Friday, 28 September 2018

If the FBI Got Into the Kavanaugh Investigation

If you pull up this scenario suggested by the Democratic group in this hearing.....there is a scenario which would follow if the FBI took this to the next level and investigated this completely.  I'll out how this script would work:

1.  You'd detail around twenty agents to go and spend approximately 60 to 90 days...gathering data.  You'd bring them into a room, and lay out approximately forty primary witnesses, and then suggest a secondary level of another 200-odd witnesses. 

2.  At some point, another two-hundred-plus people would show up and demand that they get a chance to provide testimony....a statement. 

3.  Near the end, an administrative team would show up and help to funnel everything into a 1,500 page summary of facts and statements.  A closing statement?  No...just a summary.  The FBI does not have the capability or the authority to conclude 'TRUTH'.

4.  Approximately 2,000 copies of the two-document summary would then be published and given over to the Senate and it's support staff.  They would be given an entire month read summary. 

5.  You would find that NOT ONE single member of the Senate would have read the entire 1,500 pages.  It's very likely that NOT ONE single member of the support staff would have read the entire summary.  The party would have paid some special team to go and read it for do a summary of the summary.  Some Senate members might even whine that the 40-page summary of the summary....was TOO much, and demand a summary of the summary of the get it down to three pages. 

6.  They would then convene and announce that FBI summary really didn't settle anything because they need someone to assure them Kavanaugh is 'clean' or 'dirty'. 

Time wasted?  By this point, approximately six months.

The fact that Professor Ford can't present a single witness at this party to substantiate part of this whole story?  In a nutshell, that is the whole basis of the story, or the lack of a story.  The story about a fear of flying?  Well.....yeah, that was a pretty good story but it now seems mostly false.