Saturday, 15 December 2018

This Russian Agent 'Thing'

Since late 2016, there's been this Russian agent or collusion thing going on.  Virtually every single day....there's some journalist wanting to tell you about the Trump folks and some Russian agents/spies.

This week, I sat there and finally asked would one know that they were talking or dealing or meeting with a true Russian agent/spy? 

Is there a badge or special ID?  Does the guy have a Russian flag lapel on his jacket?  Does the guy give you the ultra super-secret handshake like the Mennonites do or the Knights Templar? 

How would you know that the guy you met at the bowling alley to chat over insurance is, or is not a Russian secret agent, or you might be engaging in some collusion thing?

Is it possible that Russian collusion has been going on for eighty years?  Is it possible that Russian collusion occurred to get JFK into office?  Did some Russian agent work to get Harry Reid win his initial campaign?  Did the Russians help Carter win, and then lose?  Did the Russians help to arrange Bill Clinton's marriage to Hillary? 

The problem here is that you have no idea how far the whole Russian spy thing might go, and the other truth is that it might be just something that occurred in the past five years. 

What someone ought to do is start a spy reality comedy show.....Ivan has gotten a secret ID and attempting to infiltrate various American political 'landscapes' and industrial companies. 

What Makes the Clinton Foundation Unique?

The Foundation was capable of saying that roughly 15-percent of the money being used....went to rent, operational costs, internal salary, travel costs, etc.  Year after year....this could bounce from 10 to 15 percent.  It was the general average of most of charitable foundations that were considered 'good'.  The bad foundations?  Well....they were the ones that spent the bulk....sometimes 80 to 90 percent on operational costs, and NOT the charity.

But there's this one odd feature about the Clinton Foundation.  They hired people to perform the charitable actions....make speeches....attend conferences....write white-papers, etc.  And those charity-action people were not part of the operational costs.  They were the charity expenses.  You could have twenty people soaking four-million dollars a year on travel, meetings, and salary.....with it all counted as actually charity expenses....not operational costs.

How much was spent this way?  Unknown.  What work or accomplishments were done this way?  Unknown.  You could attempt some audit over the past ten years, but once you come to individual X....noting his $120,000 a year salary and $40,000 spent on travel and hotels....there's not likely to be some detailed report to say he did anything constructive for the entire year, or that he spent 160 man-hours a month actually working.  It'll just be a pit of budget reports and little else.