Thursday, 20 December 2018

US Troops Out of Syria Story

Shocker huh?

Well....when was the last time you heard about some ISIS guys taking control of cities in Syria?  What a year, at least?  Recruitment in Europe to get dimwits to go and join the ISIS war?  That grounded to a halt as well?

So why were we there for the past 12 months?  Mostly because of the Kurdish situation.  Is there any reason for the US to protect the Kurds?  No.

And why did the Pentagon feel some urge to save the Kurds?  From what?  A massive Turkish invasion?

The more you piece together this future in Syria, with the Kurd mix, the Iranians, the Russians, and the Turks....the less wise, this entire game became.  Those idiots with the Pentagon wanting US troops to stay?  They wanted a vast conflict boiling over and creating the perfect Bush-like storm to require Pentagon services.  Trump said no....we have no purpose left to accomplish, end of the story.

It was that simple.  And all this hype by CNN now?  Yeah.....they are engaging in misinformation and guiding you to another Bush-like war zone.