Saturday, 28 July 2018

The Lack of a Law

Generally, to be in violation of a law.....the law has to exist.  I know it's hard to believe.....but if you've gone and done something that is perceived as illegal, but there is no law written to define the action or how the court can handle it.....then there is no violation.

I've sat for several months looking over this action where Team-Trump is said to have worked on getting 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton, and maybe could have met with Team-Russia or Team-Fusion GPS undercover get this 'dirt'.

There's talk that maybe someone might have paid or promised something....for the 'dirt'.

CNN has spent literally hundreds of hours discussing the potential here on the legality of Team-Trump in doing this.

So the question....what 'dirt' law exists?  The answer?  None.

If you notice....neither the GOP or Democrats....are interested in writing a 'dirt' law.

All of this chatter?  Over some imaginary law involving 'dirt'?  Yes, more or less.  You can't go to jail, or be fined....without the creation of a 'dirt' law.