Thursday, 19 December 2019

If The Impeachment Were a Columbo Episode

Imagine at 5 AM, Columbo gets this call from the chief. 

He's supposed to go out to this neighborhood, where there is NO body, no evidence of a murder, and no one reported missing. 

So Columbo shows up.  Hours go by.  Columbo is mostly knocking on doors and presenting himself.  He asks folks about nefarious acts.  The only two things that folks mention is someone's dog who craps in everyone's yard during the night, and food-poisoning at some bar and grill down near the 'pike'.

Columbo continues on, and eventually goes back to write a sixteen-page report for the Chief.....with notices about the dog crapper thing and some definite hygiene problems at the grill operation. 

Other than two mentions and twelve hours of research.....that was mostly it. 

So the question is....would you even watch a 90-minute Columbo episode like this?  The general answer is that fewer than 10-percent of people would care, and most would flip the channel over to watch a rerun of Bonanza. 

This is the reality of the current one much believes in this impeachment, there is no factual evidence which really proves anything illegal, and public sentiment is more focused on Christmas....than impeachment.