Thursday, 27 February 2020

The Ten Things About This Political Season That Don't Make Sense

Just pondering:

1. If you watched any of the Democratic always seems like they (the candidates) were all running to be the President of Denmark, Sweden, or Scandinavia in general.

2.  Moderator-wise for the debates, it would seem like you'd be better off finding three barbers from Tusla, or four junkies from Little Rock....than these journalists selected.

3.   As much that was hyped-up about Cuba and Venezuela during the debates.....I suspect that none of these candidates would have much success in Cuba or Venezuela....if running there.  In both cases, you'd have to go and promise off toilet-paper as an incentive to vote for the candidate.

4.  It's a total mystery on why some people seem so visibly upset about blacks or Latinos being Republicans.

5.  With the 2016-version of has to wonder if the 2020-version of Trump-derangement-syndrome is better or worse.

6.  If socialism is the answer (as seen in so many of the debate episodes)....what's the question?

7.  Bloomberg has said that if you have a weapon in the are more prone to being dead.  To be kinda honest, your odds of death....with or without the gun in the 100-percent.  It'll come sooner, or later....preferably after the November election.

8.  There are forty-plus versions of Joe Biden.  Some versions even suggest that he played shortstop for the Pirates in 1966.  One version suggested that he golfed with Fidel Castro.  And one version has said that he's the guy that invented Ms Pac-Man.

9.  That Acosta-guy for single-handedly helping Trump win the election.

10.  If you use FBI-math, there's approximately 166,000 Russian agents in the US....working to destabilize the November election.  Thank God that the FBI is hard at work.....looking for them.  We already had 455,000 non-Russians working to destabilize the November election.....we didn't need any extra help.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Farmer Jones, the Coronavirus, and the Logistical 'Path'

In the midst of this day, Farmer Jones will have a fan belt break on a particular farm implement that was made in 1972.  He figures fine....he'll walk into the farm store in town and buy a new belt.

There, he talks to Randy (the sales dude), and these belts that he'd typically have....have run out.  The company which marketed them and shipped them?  A Chinese company in Wuhan.  Randy says it's been that way since 2004. 

You ask....well....what's the delay here?  Randy says that a fair number of the Chinese guys at this belt factory are either sick, dead, or have run off because of the disease threat.

You kinda hint to Randy....this ain't going to be something that you can do without.

A day or two passes, and a second item on the farm has broke down.  The replacement part?  You go to the Illinois 'BIG' Farm web-site, and figure you can order it.  They say it's a problem....out of stock, and the replacement items are not being produced in Wuhan as the schedule would work.

A week later, some funny disease starts up with your cattle, and the Vet says you need vaccinate them.  He'd like to help you but he only has one bottle of the stuff left, and you need six of them.  So you ask....where is this produced, and he says China.  Yep, there's a bottleneck now.

So Randy calls up and has said he knows this Peruvian guy who makes generic belts to fit this farm requirement.  The problem need to talk to him on the size and shape. 

The wife knows this Honduran family at church, and you call them up....asking if 'Juan' (their 12-year-old son can chat for you).  They come over, and you call Peru.  Juan spends 20 minutes on the phone describing the size and shape of the belt.....with an acceptable price-tag, and the belt will be flown in by Friday.  Toward the end of this call....the Peruvian says they do 'other' things.   So Juan goes into detail about the second piece of equipment broke, and that guy can build that item as well.

Then Juan mentions the medication issue with the cattle.  The Peruvian asks what type, and that his cousin....who happens to be in the drug cartel business....can remedy a reproduction of this vaccine. 

As the days pass, Juan and the Peruvian guy forge a new relationship.  Juan (12 years old) now starts to conduct daily business out of Peru.  $10 per consultation.  A year later, Juan is making $10,000 per week....with his Peruvian-connection business. 

The drug dealers start to realize that they can reproduce virtually any drug....even cancer drugs, with a little bit of effort, and suddenly the worldwide crisis is over.....compliments of a Peruvian entrepreneur and a 12-year-old kid. 

This is how difficult and how simple this whole crisis may go in the end. 

If President Hillary Clinton Were in the Middle of This

Some news groups are getting hyped up to find some blame game to dump on Trump for the Coronavirus.  I sat and pondered upon this, and then wrote my ten thoughts if President Clinton were standing there instead:

1.  President Clinton would appoint 25 medical experts to some task force, to prepare a daily four-hour news media 'talk', with one-third of the presentation talking about dire situations, and the rest trying to reassure everyone that things are fine even if 50 people a day were dying.

2.  An enormous amount of useless data would be presented daily....affected rates of gays versus non-gays, affected rates of blacks versus whites, affected rates of rural farmers versus urban folks, and affected rates of lesbians versus gay guys.  Even the CNN journalists would say that this is a bit too much.

3.  Only twelve US airports would be allowed to handle international flights coming in.  A special medical contract would be signed by the government to provide continual shifts of doctors at the airports to survey passengers coming in.  Around the second week of this.....someone would observe that the 900 doctors brought in.....are mostly from North Korea, Cuba, Peru, and Angola...speaking almost no English.  The contract....given to a mostly unknown American Indian tribe....cannot be explained in public.

4.  A fireside chat with President Hillary would occur each week, with her promising to move 'mountains' to save humanity.

5.  Two Nobel Peace Prize folks would be desperately trying to find a way to nominate President Clinton for the award.....with just three lines of text on the nomination sheet.

6.  At least five medical companies would be attempting some form of 'donation' to the campaign fund of President get the 2.5-billion dollar vaccine contract.

7.  Some major Coronavirus forum will be hustled up by President Clinton, in some Hawaiian resort hotel complex, with 2,000 political and medical figures from across the globe, for a week of talks.  As they disperse, it's discovered that 8 carriers of the virus were attending, and at least 300 attendees are now infected.

8.  In the midst of a San Francisco mass Coroniavirus episode, a decision is made at the White House to relocate 2,000 homeless people to several other states.  A month later, it'll be discovered that the bulk of the 2,000 had the virus, and as they moved to other states.....they contaminated tens of thousands in other locations.  No one from White House can remember who gave the order for this though.

9.  A debate will start up about the need for a Coronavirus 'Czar' acting out of the White House, but the center of the debate is that it has to be a woman, or a black.

10.  About four months into the US 'action'....President Clinton will declare the virus battle 'won', making a whirlwind tour around the US promoting the 'win', then return, and nine days later....have the Coronavirus herself.

Ten Things I Expect Out of This Virus-Chatter

1.  All airlines are going to report massive losses for 2020, into the billions, with stock prices prices probably dropping by 30 to 40 percent.

2.  Rumors out of China say that 10 to 20 million small-market owners (guys with small production situations, cafes, coffee shops, etc) will be bankrupt by early summer.  My guess is that China will 'print' more money and hand out 'gift-amounts'....maybe enough to survive for all of 2020.

3.  Wal-Mart will have to stand up by early April and admit that delivery-freighters from China in LA or SF ports.....are limited, and stocks for the warehouses are being reduced.  By early May, shelves at Wal-Mart operations will start to be noted as empty.  Same story for toy shelves, and some talk will start up by July that Christmas gift expectations are going to be lowered in a drastic way. 

4.  Wuhan (I think) by early May, will be having an exit-situation going on, with 10,000 locals a week leaving.  Local industry won't be able to recover.

5.  Places like Haiti, Thailand, and Egypt will be hard hit by the virus, and limited medical capabilities.  Doctors will be assaulted and killed over family anger of a relative dead.

6.  Cruise-ship operations will go into a nose-dive by early April.  At least forty of these ships will be parked around US east coast....waiting for some end to the crisis period.

7.  Several movie-production situations will be shut down for four to six months, with some movies planned for spring 2021 release....being pushed back six months. 

8.  Someone will wake up and announce that in reality.....more people die from alcohol-related disease and incidents.....than from the Coronavirus.  It's just that the virus harshly affects the over-65 crowd, with a high-death rate. 

9.  At least a hundred US prisons will announce by July that they have an infection situation, and are unable to provide adequate security for the inmates.

10.  Various judges and political figures around the US....over the age of 65.....will be noted as having 'passed-on' from the virus, and funerals will draw large crowds....where the virus has a chance to spread out among the attendees. 

Biden's Lost Memory

From last night's debate.....there is some type of statement by Joe Biden, that since 2007....roughly 150-million Americans were killed by guns.

If true, then the voting polls should be half of what they are today. 

Joe being faulty on memory?  Yeah, but luckily, we have choices. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Odd Subject Over Wuhan

So you go and look at factual pollution numbers.

On the index, using Atlanta as a comparison....on the PM-10 situation....Atlanta has only a '19' rating (meaning marginal pollution situation).....while Wuhan has a '124' rating, for air pollution (meaning harsh situation in the extremes).

On the pollution index ranking.....whatever Atlanta's twice that bad for Wuhan.

Protests over this?  Both in 2018 and 2019.....various groups in Wuhan tried to make a protest movement about the local situation.

My humble belief?  Maybe it's not discussed much by news journalists, but in terms of lung damage (if you've lived in Wuhan for the past twenty years)'ve probably accumulated a fair amount of dust and soot into your system, and it's affecting your lung capacity.  So a fairly decent flu starts up, and your immune system isn't four-star to start with, and your odds of dying rapidly go up if you smoke, or have a secondary condition existing already.

