Friday, 15 July 2011

Just Observations

So Congress got up a couple of months ago and said the "don't ask & don't tell" thing was now obsolete.  They gave the Pentagon a number of months to prepare.  The Pentagon has set up classes to instruct folks on how to avoid observing or getting bothered by gays.  Everything is set.  Then this troublesome thing occurred a couple of weeks ago with some California federal court tossing out "don't ask & don't tell" entirely, ordering the US government to comply completely.  You'd think that it was wasted effort, but hey, those judges have to do something to earn their paycheck.  You'd sit there now and think the government would just comply....but NO.  Yesterday, the Obama administration said they'd fight this tooth & nail....and it'll go all the way to the Supreme Court (unless they decline).  My suspicion here is that forcing the Supreme Court to make a statement is the reason for the Obama administration getting into this.  In a way, it's get everything going a certain direction, and then you jump up to attempt stopping what you started.  Oh, and if you were wondering how long it'd take for the Supreme Court to issue a comment?  Well....they'd have to accept it and that won't be known until August or September....and it might be May of 2012 before they issue some comment (they don't even have to accept the case).

It turns out that California is paying $777-odd thousand a year (highest salary in the state), to some doctor that they said was totally unqualified to be a doctor.  The 65-year old guy is so incompetent by their standards.....that they won't allow him to actually be a doctor.  So he just reviews prisoner's medical records.  As for firing him?  Oh, they tried that and the state courts ordered him reinstated.  This guy could work another ten years....collect probably over a million a year in pension by that point.....and be totally incompetent by normal doctor standards.  And folks stand around wondering why California is so bankrupt.

I blogged yesterday about Minnesota's budget crisis and how the whole state was shut-down, with a potential beer crisis brewing. late last night....the beer crisis is ended.  The political dimwits of the state (both parties) finally agreed on something.  It is a curious thing's just a temporary fix to get by for a while (maybe a year).  In the end....all of the taxes that the governor wanted to mostly dumped.  The money that the school systems wanted?  Dumped as well.  The future tobacco settlement money?  Oh, it got converted straight into cash and tossed in the general funding bucket (all those smoke dollars were the dream of the state to spend on special projects....tossed to the wind now).  The curious'll take at least a month for the booze and beer distribution/sales licenses to be fixed up and running in full order.  With the normal incompetent clerks that you run into at state and county folks still run short on beer.  But don't worry.....Iowa is standing ready to provide as much as you need.

There are rumors now that Tiger Woods might have gotten steroids or enhancement drugs.  It's kind of comical that it'd be suggested but most folks likely believe the suggestion entirely.  We are at a point where you need to drug-test even bowlers.

A bunch of smart guys from Miami University and St. Louis University got together and found this amazing discover....there are differences between folks who have pets and those who don't. owners end up better off in life....less lonely....higher self-esteem....more exercise....more extroverted....less fearful about other people.  Yep, it took some smart guys to tell us that.  But then you have to wonder about how that dog or cat does all that magic.

Finally, some sheriff from Florida had to face budget issues...then determined he didn't have to issue out free underwear.  So basically....whatever you show up in his jail....the underwear you have, will be for your duration unless Grandma or your sister brings you extra underwear.  Ifing none of your family is too friendly toward your might be sitting there for a fair length of time with just one pair of underwear, or getting use to the idea of wearing no underwear.  It's just another problem in life that some folks need to worry about.

When The Beer Flowed No More

While you may not have paid much attention to this in the past ten days....Minnesota has basically shutdown their government because of money issues.  No one is getting paid except essential workers (cops and political folks mostly).

What no one realized when this mess started....was that liquor licenses for distributors or sales organizations (like your local Jimmy Joe's beverages)....can't distribute or sell anything without a current license.  Folks have begun to realize how their licenses are running out and they are buying as much as they can....and selling as much as they can.

Basically, if you were living'd be unable to buy booze or beer, unless you went out of state.  You can imagine all these poor folks.....who've had a six-pack of beer nightly for forty years....suddenly come to a empty counter at Jimmy Joe's beverages, and wondering how this mess all occurred.

As you can imagine....Miller and all the other beer organizations are studying how they can make this work, but there are just not any creative ways to fix this other than getting the political folks to agree to fix their own mess and bring the government back into operation.

