Friday, 18 October 2019

The Bubble Within a Bubble Crowd

At different stages of my life, I lived around or worked around, with people who lived in 'bubbles'.  You'd be standing there and in some state of confusion why so-and-so really didn't grasp the events going on, or why their logic was so flawed.

I sat this week and watched a campus-demonstration video, and some kid....probably around 20 years old....was in some moment of a 'fit'.  It was the kind of 'fit' that you'd suggest of a 8-year-old kid who was hyped up and unable to control himself.  The 20 year old....supposedly in college, was trying to convey the massive 'evil' confronting civilization, and how people needed to take to the street to rebalance society.

Twenty years ago, without YouTube, you would have never seen this type of behavior, or witnessed something this 'stupid'.

I look upon alot of these wannabe adult characters of today, that just seem to be living in a bubble 'of a bubble'.  They can't associate with regular working-class people.  They can't agree with regular people.  They can't work in some company with regular people.  I doubt that they could even attend some church with some regular people.  In an emergency situation, they could not be depended upon for team-effort.

In some ways, they seem to be on some mental trip to 'save the world'.   Some have decent intentions but just haven't assembled all the information to make this trip, or to understand the gravity of what they are talking about. 

As for some maturing likely to occur, and a sudden wake-up situation developing?  Maybe, but I'd hate to be standing there where they realize how far they'd fallen and the extent of their massive 'failed' agenda.