Ten Observations Over 2016's Path to 2020's Election

1.  Let's be honest, about forty-percent of the Democratic voting crowd, have never recovered from 2016, and their whole focus is to knock Trump out before November's election. 

2.  Lets also be honest, Bernie Sanders would have won the 2016 primary, if he'd had a level playing field, and a neutral news media. 

3.  Lets be also honest, and admit that the strategists knew that Mike Bloomberg had several 'flaws', and could not be put in front of the public back in the summer of 2019.  As things go now, Bloomberg has hit the point where he could spend $50-million a week, and only gain 10,000 voters per week.

4.  Honestly, that impeachment idea didn't really bring in the support that was anticipated, and the news media expended a couple of silver bullets, so there's not much left to fire this point.

5.  Did all that impeachment chatter really give Trump around a hundred campaign videos?  Yeah, compliments of Shifty and the team.

6.  Some of us will miss AOC, if she is beaten in her district in November.  She was pure entertainment to watch.

7.  Blacks finally asking stupid questions of the Democratic Party?  If Trump takes 40-percent of the black vote....then the whole agenda plan for the past thirty years for the Democratic Party....can be thrown out.

8.  Can a small-town gay mayor run an effective campaign for the Presidency?  Simple

9.  The Russians must have at least 300,000 people working day and corrupt up the American voting system.  Or.....they have no one assigned to the job, and it's just all stupid luck.

10.  All of the people who threatened to leave America if Trump won in 2016.....are still oddly here, registered to vote, and say meekly that they will vote for Bernie. 

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Joe and His Adventure

Joe Biden now says that back in the 1970s.....he went over as a US Senator to South Africa, and was arrested out on the streets of the country as he was traveling with the UN visit Nelson Mandela in a South African prison.

First, it would have happened after 3 January 1973.....when he became a Senator.

Second, no one else (even the UN ambassador) can remember Joe being arrested.

Third, if he had been arrested, it'd been a big event back with the Washington Post, and touted as a page-two type story. simply never got published.

What I think happened?  I think like most congressional boondoggles....he flew into South Africa, and went straight to a four-star hotel, where he laid out by the pool and consumed a vast amount of booze.  After five days of this, he came out of the booze period and asked his aide what happened, and the aide told him that he got detained at some point (failing to mention it was at the pool bar and mostly over some figure of speech used to insult the female bartender). 

The problem here.....Joe did a yearly boondoggle like this, and probably has thirty different stories to tell....mostly all aligned with heavy boozing at fancy hotels.  He probably also dined with Fidel Castro, played golf with Tony Noriega, and sipped whisky with the King of Spain. 

Saturday, 22 February 2020

The Sage Guy

Generations ago, when Greeks held 90-percent of the wisdom on the face of the Earth (so they'd often brag) had these guys walking around who were Sage thinkers.  They were different from philosophers. 

Plato tried to explain the difference the two guys (sagists and philosophers).  The sage people had what the philosophers were already seeking.....but then he kinda left this on the table.....never explaining what exactly the sage folks had in the first place.

In simple terms....sage folks weren't that interested or thrilled with knowledge, facts, or wisdom.  In some ways, they figured that this kinda cluttered up the details part of a mess. 

Plato went on to write up a piece on sages.....saying in Theaetetus, that sage folks were 'righteous, holy and wise'.  The suggestion was....they were set to make good and sensible decisions.  You were supposed to listen to them. 

In this time period (going back 2,000 years) sages were typically the folks that you turned to in the village or describe a serious problem going on, and then generally ask for advice.  It really didn't mean that they were book-smart, successful businessmen, clever at math or science, or extremely moralistic.  It's just that they could look at a problem.....ask a few questions, and then offer a middle-of-the road opinion about how to proceed. 

Yes, they were a bit stoic in nature, susceptible to intense reasoning 'pains', and prone to offer up a blunt opinion about folks with the problems. 

If you stand view things in modern society, we have an awful lot of fake sages.  They'd like for you to believe their wit, and problem-solving abilities.  Pretenders at all of the general sage abilities?  Probably so, and they don't mind a bit of gossip about themselves, or their future.

Virtually every single night on some network, some sage guy is appearing and offering up his advice on such-and-such problem. 

Your problem?  In all of Greece, a thousand years ago....there might have been forty-odd sage guys.  Today, just in the US?  There might be 40,000 sage guys, and 99-percent of them are fakers. 

So beware. 

Friday, 21 February 2020

The 'Summer Camp'?

At some point in the Vegas debate, Bernie's three houses come up, and then Bernie admits something that people didn't know.....he has a 'summer camp'. 

I sat and paused over that term, and how he said it.  It wasn't exactly clear what that means.

In Alabama, a 'summer camp' could mean a hut on the Cahaba River, with a tarp over the roof....a Wal-Mart purchased grill on the deck area....a refrigerator with PBR beer, and a rough situation for the toilet. 

In Idaho, a 'summer camp' would mean some cabin, with no electricity or running water.  It'd be visited by a minimum of two bears a day, and you'd have PBR beer mostly unchilled. 

In Detroit, a 'summer camp' would be an abandoned house on the east-side, with Marvin coming by every other day with some fresh weed to smoke.  You'd have access to Tiger's games, and some shady ladies would entice you with bawdy jokes during the evening hours.

So what is Bernie's 'summer camp'?

I imagine its a place where Bernie dresses down.....wearing mostly shorts and tank-top shirt, with flip-flops on.  I would imagine that he's got forty Dean Martin CDs collected and plays them throughout the day. 

For breakfast, he'll settle for coffee and a sausage biscuit.  For lunch, he chow down on a tuna sandwich and sip through three gin-sours.  And for dinner, it'll be some ribs on the bar-b-q, with a dozen Stroh's American Lager beers. 

In a enlightened mood, he'll talk about the 1960s, past fantasies of being President, and episodes of Bay Watch (particularly season 3, episode 8....where the European princess had arrived and is in serious danger until Mitch comes to rescue her).

So we are left to wonder about this 'summer camp' thing.  Maybe it's just a hut resting under some bridge in Meredith, NH....where Bernie converses with retired hobos. 

The Difference Between Trump and Bloomberg

There are five differences between the two:

1.  Trump bluffs....twenty-four hours a days a week.  With Bloomberg, it's a guarded and measured bluff (he's an electrical engineer by trade/university, and he has to sample the bluff, running various tests to ensure it works).

2.  Bloomberg is 'wooden' in front of a crowd.  Trump is animated, and acts more as a circus ringmaster.  Trump wants you to be thrilled and entertained.....thus leaving the 'tent' in a hyped-up state. 

3.  Bloomberg was originally a Democrat....converted to a Republican....converted to a Independent....converted to a Democrat, and generally acts his way through debates as some 75-percent Democrat/25-percent Republican.  Trump?  Basically a Republican since age 12.

4.  Bloomberg, oddly, believes that more regulation resolves problems.  Trump, oddly, believes that less regulation resolves problems. 

5.  Trump believes in fake news.  Bloomberg believes in controlled news (he's ordered various control applications on his owned publications in recent months). 

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Newsom's Threat

I sat and watched a clip this morning of the California 'State of the Union' speech by Governor Gavin Newsom.

His key idea from this?  He wants to fix homelessness in California by find some method (left blank for the most part) to ease the government into a bigger role of forcing (he actually used that word) people into psychiatric treatment.  If you had mental illness and living off the street....they'd mandate an exam for you and forced treatment. 

All of this....circling around the idea that those who are suggested to be unable to care for themselves....would be put into a permanent facility.

Odds of this happening?  I'll make three observations:

1.  The governor will likely only fund this agenda item with twenty-odd million, and stage some type of situation with only 200 folks getting mental facility assignments by some judge.  It'll prove it works but realistically requires over two-billion dollars a year to accomplish. 

2.  If you did make this a legit program?  I would suggest almost 25,000 people throughout the state would be deemed 'helpless' and forced into actual psychiatric treatment.

3.  If this did go to the realistic step of cops picking up people....within ten days....dozens of people per hour....would be leaving the state for other 'safe' locations (Portland, Vegas, Seattle, etc).

Nevada Debate

I would make five observations after watching the debate for the Democrats:

1.  With six 'players'.....this moderator team did a marginal job of keeping this on track and 'organized'. 

2.  'Mini-Mike' Bloomberg just never did take off.  Part of this blame, I'd assign to Senator Warren.  She did a five-star job on the guy.  On the positive side....he did introduce himself and state a few priorities....beyond that, this debate was a massive negative event for him.

3.  The non-disclosure chatter against Bloomberg?  It'll beg for more questions, and it's really too messy for some guy to enter the race and expect this to just disappear.

4.  Joe Biden?  Nothing much to say.  He's finished.

5.  Here at the critical time-point of the entire campaign....someone should have stood out.  No one accomplished that except in the marginal sense of Bernie Sanders pounding the podium. Bernie versus Trump?  Capitalism versus socialism?  You are giving Trump an unbelievable odds to win.

