Monday, 18 March 2013

That Satan Guy

The Bible series was again on last night, via the History Channel.  The curious episode was the moment when the devil came up.

So you gaze at the face for a minute, and you have this's Obama.  It's actually an actor, but you just have that momentary feeling....Obama....Satan.

An accident?  Well, the producers just say it's a minor appearance thing and nothing else.

Me personally?  I'm probably locked onto that image for the rest of my life.  It's too bad that they couldn't get GW Bush for a week and have him play Noah.  I might have had better feelings for "Noah" Bush.  This satan guy?  Yeah, it kinda bothers me.

Note: Now, a true Baptist would cite various references in the Bible that Satan can take many forms, and if you think you are looking at President Obama (Satan), then it's a spiritual thing and you might have a point there.

The Capitalism Argument

The Washington Post had an article from yesterday...."Is Capitalism Moral".

It's a long piece and basically states the terrible things about capitalism.  It's unfairness, it's limits on helping society, and it's inability to help the poor.

My general question in every single case where people present cases against capitalism....what exactly do you want to replace it with?  Most of the contraptions suggested....always involve a government system which monitors everything and someone makes decisions for the government to increase production, decrease prices, or guarantee jobs when no income occurs.  Basically, the solution is a fake economy that only the government can be running.

The economists who write such articles?  Most are folks who sit in universities and have never been an actual employee for a company.  They have no common knowledge on what makes business situations successful or failures.

How would innovation work without capitalism?'d have to convince a government employee of selling Twitter to the public, and I doubt that Twitter could ever be sold by a government representative.    The same could be said of a guy who has a self-oiling chainsaw and wants to bring it to the public, and finding government representatives lacking interest.

In the real world, you have an idea....find a risk-taking company who likes the idea.  The company puts up money and then markets the item.  They make a profit, and the world gets an innovation.

These continuing articles....always slamming capitalism...make for enjoyable reading but really contribute little to nothing to society.  The alternate to capitalism?  Probably more capitalism, not less. But who am I  to suggest that?

The Crazy Law

This week will put the Senate and the mass media into an odd position.  Senator Lindsey Graham (R, SC) has put a bill on the Senate table that says if you are declared mentally have to be put into the national database, for gun purchases.  You are then immediately disqualified from owning a weapon.

You can see some complications here, which the mass media will have to either ignore the bill entirely or pretend that it would hinder the mission at hand.

The Democratic Senators?  They have to pretend the bill doesn't exist.  Otherwise, you start to dig into much broader questions.  For example....if a person is mentally incompetent....can you even allow them to vote? Or how about the purchase of alcohol?  A driver's license?  Could someone accuse a member of the Senate being mentally incompetent and then have them forced from the Senate floor?

After a couple of days....the mental health community will weigh in, and condemn the law.  It's just not right or fair.  The crazies need to retain their gun rights.  At that will shake your head and ask if the mental health community is crazy itself.

The truth?  There's probably a million Americans who fall into some category of being mentally incompetent....either temporary or permanently.  We could run around the US and accuse a dozen people in every community of a thousand folks or more.  Using Graham's'd just appear in front of some local judge....recite the federal law (if passed), and then folks declared incompetent.    They wouldn't have to one will ship them off to a state facility....they'd just start to lose their rights as an American.

You can sense that a bunch of political folks are busy....doing mostly a turbo speed.....and ending up with some results of questionable value.

If I lined up the sixteen mass shootings of 2012 and drilled into the mentally competency of the sixteen shooters....I think more than half would have been declared crazy.   So there is a point to this.  The question is.....just what else gets attached to this in the years to come.

Passage of the law?  Forget about it.  I just don't see more than two Democrats lining up to support this. And the media will not discuss the matter at all.