Saturday, 5 January 2019

If You Did Bonanza Today

Every Sunday night as a kid, from the mid-1960s to 1973, I watched Bonanza.  It's safe to say that I kinda liked the show.  It had a simple format, four central characters (well, with Hop-Sing occasionally), and three or four guests to each episode. On some occasions, bad guys either got shot or sent off to some state prison.  What generally sold the show were the father (Ben) and his three sons (Adam, Hoss and 'Little' Joe). 

If you tried to make a version of Bonanza today?  I think you would run into problems. 

First, Hop-Sing would be viewed as negative because you were racially profiling the character.

Second, gun-play of any type....would be frowned upon.  Most would ask why Adam needs to carry a pistol, and why shooting is necessary.

Third, at least one of the three kids has to be a daughter.

Fourth, Ben would have to be told by one of the kids on a weekly basis.....that he's out of touch with reality. 

Fifth, the three Cartwright 'kids' would all have some social warrior justice theme going on.  Most viewers would dislike the kids and think there's too much disrespect going on. 

In simple terms, the show would fail in the first year. 

Tax Return Story

Someone drafted up a House bill yesterday and introduced it....which had the intent of forcing all Presidents to provide ten years of tax returns.

I will make three observations:

1.  There's pretty much zero chance that the Senate will pick up this and pass it.  So it's mostly for marginalized journalists to 'chatter' about, and get all silly.

2.  If it did pass, I think it might scare at least twenty-five people thinking about running in 2020, 2024, and 2028.  It would open up questions about 'gifts', home loans, business loans, etc. 

3.  Who exactly gets these ten years of tax returns is NOT clear.  The House Speaker?  Imagine a yearly return from Trump of 500 to 700 pages of a return....TIMES TEN.  Even with a staff of professional accountants (25 professionals), I would suggest it'd take at least six months to review and make any criticisms.

So I'm going out on the branch and making my own suggestion....this is actually a good idea, and we need not limit it to the President.  Every member of the cabinet should also provide the ten years of returns.  Every single member of the House and Senate should provide ten years of returns.  Every ambassador should provide ten years of returns. And all of these returns, with the address and personal info redacted (blocked out) should be put in a PDF format, open to the public, and you yourself should be able to analyze in your own way. 

Yes, lets make this ultra transparent.  Lets make everyone sweat a bit and get about 300 people out of politics because of their corrupted nature.