So my final thoughts....there is one single debate left at this point (15 March).  Let's be honest, they should have whittled this down to strictly two people.....Sanders and Bloomberg.  The drama factor at this point (on a scale of one to ten)....maybe a '5'.  If Bloomberg does win, you can discount any of these five folks on the stage from being his VP choice. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

The Mini-Mike Bloomberg School for Coding and Farming

To help out all of us lower intelligent folks who wish to be farmers, I believe Mini-Mike could accomplish the training situation in two weeks:

1-hour hay-hauling safety course
3-hour cattle info course
6-minute orientation on cattle-chute safety (including one practice run with the bull)
14-minute orientation on electrical knowledge for farming
2-hour orientation on fence maintenance
12-hour orientation on how to deal with stupid bankers and politicians
8-minute orientation on changing mower blades
2-hour weather basic knowledge course
2-minute course on identifying male and female cattle
8-minute course on vaccinating cattle
16-hour course on dealing with incompetent county agricultural agents.
30-minute course on barn repair and painting fence posts

The Mini-Mike school would make you an official farmer, with a certificate...with broad chances of operating your very own 2-acre farm on the outskirts of some suburban community. 

Monday, 17 February 2020

Bloomberg's Funny Way of Being Stupid

Back in 2016, Mini-Mike Bloomberg was at a forum and uttered the immortal lines:

“I could teach anybody in this room to be a farmer.  It’s a process.  You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on to, add water, up comes the corn.”

But he wasn't finished.....because then he added that information technology had arrived, and things were "fundamentally different, because it’s built around replacing people with technology and the skill sets you need to learn are how to think and analyze and that is a whole degree level different, you need to have different skill set, you have to have a lot more gray matter.”

I sat and watched the video of this event here in the AM.....maybe four times.  It kinda bothered me.

Back in the early 1970s, living on the farm as a kid, it was obvious to me that technology was creeping in, and in an average year.....there were probably 100 different technology items that were being funneled into the farm 'world' and the old guys who'd quit school in the ninth-grade in the 1940s.....were screwed.  They would be lucky to last out another twenty years, but the idea of low-knowledge idiots becoming farmers were rapidly disappearing.

By the 1990s, if you looked around a typical rural country....there were a thousand different technology items being introduced. 

Today?  I'd take a guess that it's near 10,000 technology items in a rural county, and farmers are sitting at the feed-store, or in some regional farming 'fair'....absorbing introduction material to things approaching in the next year or two.

I look at Bloomberg and kinda suspect that he hasn't hung out with regular people (carpenters, plumbers, farmers, bus drivers, or longshoremen) in the past fifty years. 

You know who he reminds me of though?  Hillary Clinton.  She was the same way....she hadn't hung out with regular people either....not since the 1980s.  She also talked about knowing things about technology.

So here's the whole angle to technology and farming.  Around 300 years ago, in a single might have had one single technology advancement introduced to you as a farmer. 

Somewhere around the 1880s...the technology advancement went up two or three notches, and you could show up at a state farm exposition (say in Iowa or Ohio), to find forty advancements. 

By the 1940s, between articles in farm magazines and farm were up to around 300 advancements. 

At the present rate?  Just within five years, I think a number of farmers will have drones which routinely check on cattle or fence conditions, allowing the farmer to sit at the barn 'office'.   Extended weather forecasts will allow farmers to plan out their work for the next ten days, and prevent wasteful periods. 

What bothers me here, is that it's actually the moron political figures with zero talent or capability....running for some office, who fake you out with a resume that seems mostly blank or bogus.  Maybe it's the farmer who could teach the politician a thing or two.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Ask Yourself: Why Would a Black Guy Vote for Bloomberg-Clinton

It's a stupid question but with 40-percent of black guys talking of voting for Trump....Bloomberg would need to pick up half of those guys and bring them back. 

Would having Hillary on the ticket work? 

This is why I don't think the Clinton for VP chatter is legit. 

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Avoid Talking Fake-Texan

"Now if I were from Texas, I might say Donald Trump is scared as a cat at the dog pound. But since I'm from New York, I put it this way. We're scaring the living hell out of him, and we're just starting right now."

-- Mike Bloomberg, at a Texas rally

I paused over the quote from yesterday.  The thing that bothers me about this, is that this is not how a typical Texan would talk or compare things.  It sounds like some Yankee-guy who has flown an hour of advice on how to compare things in Texas, and then goes out to chat with Texas folks.

Friday, 14 February 2020

2020 Election

At some point in 2019, the Democratic Party had 28 total folks.....up for the Presidency.

Today?  It's basically Mayor Pete, Bernie, and Bloomberg.  That's it. 

Yes, after two state primaries, it's been whittled down to three individuals.

Warren?  She probably never had a chance.

Biden?  The age factor should have been discussed in 2018.

The bulk of the rest?  Nobodies that people don't remember.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

What About the 40-Percent?

A poll was done and it came out that sixty-percent of Americans think they are better off now, than a year ago.  So, the question arises.....what about the other 40-percent.

I sat and pondered over this.  What about the other 40-percent or 120-million?

Well....first, if you live in L A, SF, Seattle, or'd naturally have conflicting issues with homeless folks, crime, and you would admit things were not better off now.

Second, if you live in NY City, and you were anticipating that Amazon would be advertising all those were screwed royally and things aren't better.

Third, if you work for CNN or's pretty good odds that you haven't seen a pay-raise, or a promotion, and probably won't see anything marvelous for the next five years.

Fourth, if you were Hillary still bare a grudge and certainly nothing has improved since 2016.

Fifth, if you were part of the insider crew who were supposed to take the President down by failed....miserably, and 2020 doesn't look that good for you.

Sixth, if you were some stupid teenage idiot back in 2002, and borrowed in the range of $80,000 for your stupid college degree, are probably still in debt, and still looking at another three years before it's all paid off.

Seventh, if you lowered yourself into a debt pit over five credit cards and achieved almost $60,000 in debt.....yeah, you are still in serious debt and nothing much has improved over the past decade, and probably won't improve much in the next decade.

Eighth, if you sunk $40,000 into a pontoon boat four years ago, and find it's not used more than four Saturdays per year, and the value has dropped to around $20,000....yep, your life hasn't improved much either.

Ninth, if your wife threw $7,000 in a boob-job last year, and ran off with the Maytag repair guy last week, the odds are that your life hasn't improved much.

Tenth and do roughly $10,000 worth of meth per year and have been doing that much for six years, it's a pretty sure bet that your life hasn't improved much, and it's a pretty sure bet you will be dead within the next decade.

Nancy's Chat

It's not front-page news and barely gets onto page four.....but on Tuesday of this week....House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a meeting with a top Obama economics adviser.

The topic of discussion?  Pelosi wants details on how to explain to Democrats (and likely Republicans as well)....on why the economy REALLY ISN'T as strong as Trump says, and then how to message or brand this to voters.

So you sit there and ponder upon this.

It would be like going up to some farmer who has personally counted 200 head of cattle on his farm yesterday, and then you trying convince him today that there are only 120 head of cattle.  Then the farmer might respond that the only way that he's lost 80 that someone cut a hole in the fence, and the cattle escaped off into the night.

I suspect that the economist will sit there and marvel Pelosi with various facts and numbers....that in various California regions....the economy has swiveled up and done poorly.  Then he'll mention NY City's loss of Amazon.  But none of this will really provoke a message that you'd want to give Democratic voters.

So my advice to Nancy:  Go forth and suggest the economy is marginal, and then offer up tax breaks for the regular-working-class people.  Offer tax breaks to companies who hire new positioned people.  Bring in deregulation.  Stomp down on foreign countries that 'dump' products on US markets. 

Yes, out-Trump Trump.  That's the ticket.

The odds of this reality occurring?  Zero.  But it'd interesting to hear the guy explain to Nancy that there's stuff going on that hasn't been seen since the 1950s. 

Nancy could do advertisements.....some loser kid sitting in a basement....a 4-year degree in his pocket in French literature, and nowhere to market the degree.  Some loser on a San Francisco in a tent....talking about his paranoid schizophrenia and inability to work  Some loser in a Detroit suburb talking over his customer base dissolving, and business in serious trouble....but avoiding the discussion that he mostly sells crack or marijuana. 

No one says much what occurred after the meeting, but I would guess that Nancy opened up a bottle of gin, and had several cocktails by 2 PM.  It's going to be a long, long campaign for 2020. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Mayor Pete's Statement

About two days ago.....Mayor Pete (Pete Buttigieg) made a statement that parents can’t explain Trump to their kids.  He meant this in a way that suggested nine-year-old kids were curious over the election, Trump, and that there just wasn't a way to explain Trump.

I sat and pondered upon this.

Most nine-year-old kids that I've known.....would have come up with significant questions...but having next to nothing to do with politics:

1.  Did Iron-Man really die at the end of Endgame?

2.  Why is cousin Wanda such a slut?

3.  Why can't you make a zero-calorie hamburger?

4.  Why don't the kids on SouthPark ever age?

I just don't see kids coming up to Dad or Uncle Barney....asking about Trump.  They might ask why Mom is so torn-up or frustrated with President Trump, and Dad accidentally says that she's a socialist, and then the kid asks Dad to explain socialism.  That would be a serious mistake.

