Sunday, 14 April 2019

Signing Up to be a Sanctuary City

At some point around 1985, San Francisco became the first city in America to 'sign up' and transform itself into a Sanctuary City.  Basically, it was like a contract situation....they more or less stand by and protect asylum seekers and migrants.  It was a proud brand least in the minds of the city officials.  Cost?  Well....that's the curious thing.  You can go back to 1985 and between the signs, the public advertisements, and I doubt that the city spent more than $100,000 for the privilege of being a Sanctuary City.

Today, if you go and view the landscape, there are at least one-hundred cities, counties, or regions....which identify with the brand....Sanctuary City.

Average cost?  It's fairly cheap because you aren't doing that much to convey the message.  Yes, it's mostly talk. 

Sanctuary Cities in the south?  I don't think there are more than four in the general dozen southern states....the most widely identified city is Austin, TX.

So, you need to ask yourself....if Trump's team did go and dump 3,000 illegals into San Francisco, 8,000 illegals into Austin, or 1,500 illegals into Seattle....would the cost factor then change?  The simple and short answer?  Yes.  They'd have to react, and police over-time pay, along with creating temporary residences....would all start to get into the $10-million per quarter range or more.  The lack of new jobs to support the illegals?  That would very quickly become a discussed topic.  You really do need welders, carpenters, and HVAC technicians.....but these folks coming in....are mostly burger-flipper types. 

This whole thing has become like a poker game where some guy has not just doubled down on faking people out....but actually tripled or quadrupled-down. Those other folks at the table (the Sanctuary City folks) just never thought about the end-result to their game. 

What this does for 2019?  Well, if you were living in these cities affected and suddenly realized the stupidity of your would you react in the election period of 2020?  Would you fire your mayor or city council? 

For the past four decades, no one ever asked the right questions about branding yourself a Sanctuary City.  They just felt it sounded really bold and 'strong'.  Now?  Well, it's not so bold, and you actually create a false reality by accepting this brand.