Thursday, 7 June 2018

Ten Questions

Almost everyday, I sit and go through 250 stories via the internet, newspapers, news media sources, magazines, business channels, and networks. And I typically come to a series of ten-odd questions that fundamentally damage the whole process of news....because journalists just won't ask the questions, and you are left to wonder.


1.  Is there really anything worthwhile to gain out of this weekends G7 meeting in Canada?  You know....other than images....fake chatter....hyped-up bits of there anything worth the fantastic cost of running this fake gimmick?

2.  Did the Canadians set the White House on fire in 1812?  Well, the news media will say absolutely NO.  Here's the thing that you have to ask. Where exactly did the Brits come from?  Well....yeah....they basically came from Canada....across the border, and set the grounds on fire. Oddly enough (some say caused by God)....a magnificent storm occurred and rain put out the fire. 

3.  Is there anything left for Stormy Daniels to gain?  No.  In fact, job-wise, other than pole-dancing....there's not much of a career left.

4.  Does anyone really care if NFL championship teams get invited to the White House?  On a list of 500 things that might matter....most Americans would rate this near 2,555 on their list of important things to worry about.

5.  Will anyone remember Paul Ryan after he leaves office and the House 'boss' job?

6.  Can the American general public even name the Chancellor of Germany (Merkel)?  My humble guess is that less than 8-percent can name her.  In fact....more can name the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, than the Chancellor of Germany.

7.  There are 30,000 teachers in Illinois who make 6-figure salaries (100,000 or greater), which adds up to 3.7-billion dollars.  When does the bubble burst?  At some point, between five and ten years from now....massive financial failure will come....cuts will arrive...teachers will strike....and a whole year will disappear with kids unable to complete requirements.

8.  Sports reports indicate that out-of-work Kaepernick (the knee-on-the-turf guy) intends to drag President Trump into his legal case against the NFL.  Really?  A subpoena? So you really want to bring the President in and let him say in some statement that he thinks your social justice gimmick is stupid, and when you try to play this game out....he'll lay down the public card and tell you that you aren't fighting some social justice 'war' were hired for a sport and apparently can't grasp who or what your customer is. 

9.  If the Democrats don't win big in the House this fall....what exactly is their strategy for 2020?  Oh....well...yeah, there isn't one.

10. Are there any cuss words left, that CNN hasn't dramaticized?