But what would happen if 'Johnny Junior' suddenly got peppy and pro-Trump....around Mom who was anti-Trump?  Would Mom be able to handle this or would she got nuts with Johnny Junior?  Would Johnny Junior have to move out or resettle with other relatives?

I'm just shaking my head because this is some type of alien landscape that makes no sense....that you'd be so fired up over politics, and unable to handle any other scenario.  You have to wonder.....come 2024, what happens if another Trump-like character appears?  Could these people handle another eight more years of this business?

It all used to be simple, with nine-year-old kids asking if Higgins was really Robin Masters, on Magnum P I or if the Power Rangers really did all die in a plane crash over Arkansas like their cousin Marvin suggested. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Impeachment 2.0?

I read in the last hour that President Trump said that the Coronavirus will go away as spring arrives, because it can't multiply in warm weather.  Apparently folks are very peeved about the comment.

Can we fix up another fake impeachment charge on this...Coronavirus chatter?

Although I'm we bring in witnesses for the House folks.....they might infect everyone, and trigger an outbreak among House members. 

Discussion Over Views

“These people are so driven mad, they actually think they are morally superior to those that have a different point of view."

- Nigel Farage

Farage came over the US and was at George Mason University to give a talk to a group of students.  At some point, a hyped-up college kid went into heckling-mood, and was eventually shown the door out.  Farage actually tried to calm the fellow down, and asked him to let him continue his discussion, and ask pointed questions at the end.  The kid couldn't handle that, and left.

In some ways, I think a whole segment of society has paid some kind of money down on a college education, and believe that they are morally superior at the conclusion of one single semester. 

They isolate themselves, and fear indoctrination from other students or outside influences will ruin the fine moral beliefs that they have.  One can look at this and summarize that their positions must be awful weak....if they can't sit still for sixty minutes and hear an opposing viewpoint.

I've made up a phrase to cover this thought process.....the 'Teletubbie' effect.  Basically, as long as your little sphere is enlightened by Tinky, Dipsy, Po and Laa-Laa....things are fine.  Once you bring a fifth character into the room....your sphere is cracked or challenged. 

In some ways, you even know that the four characters are marginal, and without strong bonds or marginally intellectually sustainable.  Then you go and do something real attend such a meeting where the 5th character is there and chatting....without any reference to your typical bedrock (Tinky, Dipsy, Po and Laa-Laa). 

Your heart will be racing, and your mind feels like it's on fire....your inner strength is being harmed, and you lash out at the 5th character.  It's their fault.....they should have stayed within the lines of 'Teletubbie' crew. 

This all presents a challenge because so many people have lost sight of reality and are living in this 'bubble'. 

Monday, 10 February 2020

Four Things About the Campaign at This Point

1.  Maybe it's just me, but I got this feeling that almost all of the inner circle of Joe 70-plus years old, drink Dr. Pepper, and watch Gunsmoke.

2.  This 'Pete-kid' doesn't seem to have done much in life.  So it makes me wonder....if he wins, and does eight years....he'll be 48 years old at the conclusion.  What exactly do you do for the remainder of your life?

3.  I heard the Pope say that the 'rich' must end world poverty.  So once you soaked all of them, and took 90-percent of their wealth.....then flipped it to dirt-poor people, and five years later....admit that the rate is poverty is still pretty much the same....what 'magic' do you do then?  Try to exorcise the poverty demons with some chant?

4.  Could the ultimate Russian 'game' be to reach the convention, have no clear winner, and then convince them to hire up Hillary once again? 

Friday, 7 February 2020


This afternoon, I sat and watched some 30 second Bloomberg for President ad....which had Trump up for the SoTU speech, and some Gingerbread man on his shoulder.

I ran this 'cartoon' four times......then frankly sat there.

I did feel kinda I'd like to have a Gingerbread man to eat, but I didn't get the jest of this.

Was this to convince me to be hungry or be anti-Trump?

Really?  A gingerbread man?

If this idiot paid $250,000 for some graphic design team to make up this Gingerbread man cartoon.....there's some problem with adult leadership on the Bloomberg team, and for 'Ginger'-berg himself. 

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Writing Mayor Pete Buttigieg's Resume

It's basically a nine-line resume:

- Graduate from Harvard College and Oxford University. 

- Three years as a management consultant for McKinsey and Company.

- Eight years as a Reserve Naval Intelligence Officer.

- Campaign 'help' for three democratic campaigns (John Kerry is one of them).

- Ran for Mayor of South Bend (population 102,000) in 2011, winning, and installed in January of 2012 as mayor.

- Requested lay-off of South Bends black police chief, which was fought.  This matter has aggravated the black population in town a good bit. 

- Stressed public art during his eight years as mayor.

- Pushed for improvements in downtown projects, to attract people and business to a declining area of town.

- Promoted idea of new bus station in town.

Frankly's not the resume that you'd look for executive experience for the job of President.  It's the type of resume that you'd use to run as District House member, or Governor. 

That's the chief problem with Mayor Pete.  Maybe if you'd given him ten more years.....time to work as a Governor or as a Senator.....he'd have the thirty-line resume for the job.  In this case, if he does out-pace Bernie and win the nomination....I see a quarter of all Democrats shaking their head because he's just qualified for the job.  Let's admit it....proposing and pushing for a bus station....doesn't amount to much. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

The Russians and Iowa

Based on reports this morning, I would strongly suggest (if I were a hyped-up Democrat)....that the Russians have staged a surprise collusion situation in Iowa.  This probably involved alcohol, drugs, hot Russian women, and sneaky tactics that typically only occur in the Ukraine.

Who won?  It's a basic unknown.  Why? one can really explain it has to be Russians.

As for what happens?  I think that the Iowa delegates will get their bus ticket to the Convention....with none of them pledged to anyone. 

I'll go ahead and predict that the Caucus is finished, and will never be done again in Iowa, with a major revision coming.....maybe Iowa put into Super-Tuesday, and some state like Ohio moved up to first day status. 

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Mass Media, Mass Stupidity

Malaysia has had to sent out the police to a couple of social media users.....for hyping up the possibility that the Coronavirus turns you into a 'Zombie'.  Yes, roughly ten people so far.....passed along the rumor, and folks took this serious.

I could see 10-year old kids hearing this and passing it along, but not adults. 

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Punk Idiots

In the past week, at St John's College....a couple of students wrote to ask for a meeting with the leadership of the college.

Their aim?  There's a protest going on within the campus....about fossil fuels. The group pushing the agenda....wants the college to dump all of its investment money (figure in the range of $10-million) that is endowment funds.

The professor who was saddled up with this meeting....sat and paused over the request.

Then he kinda responded that doing something like this on a quick notice....wasn't that smart.  But he was willing to help the students out. 

He offered to cut all gas heating in the university....immediately.  He asked the two college kids heading this meeting if this would help.

The kids responded that they didn't think he was taking them serious. 

I kinda think that he was serious. 

This bizarre attitude of university student over the past decade has amazed me.  It's like they live in some hidden valley, without a view of the world itself. 

If I were the college Chancellor....I'd go ahead and shift the thermostat for each building down to 60 degrees (including the dorms), and ask if there's anything else that the kids need done. 

Friday, 31 January 2020

The Ten Failings of This Impeachment

1.  While on this hunt in most of 2018.....gazing in corners, and looking for the perfect event to impeach the summer of 2019, the phone call to the Ukraine occurred, and the insider (maybe two to three of them) went to report the terrible thing that Trump did.  This became a four-piece puzzle (if there ever was a 3-year old kid puzzle....four pieces are enough to figure out and piece together). 

Sadly, they selected an event that really didn't have much 'meat on the bone', and for regular was pretty sparse piece to 'chew upon'.

2.  Getting the TV audience interested.  Throughout the House 'event' and this Senate Impeachment hearing....the TV audience just never came through. 

For me....all total between the two hearings....I probably viewed around 80 man-hours, and will admit that bulk of that was wasted time, without much really learned.  I think most Americans felt that way, and just watched evening updates.

3.  Nadler and Schiff.  Nadler at age 72, is past prime age for lawyer-type work.  Schiff?  He demonstrated himself as a marginal lawyer (I know he came out of Harvard, but that doesn't mean that much).  Their skills in the House episode didn't impress me that much, and for the Senate part....they weren't the type that would have benefited the mission.

4.  The Mueller Expedition.  I think they were expecting some specially wrapped charge to come out of that, and Mueller failed to deliver.  All the insiders to Trump, who were supposed to bend over and cooperate in some way for Trump charges?  Either they didn't have much of anything, or they weren't going to cooperate.

5.  Pelosi.  At any point in the spring and summer of 2019.....she could have led the party onto more constructive accomplishments.  Nothing happened.  The Democratic Party chaotically waltzed around, and did most of nothing for all of 2019.  The public noticed this lack of accomplishment.

6.  Hunter Biden.  Who in the business world would go and put some idiot on a board, who knows literally nothing about the product or business?  Then you have this Ukraine investigation that falters, and Trump tries to revive it.....with no one from the House seeming to care about the chief star witness of the whole accusation against Trump.

