Saturday, 1 February 2020

Punk Idiots

In the past week, at St John's College....a couple of students wrote to ask for a meeting with the leadership of the college.

Their aim?  There's a protest going on within the campus....about fossil fuels. The group pushing the agenda....wants the college to dump all of its investment money (figure in the range of $10-million) that is endowment funds.

The professor who was saddled up with this meeting....sat and paused over the request.

Then he kinda responded that doing something like this on a quick notice....wasn't that smart.  But he was willing to help the students out. 

He offered to cut all gas heating in the university....immediately.  He asked the two college kids heading this meeting if this would help.

The kids responded that they didn't think he was taking them serious. 

I kinda think that he was serious. 

This bizarre attitude of university student over the past decade has amazed me.  It's like they live in some hidden valley, without a view of the world itself. 

If I were the college Chancellor....I'd go ahead and shift the thermostat for each building down to 60 degrees (including the dorms), and ask if there's anything else that the kids need done.