Friday, 27 March 2020

Ten Observations over the News

1.  Cuomo doubts stay-at-home tactic for those with the Coronavirus.  Well, here's the thing, if you are obsessed that only hospital-care will work (even if you are 25 years old and without any of the normal big symptoms....diabetes, poor liver, etc), then you throw 100-percent of the sick folks toward the hospitals....they will fail MISERABLY.

The German system of having roughly 85-to-90 percent of the positive folks do their time at home WORKS.  You reserve the hospitals only for the folks with the big symptoms or the aged. 

2.  The BIG massive mess that NY City appears to have generated....has made the German news (page one) and they can't fully understand how so much chaos can be generated.  The blame-game?  In full attention....leading one to think it's a national issue. 

3.  If I were a NY City resident right now?  I'd pack the bags and head off to Florida or to some relative who resides out of state.  The healthcare system in NY City appears to be in a state of collapse.

4.  The odds that a complete and successful convention can occur in July (Democrats) and August (GOP)?  The Republicans could cancel out, but it'd really screw up the contracts with the city of Charlotte.  The Democrats?  There's a lot of theatrical stuff to occur (Joe will step back and a new candidate would occur). 

5.  Somewhere out of thin-air, some lady accuses Joe Biden of sexual assault.  Just what you needed for the campaign.

6.  The baseball season?  Totally shot.  For some teams, it's a financial loss that they can't handle. 

7.   The odds that pro-wrestling will shut down for six months?  I would be betting on it.

8.  The use of curfews?  It's like a forbidden topic.

9.  The election in November?  Of the hundred-odd things that it ought to be'll be mostly about the Coronavirus.  Go and try to explain that to people in thirty years.

10.    Fear of the what is dramatically selling via the news media.