Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Bob Lazar and the Area 51 UFO Story

For years I debated about the Bob Lazar story and how the pieces fell or failed to fall into place.  Bob says in his youth....after college studies at Cal Tech and MIT....he was hired on with some company that dealt with the government studies of UFOs outside of Vegas.  Somewhere along about a year into this.....Bob screwed up and apparently brought friends onto the Area 51 grounds, got into trouble, got fired, and then decided that he wanted to admit to the world about the whole thing.  Along the way, Bob says that both Cal Tech and MIT wiped out his records and they say he officially doesn't exist in their records.

A lot of what Bob talks about in interviews does suggest a vast knowledge of science....there's no doubt about that.

In the last couple of years, Stanton Friedman (a real physicist), went out and decided to review Bob's whole story.  Stanton says virtually every single potential avenue was studied via Cal Tech and MIT.  Bob has no existence there.  At some point, Bob volunteers one single name of a professor via Cal Tech.  So Stanton goes looking for this guy.

Oddly enough, this professor remember Bob.  But there's one problem.  The professor ONLY taught at a regional community college in California......NEVER at Cal Tech.

So Stanton decides to go back to the high school were Bob attended.  Oddly enough, they remember Bob.  So they pull out the records and there's some chat.  Bob didn't finish even in the top 50-percent of the class.  What they remember about Bob was that he was really into chemistry and science.  What other subjects did Bob study?  Well.....just science subjects.  That's it.

After looking over the various interviews and stories told of Bob and Area 51....I've come to this conclusion.  Bob has Paranoid the extent that he believes in a particular disillusion.  Oh I admit....Bob is super-smart on science topics and probably has read a hundred times more science journals than the average smart-guy.  But he relates these bits of science knowledge into this delusional world that he lives in.....believing he was a MIT and Cal Tech graduation....that he was hired by some corporation to work at Area 51....that he brought friends out to the secure reservation area....and that all of this UFO chatter is true.

He's not inventing a hoax.  He could easily pass the lie-detector test because he actually believes in the delusional side of this.  If you go and review the statistical data....the PhD folks estimate that around 10-percent of people are in some phase of Paranoid Schizophrenia.  My guess is that you can break the crowd up into different groups.....where some can drift in and out, and some who are living the delusional life to 100-percent.

The problem here is that people generally want to believe in the alien chatter to such a degree....that when you have a guy with a smart mind and clever enough to build his story up.....the Paranoid Schizophrenia isn't apparent, and you put full faith in the whole story.  Bob is real....believing precisely in his Area 51 story, and absolutely believes that he holds degrees from MIT and Cal Tech.  He's not a fake....or a hoaxer....he's just telling you precisely what he imagines.

Kentucky Justice

As the smoke starts to clear on this media frenzy that occurred last week with the Covington School episode, and the Indian guy....things appear to be falling in place.

Rob Sanders, the county prosecutor, was interviewed and basically said yesterday.....yes, he's preparing charges against everyone who made a threat against the kids or the school.  Kentucky has this law about making a 'terroristic threat'.  Jail-time and fines are possible.

So how would this go?

The prosecution team prepares folders with Twitter/Facebook ID's and locations.  They prepare paperwork and serve on this poor dimwit.  Across the nation, these get served.  People start laughing, with no intention of getting serious.

Rob prepares paperwork to have those not getting serious to be detained and brought to Kentucky.  Yep, added cost burden on the guilty folks.

Those real serious about the matter will call a Kentucky lawyer, and end up having to pay at least $5,000 to get the easy deal.  I would speculate that the prosecution will offer up a suspended 6-month sentence in jail, you agree to terminate your social media account for two years, pay court costs (likely to be in the $5k range), and a fine (likely to be $500 to $3,000).

Those pretending to skip around this?  They will be arrested and dragged to Kentucky, and added court cost will fall into place, with added defense lawyer cost (figure $10,000).  Then you go into another negotiation moment....with a bulked up court cost situation (maybe over $15,000).   You could also add on a charge of failure to respond, giving them 30 days in the county jail.  The judge might even offer a deal where you get a leg-tracker, and agree to stay in a local hotel for 30 days (boosting up local revenue that way).

This second scenario would mean you have to find at least $30,000 to handle two or three lines of stupid texting to convey a threat.

The prosecution team probably would go through at least a thousand folks....but this might even go up into the ten-thousand range.  Imagine all that cash flowing into defense attorneys and the county commission revenue bucket.  You could be talking about a million dollars a month flowing into the fines bucket.

I'm just sitting there and shaking my head....all of those 'angry' people lack any appreciation for court activity.  Well....this is the new reality.  Welcome to Kentucky justice.