Friday, 20 March 2020

Ten Observations

1.  The Coronavirus ought to be referred to as the 'Wuhan-virus'.  It should have started on day one.

2.  Any Senator, Congressman or political figure of standing who got insider virus info and sold their stocks at the peak.....needs to be relieved of responsibility, and resign.  Doesn't matter if they are Republican or Democrat. 

3.  If you told every resident of SF or LA to stay at home for the next two weeks....not to show up to work, and only go out to medical appointments or grocery would fail in the most harsh sense.  More than 70-percent would just act as if it were normal.

4.  At least twenty-billion government dollars ought to be laid on the table for companies bringing drug production from China, back into the US.  Free money....not correct the mistakes of the past.

5.  The dimwit reporters at these White House Trump-Corona news pieces are asking a number of stupid questions, and the general public reviews these on a daily basis.  It just makes a 30-year-old guy or gal, look like a 9-year-old kid without any maturity.  To be honest, I think three-quarters of these folks need to freshen up their resumes and look for new work....maybe coding.

6.  People are OVER-USING these disinfectant wipes, and instead of putting them into the regular garbage can....they are trying to flush these down the toilet....getting their sewer system all screwed-up. 

7.  In this political season, your choices are Trump, or Dementia-Joe, to head up the virus period (it'll probably still ripple around in the first quarter of 2021).  Think about the implications of that type of race.

8.  If someone is trying to document fake-news, there's probably a 50-percent chance that they will 'fake' the fake-news report.  Think about that for a minute.....that you couldn't even lay the simplicity of the fake-news out for plain view, without faking some portion of it.

9.  Odds of airlines going back to a regular schedule before July?  I'd give it a 3-percent chance.  At best, you might see 50-percent of normal scheduling occur in June.  I see places like Vegas shaking of fright because they are missing the bulk of their business-year.

10.  For all the Senators who got insider virus info and sold stock early.....who did you call from your 'buddy' list and provide the insider info as well?