Friday, 10 April 2020

Just Humble Advice I Hand Out

1.  Should you stay in a virus-affected area or leave?

Well....if you are asking, it's basically too late.

2.  Where should I go, with the virus all around?

Alaska.  Take the 1,200-mile Alaska Highway.  Take along a six-month supply of food.

3.  Is Joe Biden suffering dementia?

In Alabama, you wouldn't declare Joe suffering until you drove up and found him on the porch with sixteen cases of Gatorade, and just wearing his underwear.  Joe has a long way to go, in my humble opinion.

4.  What should one do with relatives with TDS (Trump-Derangement-Syndrome)?

Pray for them, and ask your Catholic associates if there is an exorcism for demons like this.

5.  Is it true that giant Chinese hornets are coming into the US and can kill you with one sting? 

If you are allergic to stings anyway.....this is bigger deal to worry about.  However, because their size (2 inches), you can probably see them from 30 feet away. 

6.  If Joe Biden is just plain dropped at the convention and Governor Cuomo is selected, what does it really say about the sanity of conducting a primary?

You might as well dump primaries in general....have some vote in your state to pick delegates only, and send them off to the convention to pick some guy of thin air.  You'd add to the excitement, with a clock ticking down from Monday at 8 AM and pressuring the delegates to select someone by 11 PM Wednesday.  Failure?  You allow the biggest 21 Democrats in status to just pick their choice.

7.  Is there really a problem with dead folks laying in storage and no burials being conducted in NY City?'s the thing.  Funerals are a detailed operation in NY City, and it might take four weeks to line up all the guests....write up something positive to say about the guy, and arrange for a bar-party after the funeral.  Add in the fact that probably one-third of the dead folks had ill relations with their relatives, and legal battles are being fought over who plans and executes the funerals.  As bad as funeral planning can be in the south.....NY City would be ten times as hard to conduct.

8.  The Pope says that the virus is a curse from God over environmental damage.  Any truth to this?

You might as well say tiny demons pass the virus around, and Satan personally writes your name on the back of each Corona particle.  Again, ask your Catholic associates about exorcisms for corona demons. 

9.  Should one stay home and away from church on Sundays?

You can just as easily pass the Bible around on the some Old Testament, discuss moral judgement, and pass a pitcher of ice tea around.  Pray for those afflicted, and those suffering stress.  It wouldn't hurt to pray for Joe Biden (I wouldn't pray over Hunter).

10.  How soon will things 'pick-up'? 

This is a tricky question.  Putting on my Trump-hat....I'd say that in two will detect people acting normal and red-state governors taking down 'bans'.  In those states, things will take slowly off (don't anticipate trips to Vegas or folks buying new cars).  Blue states? They will be delayed six weeks as those governors try to figure out a way to make folks suffer a little bit extra.

11.  Are blacks more affected by Corona?

Statistically, yes.  If you asked if most black males over the age of 18 are living great healthy lifestyles.....the statistics for the past forty years would say 'NO'.  That might explain part of this problem now.

12.  Is Doctor 'Doom' on the Trump-team a problem?

No.  You need a Doctor 'Doom' always spell out the worst case scenario.  It would be a problem if you had a President 'Doom' saying the same crap.

13.  Is this a big deal that anti-Trump Republicans are endorsing Joe Biden?

At this point, if you were a anti-Trump's painfully obvious that you got some freaky psychological problem and need a couple of weeks in a rehab center.

14.  Did the New York City Coronavirus come from Europe? 

Evidence (the dna business) says yes.  Other obvious things would suggest that the fashion crew from NY City went to Milan, Italy in late January to mid-Feb, and probably brought it back....infecting folks at parties, and on the subway system.  You could have had six models arrive a line of cocaine each with twelve other folks at some NY party, and jump-started the whole thing.

15.  Is it true that a South Korean study is showing 'cured' Coronavirus folks are taking multiple tests after being 'cured' and some tests say positive and some say negative?

Yeah.  Basically, no one is answering this scenario or offering any ideas.  You can imagine the chaos this is creating for South Korean couples. 

16.  Is it true that more than 500 Iranians drank pure alcohol and died from that, instead of the virus?

Well....some rumor started up if you drank enough'd kill the virus.  No one clearly said the amount and it sounds like these were folks (mostly guys) consuming more than quart (at 37-percent, if it were Gin).  Luckily this is Iran and not the US....because here, the death certificate would have said dead by Corona. 

Please note, alcohol will accomplish a lot of things but getting rid of the virus isn't one of them. 

17.  Does all of this make you wonder how western civilization survived the Black Plague?

Yeah, you could wonder about that.  Remember, we didn't even have a Doctor Doom, Nancy Pelosi, CNN, or a Donald Trump in those days.

18.  The story is that the White House will start forcing journalists who sit in the President's conference room to be Corona tested.....what will likely happen?

Fate will arrive one day, when all 88 journalists are tested, and 87 fail.....leaving just Jim Acosta of CNN as the lone journalist in the room....mostly grinning as he gets the President for sixty minutes of a chat.

19.  Is it true that Americans actually had an election in the Civil War, and voted while in the conflict?

Yeah, 27 states carried out the 1864 election (Louisiana too).  Four-million Americans voted.  From the 1868 election....three states were NOT allowed to vote (Texas, Virginia and Mississippi).

20.  Is there any evidence that more men die than women with Corona?

Well...yeah....if you are under age 65, it's a 80-percent chance on death for men (20-percent for women).  Some women suggest its bad habits, bad hygiene, and bad health.  Guys mostly suggest they drink more because of the women talking about their bad habits and hygiene. 

CNN Story

I noticed that CNN's Brian Stelter spoke up and said all of the networks ought to change how they pump-out Trump's Coronavirus briefings.  He wants the whole thing....fact-checked. 

I sat there and kinda wondered.....what exactly has that five-man crew of CNN (almost every hour now) been doing for the past three years?  Well....their version of fact-checking. 

So is he suggesting a second crew be brought fact-check the CNN fact-checkers? 

If anything, it seems like CNN is hiring up a bunch of folks, and their only purpose in life is to either criticize Trump or fact-check against Trump.  What happens after Trump is out?  You could probably dump 40-percent of the CNN payroll.