Wednesday, 17 July 2019

If Everyone Just Went Back 'Home'

It brought up my interest when the chatter came up, and President Trump finally said something to the effect....if you aren't happy here, maybe you ought to go back home.

Some folks are hinged on the term racism, but I'm trying to figure out where this angle fits.

If he did mean it in a racist-way, where exactly would I go?

You see, I have roots that kinda lead back to Kirby Bedon, UK (maybe from 400 years ago).  Prior to that 'adventure'....then my folks were living for around 400 years in the Chester area of England (way over on the western side of the country).

Prior to Chester, we were Norman-folks and got all involved in some invasion angle by our Norman king, and we were connected to the northern coast of France.

But to be honest, we'd only been in Normandy for about two generations, and before that we were Danish folks.   And if you go six to eight generations prior to that, we seem to have some time in the Latvia and Lithuania area.

So if I did get hyped up like the CNN guy suggests I should be.....where exactly was Trump referring me back to?  Kirby Bedon?  Chester?  Normandy?  Denmark?  Latvia?

And with that .7-percent Congo DNA....could I establish some connection to head on back to the homeland of Congo?

But onto the bigger question....if I was referred to this suggestion of Trump....why am I unhappy?  Shouldn't that be the bigger question with the CNN folks?  If Trump isn't racist, and these people are actually unhappy....where does that lead them, or me?

Maybe the bigger question of this whole discussion....why are folks so unhappy?

Trump and Washington State

How hard would it be for Trump to win the state in 2020?

From 2016 results, Hillary was able to take 1.75-million votes....Trump was limited to 1.22-million votes.  The Libertarian guy?  He took 160,000 (roughly 5-percent of the votes).  Normally, you'd go and say it's be awful hard.

So you shift and look at 2020.

Trump would have to and convince half of the Libertarian voters of 2016, to shift over to him (giving him 80,000 of those votes).  It's quiet possible.

Then you gaze at the map.  Hillary won only urbanized counties....the rest of the state (roughly two-thirds of the counties) went to Trump. In the case of five of the Hillary was not a was marginally for her. 

Toss in some key advertising....the slant on capitalism versus socialism.....Democrats who left their party in the past two years, I think you could suggest 250,000 votes flipping from 2016 to 2020....over to Trump.  That would bump Trump slightly over the threshold, and show the state as a red-win state.

The last time that happened?  1984, with Reagan. 

But there is one key element since 2004....massive registration and voter turn-out.  There's like an entire era that closed out in 2000, and voter-surge occurred in 2004, and has repeated in 2008, 2012, and 2016. 

So either you go and convince these older Democratic voters to flip their votes, or to stay home (to send a message).