Saturday, 12 January 2019

Should McDonalds Be Strictly a Teen-Job Center?

Here's the thing, if you walk into any of the more modern find a significant amount of automation at work.  You don't need counter-help because they've got touch-screens ready to take your order.  Enough of the grill and fry business is process-driven and with automation built into it.  So what you really need in a 8-hour shift is one real manager type (over the age of twenty-five), a number two guy with experience at the customer and operations level (over the age of twenty-five), and then the 'kids'. 

By the term 'kids'....I'm suggesting that the bulk of McDonalds employees probably should be between 16 and 21 years old. By the time you hit the age of 21 to need to have some real path laid out and procured some type of education or 'move up'.  If your ambition is to be the permanent and everlasting French Fry guy at McDonalds....then you've failed.  Your entire life is set to a minimum wage situation.....where you will rest from age 16 to age 67.  Go do the social security amounts for retirement.  I doubt if you can get more than $400 a month if this was your path in life.

This idea that you can reside at McDonalds for your entire life and live off the minimum wage situation?  It's a joke.  You need to have a path, and the goal of getting some additional training/education, then moving on. 

2024: President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Here's the thing.....she turns 35 in October of 2024.  She would be 'of age' to meet the requirement.

So you sit and ponder upon President AOC.....bartender-college student-House member-President.  Could a three line resume lead to AOC's presidency? 

There are two curious pieces to this idea.  First, she's not this mystery character like Barack Obama....who needed to write a book and tell his story.  Second, she has a degree in economics and is super-smart (well, people think that).

Here's the problem for the Democrats.  If Trump runs in 2020....there is a likely chance that a number of weak GOP guys will view 2024 as impossible to win.  So you add in the fact that no one really exists on the Democratic side right now, with 99-percent chance of winning (like Hillary was) in 2020, or for that matter 2024. 

Via social media and a dimwit news media....yes, I think AOC can win.  And after four years of a goofball adventurist?  Most will admit that the system is broke.  But it's all really entertainment now....not some political system, and AOC fits well into it.