Sunday, 12 August 2018

'Office' Reboot?

Rumors drift around and you notice them on various sites about these folks continually talking up a reboot of the TV show....the 'Office'.

On my list of the top ten shows ever.....I put the Office into that group.  Course, I will admit....there were problems with the show.  First and foremost.....too many characters.  You sat there for what amounts to a 22-minute show, and potentially had fifteen people drift in and out....with two or three of them getting only two lines each for an entire show.  The other issue was that they opened the door to dozens of story-ideas, and just left them there lingering (like Toby being a killer).

So, my idea for a reboot?

I would start fresh and flip this totally over.  Make it a muffin company rather than a paper company.

Set the stage for Iowa or Wisconsin instead.

Limit the primary characters to eight, and have twenty others who rotate in for four to six episodes per season.

The odds of this reboot occurring?  Here's the essential problem....there just isn't much creativity in TV today, unless you go over to Netflix.  So, it's a pretty sure bet that by 2022....some TV executive will lock onto this idea and proceed forward.