7.  The lack of the 66 Senate votes.  There was never going to be 66, period.  Once you understood that, you knew this was not going to end well for the House members.

8.  The Sense of Timing.  Maybe there was no urgent need for timing, but you just continue to wonder about why now.

9.  All this Impeachment 'chatter' equaling more campaign donations to Trump?  Well....YEAH.  There's no doubt that he'll hit one-billion dollars shortly, and move on up to 1.5 billion by October.  Being helped by the Impeachment?  I hate to say it but yeah. 

10.  Finally, whether they like this or not.....the Democrats haven given well over 300 'clips' for campaign messages for this fall.  They've helped in ways that you cannot imagine. 

If I Ran the US Election Business

My ten suggestions:

1.  I'd eliminate all debates until February of the election year, and only allow each party a max of two debates.

2.  I'd start the primary season in April and limit the entire primary across the US to four weeks....ending by mid-May.

3.  The convention business would start in mid-June....with both political parties conducted during the same week. 

4.  The full-up election period would be 1 July to election day (early November).

5.  I'm eliminate national debates as they exist today, and simply pass ten questions to the two key candidates, allowing them to comment for five minutes to each.  They'd have the questions five days prior.

6.  I'd dismiss Congress from work as of the final six weeks of the campaign, and order all of them to return to their states.  Failure to comply....dock their pay. 

7.  I'd cut all TV political chatter for 24 hours prior to the election day.

8.  If I found anyone who'd voted twice or more in a single election....they'd lose their election capability for the remainder of their life, and I'd send them onto a state prison for a minimum of twelve months.

9.  I'd move election day to a Sunday.

10.  Finally, I'd mandate that no national TV coverage on election evening start until 10 PM (Eastern Standard Time). 

Is the Doomsday Clock 'Fake'?


I had a college professor years ago spend twenty minutes explaining the clock and the general hype behind it.  Some military guy in the class asked how you can whomp the clock to advance 10 seconds, or fall back 60 seconds.  The professor simply said that it wasn't a real clock, and was supposed to be some 'message'.  Then the student commented....what if people didn't get the message or didn't care to hear the message.  That was the general end of that discussion topic.

The problem here, in modern that mullah from Iran, or nutcase from Pakistan....could interrupt the whole doomsday discussion, and announce that they had a message from God to move with a nuke bomb event. 

It's a total waste of time to pretend the clock has significance....if wild unplanned events are now possible. 

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Bernie and 2,268

For Bernie Sanders to walk into the Democratic convention, and win on the first round....avoiding the brokered convention deal and 'special delegates?  He needs 2,268 votes from the primary system. 

He would need roughly 30 states (Hillary won 34 states and had 2,842 delegate votes). 

The odds here?  Out of the first four states currently....Iowa and New Hampshire are figured to Bernie-win situations.  From Super-Tuesday, I can count around seven states that Bernie ought to win.  I won't say this is guaranteed....but if he could pull out an Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri win....his odds start improving in a big way.

What hurts in this 2020 Democratic Primary period is the apparent lack of enthusiasm.  Maybe you can blame this on the debates, or just poor candidates. 

So what happens if Bernie is the first round winner?  I think a lot of normal Democratic voters are going to pause and open up a bottle of Jack Daniels......trying to see how they could agree with Bernie and his agenda.

The debates with Trump?  I think Trump would beg for debates like discuss capitalism and socialism. 

So settle back and watch for 2,268 delegates. 

Saturday, 25 January 2020

The 38-Percent Crowd

I saw this mentioned this morning.....38-percent of Americans are unhappy with the way that the President (Trump) is handling the economy. 

So you sit there and think about this.

My brother would be consumed with economic news and almost teary-eyed with the current results of the economy.  And by'd require him to say that things just haven't been this good since the 1950s.

I sat and pondered over the 38-percent thing, and then came to realize......some folks are thinking that that even this era.....just isn't good enough.  These are the folks who think we can achieve one-percent unemployment, get CD-levels back up to 7-percent, and find some way to afford $8,000 vacations to Aruba every year. 

Here's the thing....we've only scratched the surface of the Trump economy for 3 years.  To be honest, we need year four to year reach the level where the 38-percent folks would finally get weepy-eyed and actually drinking cocktails nightly like the 1920s era. 

The Bernie Crowd

Someone did a survey and found that around 53-percent of folks who say they are for Bernie.....will not be agreeable with anyone from the Democratic Party in November, if Bernie is not the chosen 'one'.

A mess?

Well....if you sit and think about it.....the type of characters from the past thirty years of politics....were anything but similar to Bernie. 

Mostly from the northeast and northwest of the US.....Bernie took around 13-million votes in the primary.  I won't suggest similar numbers like this in 2020, but he's likely to take a minimum of seven million votes. 

If 3.5 million of those walked away from the Democrats in 2020?  It's a problem, and really forces up the scenario where Trump could win all fifty states. 

Friday, 24 January 2020

Script Idea

I'm thinking of writing this script for a TV movie.  So this is the idea.

You have some country that got into a fairly bogus civil war and ended up breaking up. 

The country surviving is so bad off, that they've got natural gas issues, and this other 'rich' nation decides to fund them for a billion dollars....but they can't give the money to the country.....they have to give it to some company which has a history of corruption.

As this discussion comes up about the billion....out of nowhere will come this guy with no real knowledge of natural gas, but the host company decides to hire him as a board member (80,000 dollars a month). 

Things proceed, except some idiot prosecutor gets into the middle of this, and threatens to ask questions.....but he gets fired.  Mostly because the new board member guy's father is a high-up guy in the rich country's government.

Months pass, and a new government arrives. 

This new President calls up the President of this other poor-off country and things start to fall apart.

Then some legal stuff starts. 

I haven't decided on the ending yet, but I'm thinking this is a pretty good Jerry Lewis-type movie script. 

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Impeachment: Day Two

This AM, I got up and watched around 60 minutes of highlights from day two of the Impeachment 'series' (I'd almost refer to it as a TV series).

Day two was softer for some older folks in the Senate.....with it ending around 10 PM locally (taking roughly 8 hours).  So you add it up.....the old Senators have to walk back to their office, and get their jackets.  Along the way....their staff folks will chat, and they won't officially leave the building until 11:30.  You can figure 30 to 45 minutes (no traffic) to get home, and then make a sandwich (it's awful late to eat a real dinner).  Toss back three shots of something, and finally be asleep around 1:50 AM.  By 7:00 AM, they will have to be up, sipping coffee, and getting into some frame of mind.  Yep, marginally five hours of sleep.

The two things that I took out of this?

1.  A bit of chatter from Schiff about the Russian threat.  It wasn't clear about how this threat would work, or which Russians (the KGB, the Oligarchs, or just pain-in-the-ass hacker-kids) were responsible. 

This chat has often been used over the past three years, but what always bothers me about this suggestion.....if you take it real....could it be that Bill Clinton, Bush II, and Barak Obama....were all brought to power by the Kremlin or Putin?  Yes, were we already duped by Russia into accepting marginal performers? 

I know....Democrats hate that scenario because it opens up a vast discussion, but where exactly this threat started is a problem, if you accept Schiff's idea.

2.  The integrity of the 2020 election and trustworthiness is says Schiff. 

How would you relieve the public's questions?'d go and shutdown all political chatter on social media for three months prior to the election.  You'd carve the length of the 18 months spent on election games down to three total months.  That would mean that the primary, convention and national campaign would start around the end of July, and conclude by early November.  Finally, you'd mandate a national ID for everyone, and mandate it's use for voting. 

Instead, Schiff just wants the President to be moved out, and then integrity will just happen overnight. 

So I come to this final basically took 24 hours to bring the marginal two-star show to a one-star level, and make an episode of Honey-Boo-Boo seem appealing.

Luckily, because of McConnell's rules....the cameras can't focus on Senators bored out of their mind, and sitting there at their table....drawing images of monkeys, naked women, and race cars. 

The idea of six weeks of this? can now forget about that, and I would start to suggest that TV audiences will lessen by the middle of next half the number of day one.  This might be over in the third week, as journalists realize there is no great public interest. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Commune Living?

So I noticed this page four type story...over this commercial company....out of southern California, wanting to deliver a brand new idea.

The concept here is that you'd build this big 'dorm' facility for adults, which would be charging rent of a much lesser scale. 

How big of a dorm?  Well....they are suggesting a hundred people could be housed in this dorm of building, but then they kinda suggest that they all need a particular view of such living (a 'mindset').

The lack of privacy?  In most of the scenarios that I've seen over the past year, with various groups trying this concept....there are 'pods' in each warehouse type situation where your bed resides, and the rest of the area is simply open space with couches, chairs, and dining tables.

I have this opinion over 'group-live' (similar to 'group-think), in that you could make this work as long as all members were marginal drinkers (never getting drunk), non-druggies, and without any paranoid schizophrenic behavior.  They'd also have to be like-minded on politics, sports, agenda items, and desire to be around groups of people for the majority of their 'life-plan'.

Trying to make this work in the military, with barracks?  I always noted continual disagreements and personality conflicts, and the Air Force eventually went to the simple plan of one-guy per avoid dealing with this constant bickering. 

