Thursday, 16 January 2020

Odds On Favorite? Joe?

If you go around the Vegas betting crowd, the current betting scene is that Joe Biden will be the nominee from the convention and primary period.

I was kinda shocked reading over the whole story.  Conventional wisdom says that Joe Biden might be significantly 'hurt' if the impeachment occurs and he gets a call to be a witness.  But maybe they can avoid that....end the impeachment, and life goes on.

A thrilling last hundred days before the election?  No.  I would review the scene, and that final campaign period....suggesting that it'll be 75-percent of the thrill factor from the 2016 election....which was bad enough already for Hillary Clinton to lose. 

Who would be Joe's VP?  I'm predicting Stacey Abrams (of Georgia fame). 

Improving over the Hillary action of 2016?  No.  I'd give a minimum of thirty states over to Trump....maybe even taking two of the Hillary-win states over as well (New Hampshire and Nevada).