Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Ten Things That Won't Sell Today

1.  No matter what Jeb Bush says or talks won't sell in American politics in 2016.  Maybe back in might have worked....but today?  No.

2.  Fox News probably has reached a point where their brand of journalism doesn't well in 2016.  There in 2008 to 2012.....they might have said a hundred things a day to captivate their audience and impress people.  Now?  It just doesn't work.

3.  McDonalds had some great success from May of 1940 to roughly a decade ago.  Something happened, and the magic has more or less dried up.  They might have flipped the sign to have the breakfast menu around the clock....but beyond that?  It won't sell in 2016.

4.  American baseball hit some mythical point about a decade ago when the whole steroid thing was obvious and all the numbers accomplished for twenty-odd years were fake.  Now?  It just won't sell.

5.  Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler all enjoyed remarkable success for several decades.  Playboy from 1953 to about a decade ago.  Now?  None of the three are really doing much in business to brag about.

6.  Reality TV went through a fantastic success period, and today?  Nothing much sells because the public really doesn't believe it's real.

7.  Climate Change, Global Warming, Global Cooling.....all went and got hyped up.  Today, it's practically impossible to get the public into a buying stage.  Everyone thinks there's something bogus attached or ask questions about why they are right today but not when it was plain old Global Cooling.

8.  NCAA bowl process being fair.  For several decades....folks imagined some method could exist where the NCAA bowl process would be legit and completely open.  Well....the idea just doesn't sell well today.

9.  A $90,000 degree paying itself back, eventually.  Well, it doesn't sell unless your dad paid for it in cash, or you got an engineering degree which gets you a $50,000 a year salary right off the bat and $80,000 within six years.  People are sitting there now at age forty-five.....still paying off that stupid college loan, and can't really explain where they went wrong.

10.  Obama Care.  Maybe for two brief years.....people held some hope that the price business would all work out and they'd be in a fine window of opportunity.  Well....that window came and went.  Today?  You likely will pay $800 a month for family coverage, and have a $6,000 deductible as part of your deal.  If you were lucky (sadly, I say lucky) make less than $30,000 a year and only pay $200 a month for your same coverage, but then you have the $6,000 deductible as well, and have to decide if you get new tires this quarter for the car or take the wife for some serious medical condition.