, the 200 'experts' chatting on the event, and the limited number of facts, I've come to five observations:

1.  While this Iranian military vessel comes up and they 'remove' (take) something off the side of the can't be sure of what they took.  There's no evidence left there, that you can pin onto Iran (at least not yet).

2.  Taking the crew off that rescue vessel (from the oil tanker being abandoned)....was just plain stupid.  It has no return value, and if you claimed that you rescued them....folks just sit and laugh over the suggestion of such.

3.  Oil prices will escalate over the next month.  Insurance rates go up, and shipping companies will ask for 25-to-50 percent more to transport out of the region. 

4.  Did Iran put the mines or shoot the torpedos (no solid evidence of either to establish truth)?  It's pretty stupid as a tactic, and likely to hurt your 'friends' more than the US.  It wouldn't surprise me if some third-party laid the mines out there and Iran gets the blame.  The fact that you could go to a dozen countries (even North Korea) and buy sea-mines via a commercial company?  No one has brought that up, but it's very possible.

5. Does this all give Saudi Arabia more evidence to get hyper on arming-up?  Well....yeah.

So my response would be simple.  Don't aggravate or attack on Iran.  Simply start a convey pattern to lead tankers out of the Gulf with three or four US vessels leading the tankers (set to every other day), and set a five-mile path of 'doom' for any Iranian military vessel coming near the convoy (just blast it enough that they get the message).  Move five US and Brit attack-subs into the area, and allow them to hunt any Iranian sub entering the convoy path, and destroy it (without announcements). All of this will lead folks to suggest a oil pipeline (from Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia) over to the Red Sea.

On the stupidity level....if this was an Iranian's a full-up '10', and doesn't really solve much of anything. 

Is There 'Dirt' on Joe Biden?

All this anger over Trump and his comment about accepting 'dirt' from foreign sources on his competition....should lead you to ask one funny there any 'dirt' on Joe Biden?

With all those years in DC, and past open life in the news....there shouldn't be any dirt. 

Yet, by Trump talking about have to worry or suspect that maybe Joe Biden isn't pure and clean.  Yes, Trump is faking you out in some minor way. 

The issue is that all these old Senators used to have a very limited path of 'dirt'.  With Mitch or's probably no more than a 3x5 inch card of dirt existing on either guy.

With Senator Warren....ever since we got that Indian DNA stuff out of the way, and she had a beer on TV....there might not be anymore 'dirt'.

With Senator Cruz?  His dirt list might be no more than three lines existing at this point (he probably went across state lines as a kid to buy beer).

But then we come back to Hillary Clinton, and you have this mystery over 'dirt'.  There shouldn't be any left, but if you asked someone their opinion....most would respond that there's likely sixty lines of text to cover additional new and unreported 'dirt'.

So presently, there's probably a hundred KGB guys working on the Joe Biden 'dirt' dossier and the worst they'v found so far is that he cheats on golf scores regularly, steals coffee cups off Air Force One when he rides, and very fond of Latino women who serve him Pina Coladas. 

On the Bill Clinton scandal-dirt scale....he'd only rank a '3' out of a one to ten score. 

Interior Bickering

The Pentagon is going out to buy/build two new Air Force One planes for the President.

However, this has become a hot topic now....because President Trump suggested a redesign of the colors on the plane.

He wants to dump the baby-blue color scheme, and go more 'colorful' (meaning something of a red, white and blue.

So, it's comical....yesterday, an amendment was attached to the Pentagon spending plan by a Democratic House member (Conn), which calls for congressional approval on “interior, paint and fixtures.”

Yes, you'd have a committee, or sub-committee in charge of Air Force One interior and exterior decoration.  You can imagine the hearings....the 'experts' called in.....the challenges involved. 

Will the amendment stand?  I have my doubts.  I just can't see Pelosi wanting to get into the middle of some interior/exterior decoration committee and having a public fight over a carpet change, from x-color to y-color. 

Ridiculous?  Yes, but that's the level of frustration that you have these days. Perhaps someone ought to suggest that all House and Senate interior/exterior schemes should be reviewed by the public, and they should face some public approval as well.