Long-term success with this idea?  Maybe in the area of San Francisco and might be able to put up five to ten of these structures in each city, and find people who are desperate to live in a $300 a month group situation for a year or get around the high cost of living in urbanized California.  Guys and gals will do 'stupid' things....when faced with unbearable costs. 

The odds that you could run such an operation with 40 anti-Trump folks and 20-pro-Trump folks in the warehouse?  Virtually zero. 

Workable in other states?  I have my doubts.  If you arrived in Huntsville, Alabama and tried to interest folks in this....the response would almost laughed upon.  For what you'd charge for a 'spot'.....the guy would respond that acquiring an RV and parking it in a trailer park.....would offer more privacy and be almost the same cost factor.

So I'll predict this comes around and survives for a couple of years, until some episode occurs with a major brawl, and some idiot suing his fellow occupants for insults or assault-action. 

Five Take-Aways From Day One of the Impeachment

I've watched around 75 minutes of clips from yesterday....early here in the AM.  So five things that I kinda noted:

1.  All this effort by Senator Schumer....trying to add 'rules' with the amendment process?  He's bluffing his way with a lousy 'hand of cards' and doesn't seem to have great luck with the extra rule business.

2.  The suggestion of giving the Senators more subpoena power (another Schumer idea) on White House documents?  It's going nowhere, and some folks point out that it's a strong indicator of the House sending over an incomplete package, which simply wasn't ready for action.  There was homework required, and the House screwed up.

3.  The suggestion of hoax material in the House package?  Well, it's going to be a problem if this is proven.  It'll just be another reason to end the whole thing in two weeks.

4.  The fact that the first day session at midnight is still going on?  I would imagine that more than forty of the Senators are tired, and they've not going to be capable of handling this type of environment for more than two weeks, before their wit and sharpness disappears.  The fact that most of these Senators are over the age of 60?  It just adds problems.

5.  Bringing Bolten into the mess?  Maybe they think they have some 'power'....but the President still maintains executive power and will 'trump' them on the passage of this idea.  I have my doubts that Bolten will be appearing.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Explaining the Movie 'Parasite'

First, it's a South Korean production, and it's not likely to be shown much in most theaters around the country.....however, it's now in the hyped-up group for best movie of the year for the Oscars.

The basic script?

There's this South Korean family (father, mother, son and daughter) who are on the bottom level of society in South Korea.  They live in a basement of a highly urbanized neighborhood, and are marginally 'making it'.

One day, junior gets this tip on a job....a tutor job.  It's for a rich and affluent family.   Junior has to go and pretend a lot of things, but it's part of the family tradition of surviving.

The storytelling art is stretched a good bit because they introduce you to this somewhat dysfunctional rich family, and their housekeeper. 

As time goes by, Junior sees a chance to bring his sister into the game....also pretending that she has expertise to fit some role in the rich affluent family. 

Along the way, they see a chance to edge the housekeeper out (getting her fired), and then the mother of the marginalized family enters the scene as the new housekeeper. 

The father? Well, the son figures a way to get the rich family's chauffeur driver fired, and so dad shows up and becomes the new chauffeur. 

So, they are all doing well, and fitting into this scheme.  Then, the curve occurs.  The rich family goes off for a weekend, and the marginalized family decides to party it up at the 'mansion'.

The party goes well, until the old fired housekeeper arrives.  In a matter of ten minutes....this movie changes gears and goes to the weirdest unexpected thing....the modern house has a bomb-shelter in the basement, which the rich affluent family is totally unaware of.  The housekeeper is aware of it.....and there sits the 'secret' to the whole story....the house-keeper's husband. 

This guy has gotten himself into trouble and has had to disappear, and the old housekeeper has kept him there, in a secluded room.....feeding him.  There is no exit out of the room.....unless the outside person moves a cabinet. 

Things go downhill at this point, with a fight between the housekeeper and husband....versus the marginalized family.

I won't go into great detail about the ending, but it's a pretty dramatic ending....with more than a couple of folks dead. 

With twists and turns....I regard Parasite as one of the best stories of the past twenty years. 

The 70-Billion Promise?

What is Bloomberg's announced campaign 'promise'?  As president, he would funnel 70-billion dollars to a blacks-only economic program.  There are some twists to it....the money ONLY goes to the top 100 black neighborhoods of America, and there would have to be a black-run neighborhood 'equality' office in his section help provide information to a White House manager who would be the actual person with the bundle of money to spend.

If you were in the 101st or 129nd black neighborhood?  You would be screwed.

Who would form up the black-run neighborhood 'equality' office?  That's a mystery item in this and you can figure that various people will claim the title, and infighting will occur with one group fighting the other to be the 'equality' manager. 

Frequent trips to DC?  I would take a guess that each top 'equality' manager will get a free trip to DC for five days....each quarter, and mostly sit around in some conference room to gab with other equality managers.  A 'friend' authorized to accompany the equality manager?  More than likely.

The odds that 25 billion of this money is totally wasted?  It's a fairly high chance.

Me running this?  I would just cut a check for each black adult (over 18) for $500 a year for four years.  Just hand them the money.....rather than bringing this stupid equality manager corruption scheme into being. 

Added to this promise by Bloomberg......there would be an additional one-million black homeowners.  There weren't a lot of details over how they'd make this work.  One might assume that HUD would be given more cash, and told to go out and find blacks....lower the down-payment structure and ease those blacks easily into the heavily financed home. 

The odds of a 2008 'meltdown' occurring again, and throwing these blacks out of their newly acquired homes?  I'd say there's a fair chance of this happening.  The potential for the home-gimmick to also be tied to equality managers?  It's best not to bring up this possibility. 

Then he said this.....somehow....someway....there would be 100,000 new black-owned small business operations.  How?  That was left entirely blank.  My humble guess is that for government services and procurement....there would be some forcing nature put upon government operations to buy on x-amount of services from black-owned businesses, period.  The fact that you might have a company rigged up to appear black, with a black 'CEO' but be entirely owned by some Latino or white guy?  Don't bring that up.

Some blacks will latch onto this.....hyping the just-nature of this deal.  The problem is....for decades, in highly urbanized areas (Baltimore is a good example)....literally billions have been delivered in each decade, and it's basically failed to make any difference or change.  This seventy-billion?  It'd quietly disappear, if Bloomberg is the President, and show no real change in the end, if you regard past history as being reliable. 

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Was Clinton's Impeachment Historic?

In simple terms.....NO.

It was basically a case where he got stupid.....getting oral sex from some intern, and some people figured you could build some case up which depended upon a Q and A session where you were under oath.  If he had any 'wit' or legal knowledge....he would have said that he had no requirement to make a statement under oath.....about sex. 

While all of this was going on....then it kinda fell into the news business that Bill had sexed up with more than eight different women.  Did it really matter?  No.  Had Hillary Clinton been a normal wife (like VP Gore's wife).....then things would have been different, and Hillary would have walked out (like Gore's wife).

The Republicans in this case?  They never really expected a conviction, and this was more about weakening Bill Clinton for historical reasons. 

The comical side of this....which people seem to forget?  This started on the 19th of December, and virtually the entire Senate was forced to skip Christmas holidays for that year (it didn't officially end until 12 Feb the next year. 

Why Hillary didn't leave?  I think she considered Bill as the golden-ticket for her arriving in 2008, and gaining the Presidency.  If you felt Bill was'd be all thrilled for Hillary.  I's silly but this was logical in the 1990s.

Here we are, twenty years, and it's payback time.  And the odds that some Democrat will face impeachment around 2035 to 2040?  I'd give it a 99-percent chance. 

All of this should bring you back and wondering about JFK, Roosevelt, Hoover, and a dozen-odd Presidents from the past, and if they could survive a impeachment like this? 

Trailer Story

This week, California's governor (Newsom) went out and did a public event to talk over his acquisition of 100 FEMA trailers which are being brought into the Oakland area, for the homeless crowd.  Cost to  the state?  It appears the acquisition is near zero, but whatever installation or placement charges come's on California's tab (figure $150,000 to $200,000).

I sat and pondered over this.

For those old enough to remember Hurricane Katrina.....FEMA trailers were the original solution there, with thousands bought.  Then, came this issue of mold and funny plastic scent. 

These FEMA trailers are typically a cheaper RV trailer 'pick', costing around $12,000 to $15,000 and big enough for a max of four people (really, to be honest, two is the max you ought to force into the trailer).

Living in one full-time?  They might last four to six years, before you start to complain about leaks, structural issues, etc.  But throw the idea of giving it to a doper, or some paranoid schizophrenic guy?  It'll either be destroyed in three years, or turn into some kind of hazardous waste 'zone' (requiring $10k of state money to dispose of it in some massive way). 

Looking over this, I just have this idea that it's going to be an interesting 'reality-type' show.  Oakland is stuck....they have to find some vacant lot, and run power and water to thirty-odd RV trailer, parked on some rough gravel.  A couple of benches will be put up, with a cheapo water fountain, and a dumpster for hypodermic needles.  Once a week, an ambulance will pull up and pick some dead overdosed guy.....with the city bringing a new resident to the empty trailer. 

