Thursday, 26 July 2018

White House Press Briefings

I don't think I got around to watching an entire press conference from beginning to end....until 2010.  I'm like most folks....I'd watch the capsulated version via NBC or CNN, and you got the filtered version of what they felt you needed to know.

Between 2010 and 2016....I might have watched four or five of these total. 

So after 2016, for some reason (being a retiree, and having time)....I've actually started to watch at least two or three of these each month.  At some point last year, I was up to around ten of these in one single month. 

I've come to four observations:

1.  Probably some of the most stupid people on the planet.....are employed as journalists to cover the White House.  Nothing personal, and I won't name the individuals, but some of these folks ought to be selling tires, or managing apartment buildings.

2.  If you can't get to the actual question in twenty words or less....then it's not really a question.

3.  Follow-up questions are generally worthless.

4.  I'd really like to see the first five questions be from the general public, and limit the reporters there to just the same number.  The idea that journalists are smarter than regular people?  That's a joke.