Sunday, 30 December 2018

How I See Ocasio-Cortez (OC)

In a few short days, Ms Ocasio-Cortez will arrive in DC, and take up her job for the next two years. I tend to expect the news media (particularly CNN) have her up for opinion-pieces at least once every single week. 

But I also expect that reality will dawn upon Ocasio-Cortez as she realizes that she is merely one of 435 members, and a number of her associates (from the Democratic group).....will see her as some 5th-grade kid operating a candy shop.

I will forever remember this scene at the end of the movie 'Being There', where you realize that Chance has hit the big time and doesn't really grasp the world he's entered.  I see this fifth-grade kid mentality being in the same landscape. 

Some journalists will suggest that her arrival is 'fresh' and uplifting.  Some people sitting back in the homes will be laughing over the description and wonder how juvenile the journalist is.