Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sometimes, Things Twist More Than You'd Expect

Normally, it'd be a Arlington story that went national, and then just ran out of steam after five days at the national level.  Air Force officer....heading up the Air Force office at the Pentagon over sexual assault.  Lt Col Jeff Krusinki....out drinking late at night in Arlington.....does some kinda pat on the butt of some gal in a bar parking lot.

It was a big deal nationally, and got tons of attention.  Just so terrible.....over and over....the journalists could not get enough of the episode.

Well....quietly (it won't be covered nationally now).....the Arlington charges have been changed.  They won't run sexual assault charges now.'s not exactly clear.  The local guys are only saying it's going to be assault charges only.  You could still get a year for that.....but it draws some questions why it can't be sexual assault.

Then, you start to notice a strange thing about the location of this parking lot.  There are a couple of bars within distance of this area where the 'event ' occurred.  One of them?  It's a cross-dresser gay bar.  Yeah, the kind of place where guys dress as women, drink, party, and have a good time.

So this has gotten some folks to wondering.  This woman who complained and called the cops on Lt Col Jeff Krusinski?  Was it a real woman or a fake woman?

If it's a fake woman....sexual assault charges in a Virginia court become awful hard to establish and prove.  Plain old assault?  Well....even fake women have their day in court over this.

But you have to grasp one has said it's a fake gal.  The national news folks?  Well, they'd prefer not to get into details like this.....because it spoils the original story they wrote.  And it's screwing up the agenda.

For the officer?  Well, it starts to be more of a mess if it was a fake woman, and it's best to start planning on some second career path.....maybe as a Sears manager, county agricultural agent, or dairy farmer.

The Other Eden

There was a piece over at Al.Com.....entitled: Alabama the Beautiful (by Magic City Writer) that caught my interest this morning.

Few people come to grasp this.  Bama actually ranks fifth in the species diversity.

Bama has over sixty types of terrestrial ecosystems.  It provides twenty-five forests to the nation.  It offers eleven wetlands.  It even offers up seven glades/prairies.  All of this, and over 75,000 miles of rivers, streams, and creeks.

Hunters would rattle off at least a hundred animals within the state that you could spend a Saturday afternoon looking for.

Fisherman would shed a tear as they described the dozens of fish that they've caught over the past thirty years.

A pine tree enthusiast would chatter for an hour over the various pines that you could see out in Limestone county.

A Bankhead Forest resident would need four hours to conclude his description of the local surroundings.

A Dolphin Island resident would drag out some digital notebook with fourteen thousand pictures of birds, fish, crabs, and weird creatures that they'd seen over their lifetime.

A farmer would sit and spend an entire afternoon at the local gas station noting the sixty-six different garden variety items that he's got growing this summer, and how proud he is over this year's successful pea crop.

On and on....even NASCAR freaks and NCAA football folks would pause and describe the abundance of diversity in nature within the borders of Bama.

Then, you'd come to some minister, who'd round this up in typical fashion.  Yes, it would be deserving of a Sunday sermon.....that Bama is in effect....the "other" Eden.  God blessed it more nature than a state really deserves.  God then directed animals to expand in abundance.  The end of the sermon?  We need to give thanks for such an Eden, and live our lives in appreciation.

Somewhere in the back of the church....some guy would be sitting there and pondering.  Eden ended up going off-track and spiraling out of control....once folks gave up their naive nature and got some bit of understanding of their surroundings.  It's best to just accept what you got, not brag too much, and hope heavily for a dynamic NCAA season.  In that case, we rank number one already, and don't need much discussion, or preaching.

A Stranger in a Strange Land II

One of the oddball things that I've come to notice about Germany.....being different from back in the amount of 'bio' crap that has descended down to the public.

Yesterday, we got the weekly grocery sales catalogs....around a dozen of them for various groceries in the local area.  Germans get all peppy about looking through them and there are various discounts that you could take advantage of.

Well....for one grocery....every single item that was on sale....roughly 150 of them....were bio-related.  Orange juice, wine, beer, beans, melons, apples, steak, pork, etc.

From the state-run TV networks, you get a mention of the positive nature of bio.....almost daily now.  The investigative guys have been turned loose and kindly note how non bio apples are produced with poisons.  Beef?  Produced with antibiotics. Same with pork, chicken, and turkey.  I've sat and watched various news episodes over the past month where they touted the wonderful world of living bio.

Course, they never explain that it's a minimum of ten percent more....sometimes even twenty percent more.....than the regular stuff.  And the amount that groceries keep on hand?  It's not unlimited.

You can see this shift in society.  The folks over sixty?  They don't care about this gimmick at all.  But the folks in the 25-to-40 year range with money?  There's probably fifty percent of this group of Germans who buy into this.

Last week, I watched a news clip of a German farmer whose grandfather once grew tobacco....naturally.  This guy has decided to return to his roots, use the family farmland left, and grow an entire crop of tobacco.....which they are currently harvesting.  It'll be months before it's dry and ready to sell.....but he's gone bio the entire way.  No pesticide or anything like that.  The tobacco will likely go to some company which markets it as a bio-cigarette.   With a regular pack of smokes (non-bio) running around $7, it'll shock me when this appears and likely runs at $8 as bio and thus "pure".  Would smokers be that stupid to buy bio-tobacco?  It's hard to say if they'd be that naive.

So, there was this title I gave to myself in Arlington....."a stranger in a strange land".

I've decided to give myself that title again.

And the possibility of me going bio?  Zero percent.  If non bio-things were that unhealthy for'd think that the government would jump up and stop the unhealthy business.  Well.....they haven't done that.