Course, alot of folks in dry counties....would say this is God's cease beer and booze sales....via the right hand of the Republican Party.  I would not give them that much credit, or think that God wanted beer sales just plain halted.

How does things look for folks driving into the Dakotas, Iowa, Canada, or buy their booze?  I'm thinking that various beverage shops along the border are now stocking up and preparing for this massive rush....thousands of folks buying tons of beer per day, and paying their taxes into the states along the border.  It wouldn't even surprise if some folks from Iowa are trying to encourage this mess to last all the way through football season.


There is a great article by Gregory Kane today.  I admire his writings.  He's a DC-Baltimore guy and knows the street action fairly well.

Here in DC....we've got huge problems with punk kids....fourteen to nineteen years old....who can assault you in a train station or on the street.  They have no problem in bringing harm to folks.

What Kane writes in such great persuasive for the punks to get "churched-up".  As he points out in his youth....somewhere around 13 or 14....he got pointed off every summer for a couple of weeks of vacation Bible school.  You got this vast lesson in civil behavior and human understanding.  You may have hated everyday....but thirty years still means something.


Yep, dump the punks into a required and mandatory situation.  Make them sit there for six hours a day, five days a week and throughout the summer.  Put up a curfew and make them all return home by 10PM at night.

Debt Poker

With all the discussion over the US debt situation....this odd suggestion came up from Senator Mitch McConnell this week (a Republican)....that the Republicans were ready for a possible "plan B".  This idea was that they'd just give the President the power to fix up the debt problem himself, and if they didn't like it....they'd have to muster around sixty percent of the House to fix the problem.  A lot of Republicans came back and really hated this plan.  Some Democrats came on TV and said it was a possible surrender by the Republicans and they could work with this.

I sat for a good long day thinking about the offer, and have now came to realize that this is plain and simple "debt poker".  Basically, if you hold only a pair of aces and really wanted to bluff your way into a poker win....then you'd double up or even triple up the make everyone quit the game.  Obviously, there are huge risks in doing this.

Here's the outcome of McConnell's offer.  The President would accept and then smile to the public as he now had this power to fix the debt.  The curious thing is that you'd need to show some cuts in order to get things moving in a positive direction.  The President's team would obviously work hard to avoid the cuts and double up on taxes.  You can kinda see where this is going.

So by November....a fair amount of taxes are now being shipped around to companies and rich folks.  They start to pull their money and sit tight.  Without thinking much about the create wave number two of the recession by March of 2012.  Everyone from the banks to Moodys....would now admit that we are in more trouble than we were in July of 2011.  Naturally, we are embarking in the Presidential election period.

So the President walks forward with a fresh new recession....that only he could create, and the only way to fix this is a massive cut in government funding....which he just can't do in the midst of an election year.'s a lose-lose situation from that point on.

So what should the President do?

One, accept any deal that the Republicans have on the table today, and offer up fair-sized cuts.

Two, hire some retired Democratic Senator to be your chief negotiation Czar from this point on because you....the commander-in-chief....are lousy at this mess.

Three....haul out to Montana and just camp out for three weeks.  Disappear from public sight.  Rest.  Drink some beer.  Don't show your face around.

Four.....hire up some economic guy and start tossing out a $500 million cut every day on the US government's requirements.  Close up our bases in South Korea, Japan and Europe. Close down the wars. Find money and just cut.

Five....order any government department that is given money by senators or congressmen....and they didn't ask for just NOT SPEND it.  Yes, forbid them from taking money unless they really asked for it in the first place.

Six.....if you don't want any advice and you want the absolute power to play debt-king....start asking yourself what you'd like to do in January 2013 when you are out of the President's office.  Return to Chicago?  Run some national charity?  Return to the senate?  Guest-host Saturday Night Live as a ex-President?  Sit around a Presidential library in South Chicago?  Run off to Norway and be a Nobel Committee member to pick future winners?  What if it's that Sarah Palin gal....could you sit there and accept that on election night, being beaten by six percent by the grizzly lady from Alaska?

I kinda think McConnell has played a few games of poker in his life....and knows how to double-up on a bad hand.