It's just a solution that will beg for new and fresher problems. 

The 'Losers' From this Impeachment?

About a month from and I could sit down in a pub, and put a pitcher of beer on the discuss the aftermath of the impeachment.  The losers?

1.  Hunter Biden.  The guy was never qualified to be on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company. 

2.  Whichever idiot dreamed up the Ukrainian 'gift-money' for natural gas development.  We may never know which idiot it was, but it'll be readily apparent that the money just went into a dark pit, and disappeared. 

3.  Joe Biden.  All they have to do is run the video that Joe says he screwed the Ukrainian prosecutor, and then leave the 'message' at that.  Joe does his own damage, and can't really go and explain the situation....if he's not invited.

4.  Nancy Pelosi.  For all the talk and chatter....what she delivered was a marginalized impeachment package, and utterly dependent upon the Ukrainian threat by President Trump.

5.  Shifty and his team.  After they've been 'corrected' around the 40th time by either McConnell or Justice Roberts....their enthusiasm will start to dry up. 

6.  The news media.  Maybe they can keep people pumped-up for the first week....but I suspect at the conclusion of the second week....around one-third of viewers will have turned off the TV, and simply limited themselves to a nightly 8-minute update.  Changing opinions for voters?  No....basically nothing will have changed, and that will be the shocker at the conclusion.

7.  Warren and Sanders.  Basically, in the heat of the build-up for the Iowa Caucus....both are going to sit in DC, and waste three weeks of time there.  Their campaign is finished. 

So the only gainers?  Bloomberg and Mayor Pete.  That's it. 

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Odds On Favorite? Joe?

If you go around the Vegas betting crowd, the current betting scene is that Joe Biden will be the nominee from the convention and primary period.

I was kinda shocked reading over the whole story.  Conventional wisdom says that Joe Biden might be significantly 'hurt' if the impeachment occurs and he gets a call to be a witness.  But maybe they can avoid that....end the impeachment, and life goes on.

A thrilling last hundred days before the election?  No.  I would review the scene, and that final campaign period....suggesting that it'll be 75-percent of the thrill factor from the 2016 election....which was bad enough already for Hillary Clinton to lose. 

Who would be Joe's VP?  I'm predicting Stacey Abrams (of Georgia fame). 

Improving over the Hillary action of 2016?  No.  I'd give a minimum of thirty states over to Trump....maybe even taking two of the Hillary-win states over as well (New Hampshire and Nevada). 

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

After Watching Last Night's Democratic Debate

Altogether, I probably viewed around 35 to 40 minutes of it.  I'll make three observations:

1.  Moderator-wise, it was probably the worst 'team' that I've seen yet in the past twelve months.  It simply convinces me of dumping moderators entirely.

2.  I thought at some point, Bernie Sanders really took some heavy hits, and might be fairly damaged at this point.  The idea of Bernie taking at least eight win-states in the primary season?  I suspect that idea is gone. 

3.  Boredom.  Maybe it's the number of these debates performed so far, but on the boredom scale.....this was a perfect '10'. 

Sunday, 12 January 2020

The Better and Worse of Candidates For Trump

If you added up the five key political figures at this point (Mayor Pete, Joe Biden, Bloomberg, Senator Warren, and Bernie Sanders), I would rate them in this fashion against Trump.

1.  Bernie Sanders.  By far, the one that would be purely capitalism versus socialism, and I would suggest that Trump might be able to hustle up forty-five states on the 'win' side.

2.  Senator Warren.  Virtually everything she wants to talk about....has a price-tag attached.  So taxes would have to rise.  On the advertising front for October, she'd make it pretty easy for Trump to get 30 to 35 states.

3.  Mayor Pete.  Trump would basically talk non-stop over Mayor Pete's resume.  Again, I'd give Trump the call for 30 to 35 states.

4.  Joe Biden.  Joe has the resume, and can appeal to working-class voters.  Joe's problem is age, and sometimes suggesting things that are a bit crazy.  In a debate, Joe is Joe's worst nightmare.  Trump would face a Hillary-like force and probably only win 30 to 32 states.

5.  Finally, Bloomberg.  Bloomberg would not appeal to the Bernie-socialism voters, or the Senator Warren crowd.  Bloomberg's past behavior with women, and paying them off...would be dragged out.  All things considered....I think Bloomberg could take Florida, and make this a 29-state win for Trump....meaning it'd be a lot closer but Trump would likely still win.

Saturday, 11 January 2020


"People experiencing mental health problems are more likely to be delusional. 
People who are delusional are more likely to be experiencing mental health problems."

I saw this quote today, and it's stuck in my mind for the past couple of hours.

Around the mid-70s to mid-90, I could probably walk around for an entire day, and run into one single person who had some type of behavioral problems.  Today?  I'd take a guess that in an average week....I'll bump into twenty-odd people with either stress-related issues, delusional problems, or just drugged-up situations.

You see it in airports, grocery stores, and subway stations.  You see it with young people and old folks.  You see it while waiting in line at McDonalds. 

It kinda makes me wonder.....what transpired after the  trigger this level of crazy behavior?

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Time Magazine Story

Time magazine, which I really haven't purchased or read through much over the past twenty years (probably fewer than three times....mostly via airline flights where it was reading material)....has gotten itself into a bit of amusement today.

Somehow, the magazine decided that they really needed to go and explain significance of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani's kid-talk. 

Yes, it was an entire article designed for sit down and talk over the incident with their 8-year old to 12-year old kid.

Yes, it was designed in some way to be a guide.

The first problem to this is that they (the Time staff) assume that young kids watch the news.  Out of a hundred 10-year old kids....I might go and suggest that twenty percent might watch some news (more so for local news than national news), and the rest might catch their news via social media, or concentrate more on Hollywood or Kanye West-type news.

Then you assume that the kid asks dad right away....where is Iran, and dad is at a loss to find it on a map. 

Then you come to the issue of good guy versus bad guy.  Dad will sit there for a minute, then explain it's like Breaking Bad....where Walter White was really both a good guy and bad guy.  The kid will ask....isn't this like wrestling....where a bad guy turns good guy, and eventually reverts back to bad guy status?  Dad will suggest it's more like the Iron Sheik of the 1980s/1990s.  Junior will come back and ask if the 'Foreign Legion' (Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff) were mostly bad guys, and dad will study that for a respond 'yes'.   But he'll add....they were such good bad-guys. 

Finally, you come to the question...will the kid take the position of President Trump?  That's probably what worries these Time magazine journalists the most. 

This brings me to the final bit of it possible that virtually all news is designed for 10-year old kids, and we adults are treated in the same way? 

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Cultural Sites Discussion

The topic has come up in the past few days....since Trump mentioned 'cultural sites' are on some target list, for Iran.  So what are cultural sites?

Well, it's a loosely defined term.  For a target break things down into a couple of categories, and cultural sites are usually (99.99-percent of the time) on a forbidden list. 

Examples?  Religious, historical (castles, and famous landmarks for examples), and educational sites (university campus areas). 

Do you really need to even consider cultural sites?  In terms of value?  There usually rate as a very low priority with nothing to be gained....even if they were a target.  It'd be like aiming at the Chancellor building on some US campus, or some statue item (like the Jefferson Memorial). 

Normally, you'd look for petroleum sites, bridges, military installations, TV/Radio stations, airport runways, port facilities, and radar sites. 

So all of this Trump-chatter is mostly BS?  Yep. 

Lets be honest as the whole of Iran, there's probably over 500 target-rich points that you could be on some list and make life pretty miserable for folks (like targeting an electrical generator site, or some railway depot, or some airport runway). 

Iran and Funerals

From what the news folks say....there's a minimum of 32 Iranians dead, and wounded folks going up to around 200.  Whether you can regard the information as correct or another story.  Maybe it's true....maybe it's double that.  But here's the thing about funerals of key-players in Iran.  You can go back to 5 June 1989 and the funeral of the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and note the trouble they had at that funeral, and you'd think here with this Suleimani funeral, and they'd apply 'lessons learned'.

So to retell the first attempted funeral on 5 June have to put youself in the middle of Tehran, and the utter shock that the Gran Ayatollah was dead.  He died on the evening of the 3rd, and they spent the whole day on the 4th preparing the funeral business.

What occurred on the that the funeral parade had been drafted up and what they weren't prepared for....were the two-plus million local folks who came out.  Eventually, the procession through the streets idea....was given up.  They brought in a US-made Huey, and loaded the coffin on it, and took off to the graveyard.

The Revolutionary Guard folks were supposed to provide a secure fence area this area, and miserably failed. 

The Huey?  Somehow, the pilot found an area to land and cut the motor.....with the Revolutionary Guards supposed to come over and pick up the coffin, to do a walk around the part of some ceremony.

All 'hell' broke loose, and thousands poured into the area surrounding the coffin-team, and then.....a couple slipped, and the coffin fell....tossing the Grand Ayatollah (in a wrap) out on the ground. 

Crowds rushed up and started trying to 'touch' the dead guy.  Yes, as weird as it sounds.....thousands made the rush over. 

