Friday, 8 November 2019

Bring on Kanye

It came up late yesterday....that Kanye West is talking about running for President in 2024.

He's not saying as a Democrat or Republican....which is kinda interesting.

So lets dive into the odds here and the strategy.

If I were Kanye....I'd make it a public situation, and work like Trump to get donations via the general public.  He might be willing to throw 20-million of his money into this, and maybe get 100-million via the public in the first initial wave. 

Running in primaries?  No, don't declare for either party, and just stay away from debates.

Running a fifty-state election?  No....he really only needs to run a 10 to 12 state elections (Hawaii, Cal, Oregon, Washington, with four southern states, and maybe Michigan, Maryland, and Illinois). 

His intention should be getting black votes, and angry Republican/Democrat votes.  Just in California alone, I think he could win the state.  The rest are all fifty-fifty chance opportunities.  But by just taking three states (particularly California)....neither of the other two will have the 270 votes needed to win.

A crazy scenario?  Oh yes, but here's the thing....the news media and social media have made us this crazy.  A growing number of people are just fed up with the comical storylines that we are fed each day.  So Kanye will be this response to the frustration. 

In this scenario, the Electoral College will fail to deliver a President, and the House will be handed the find itself deeply divided and unable to reach any true conclusion.   At that point, you will realize that the system is truly broke.  President Kanye will never happen, but he'll demonstrate just how screwed up the whole political spectrum has become.