Friday, 24 January 2020

Script Idea

I'm thinking of writing this script for a TV movie.  So this is the idea.

You have some country that got into a fairly bogus civil war and ended up breaking up. 

The country surviving is so bad off, that they've got natural gas issues, and this other 'rich' nation decides to fund them for a billion dollars....but they can't give the money to the country.....they have to give it to some company which has a history of corruption.

As this discussion comes up about the billion....out of nowhere will come this guy with no real knowledge of natural gas, but the host company decides to hire him as a board member (80,000 dollars a month). 

Things proceed, except some idiot prosecutor gets into the middle of this, and threatens to ask questions.....but he gets fired.  Mostly because the new board member guy's father is a high-up guy in the rich country's government.

Months pass, and a new government arrives. 

This new President calls up the President of this other poor-off country and things start to fall apart.

Then some legal stuff starts. 

I haven't decided on the ending yet, but I'm thinking this is a pretty good Jerry Lewis-type movie script.