The Revolutionary Guards were in a mess, and somehow, a couple of them were able to push folks back, and get the body back into the box.  Someone in charge realized the mess, and ordered a path to the chopper to be accomplished, and the rotors began to turn.  Yep, they threw the coffin back on and left for a secure area.

The funeral?  Halted for that day.  Starting early on next day....a disinformation episode occurred, telling the public one thing, when they were going to do it drastically different.

This time, they'd loaded the guy on a airline shipping container (all steel) and with reinforcements....were able to bury him.

How many died from day one and two?  Unknown.  No one ever demanded accountability over the business.  It might have been hundreds....or perhaps just dozens. 

Lessons learned? appears that the same idiots who planned the one episode....were around to plan the second episode. 

Monday, 6 January 2020

Ricky May Have a Point

Having watched bits and pieces of the Golden Globes show and the amount of jabs that Ricky Gervais dished out.....I come to this topic that pops into my head about every two weeks....getting lectured by some dimwit.

I think up until age 30....around the early 1990s....I reached the point where lectures were worthless.  Maybe one out of ten lectures had some value, and occasionally (that one out of forty)....was a five-star lecture worth listening to.

Over the past decade, I just can't think of many lectures that stand out.  I've even gotten use to using the mute-button and ensuring that some CNN dimwit, or some intellectual with a lost sense of 'worth' don't get my attention.

I kinda agreed with Ricky....I really don't need some Hollywood actor, or some stage-theater gal to give me their lecture on things.  It's the same way with ministers trying to tell me bad thoughts about SUVs.....anti-capitalists telling me about better lifestyles if I oppose capitalism....or politicians telling about the necessity to pay more taxes so they can gift the money back to me later (maybe).

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Once the US Leaves Iraq (Not If)

With the Iraqi congressional system passing the vote to show the door to the American humble guess is that it'll be done rather quickly (maybe in less than two weeks).

The collapse of the Iraqi government?  Well, I would anticipate that various pro-Iran groups will come calling and a complete shutdown of the current government will happen within three months of the Americans (and everyone else) being gone.  Mass chaos, civil conflict, pro-Iran versus anti-Iran religious groups.

The potential split of Iraq?  It goes to three key groups: Shiite (the southern-eastern zone...maybe 25-percent of the nation), Kurdish (the northeastern 10-percent of the country bordering Turkey and Iran), and the northwestern 20-percent belonging to Sunni Muslims.  The remaining 40-percent?  Mostly desert, bordering Saudi Arabia with oil wells.  None of the three groups really play into this region.

It is conceivable that Saudi Arabia would care about this one-third southern district bordering them, and would try to create a military force to cordon off the area.

Oil access?  The chief tanker point is down in the south, next to Kuwait.  That operation would rapidly shut down.

Both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia having worries?  Well, here's the thing....Iran and Iraq have never really recovered from the war period of the 1970s.  The US might have provided a significant number of SUVs and APCs, but there is no offensive capability in Iraq, and if you divided things up among three makes them more or less.....a zero threat player.

Iran?  They'd take the situation and quickly pump up the Shiite folks (their friends) and try to cause unstable conditions for the Kurds (who used to like the Americans until we left Syria), and the Sunnis (pro-Saudi Arabia).

By mid-2020.....I would suggest that Iraq is mostly finished off and three different nations will come to exist.  For the'll provide this doorway for a nation to finally exist.  Sunni-land being a US protected area?  Maybe.

All of this leading back to the silly Iran-Iraq War of 1980, the lack of resources for Saddam's crew after the war, the threat of invasion to get the neighbors in the Middle East to rebuild Saddam's Army?  Yep....all leading back to that era.  Toss in the idea of conquering Kuwait as a stupid move, the US-Iraq War, and the eventual second war (where Saddam was taken down).

If Saddam were around today?  Virtually everyone connected to the pro-Iran lobby group would be put on notice and if they failed to grasp the threat....would disappear overnight.

The odds of some targets being struck by the US as Iran attempts one or two stupid 'pay-back' situations?  It's more than likely and Iran will go and beg off of Russia to get the latest in defense toys....with what little cash that they have left.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

MCGA (Make California Great Again) Strategy

For the past month, I've watched a number of video pieces by people who confirmed that they are packing and leaving California.  Some did it in 2017....some in 2018....some last year, and some are discussing their 2020 plan for leaving.  Their most favored spot?  If they were retirement age.....most left for Arizona or Nevada.  The rest were aiming for Texas or southern states.  If you use the data for the past decade.....five-million California folks have packed and left the state.

So I think it's time to play the political strategy and do a Trump theme for 2020's election.  Yes, Make California Great Again (MCGA).

I would lead off with two introductions to California:

1.  Have a 60-second advertisement with video clips of the 1960s California image and what brought so many people to come into the state.

2.  Have a 60-second advertisement piece with people in their 60s who remember the old California and their heartfelt love of the state.

Then I would run twenty advertisements, one coming out every two weeks, and showing the 2020 image of the state.  I'd bring Kanye West, various Latino Republicans, and show the aspirations of people to help the state recover. 

Yes, I's crazy.  But you don't have to pay TV stations any longer to run these commercials.  You run your own video service, and let people find it via Facebook or Twitter. 

Friday, 3 January 2020

The Funny Thing Over the Iranian Dead General

Iranian General Qassem Soleimani had zero reasons to travel beyond the border of Iran.  He could have arranged for various meetings within Iran, or chatted with people via phone or even Skype.  So this necessity to be in Baghdad?  It really didn't exist.

In his mind, he had absolute run of the system, and didn't have a single worry about anyone.....not a single Iraqi, or American GI....was going to be a threat to his safety. 

So you go down this list of bad-guys who were in this SUV convey, and it's a whose-who of dead or capture VIP bad-guy players in the region. 

This being some type of meeting with Soleimani and his 'team'?  That's really the only reason to have done this....but it's a meeting that you could have accomplished in Iran.  Why bother making this a open failure? 

How to play this out if you were Iraq?  You'd ask the question of who ordered the general to come into the Mullah. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Fifteen Things About Trump's Economy

1.  Since day one of the Trump administration, seven million jobs have been added to the economy.  To put that into would mean that every single person in the state of Tennessee (including the aged, the kids, the mentally insane, and folks in prisons).....have been hired-up.  Note, since Tennessee has only 6.8-million.

2.  Back in 2016 (November), the total number of unemployed were around 7.4-million across the US.  If you use that number....we've basically taken more 95-percent of the unemployed of 2016, and put them to work.....whether they liked that idea or not.

3.  The rate of unemployed women?  Nationally, since's the lowest number of women unemployed.  Think about that.

4.  If you were a disability, but wanted to work?  The unemployment rate is the lowest for your category, since the 1950s. 

5.  If you had no high school diploma?  The unemployment rate is the lowest for your category, since the 1950s. 

6.  If you were a vet?  Your unemployment rate is currently lowest since the 1950s.

7.  Wage growth?  Since's at the fastest pace of any year in that decade.  But if you looked at actual numbers....3-percent a year is now the norm.

8.  Wage-levels for low-income people?  It's now (2019) rated as the fastest rising number....over all over groups. 

9.  Between two and three million Americans are now lifted out of poverty status since this Administration arrived.  If you were black or Latino in 2016 on poverty status.....your level is now in 2020 at the lowest level since they started collecting statistical data in the 1950s. 

10.  Approximately seven million Americans that were on food stamps in 2016.....are no longer qualified for them.....because they are making a decent wage. 

11.  With measurements on business optimism....there's a 35-year old record which was broken in owners and businessmen were at a massive 'high'. 

12.  Roughly 500,000 manufacturing jobs have been created out of thin air since November 2016.  Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama all said in strong words that these jobs were permanently lost and would never come back.  Well....they were wrong.

13.  ONE trillion dollars flowed back into the US from overseas, as the President and Congress delivered the tax break deal. 

14.  Almost 9,000 communities in the US have been designated as 'opportunity zones'.  The White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council has taken on 175 actions to promote growth and investment into these zones.

15.  Within the tax reforms, the child tax credit has been doubled.  That means over $2k for families. 

Pelosi Impeachment Scenario #99

On the 4th of February.....roughly four weeks away, President Trump is slated to present a State of the Union message to the House/Senate. 

I think it's now possible that Nancy Pelosi will not hand the articles of impeachment over....until the morning of the 4th, to stage a chaotic moment that evening and hoping that Trump will go into some ballistic mode for the likely one-hour speech. 

Crazy to wait out another four weeks?  Yeah, I might agree to that.  But there's really not that many reasons to draw this out past the mid-January period. 

What Trump might do? 

If I were Trump and anticipating this to be the scenario....I'd come to announce around the last day of January (a Friday, the 31st).....I'd announce that a typed-up State of the Union message will be handed to the House at 7 PM on the 4th, and that as President.....I'm actually delivering the speech in some arena (maybe in a heavily Trump-voter state).....around real people. 

Then at the conclusion of this State of the Union speech....I'd announce that as soon as the Impeachment is concluded.....I'm making another speech over where things are going in 2020, with five impact areas that I'm demanding the House and Senate attend to, and that I'm going direct to your own districts during the year to talk about these national agenda items.   Either you get onboard, or I'll make you explain why you don't want these things as your goals.