Sunday, 18 February 2018

Just Ten Suggestions

After reading a fair bit over mass shootings and pondering over things....I have ten suggestions:

1.  Dump all disciplinary issues that pop up in any school over to the cops and the local judge.  Let the parents, and the trouble-making kids, get used to direct court action and the police.  Let teachers do the only thing they should be doing...teach.

2.  Got any kid who displays attitude problems in school or can't respect teachers or fellow-students?  Bring them in for Saturday sand-bagging.  Give them the job of filling five-hundred sandbags.  You screw up a second time?  One-thousand sandbags.  You screw up a third time? Two-thousand sandbags.

3.  Raise the gun purchase age to 21, along with the voting age, the age for buying alcohol, the age for getting a credit card, and the age to buy cigarettes.   You want to join the military and are still under 21?  Go get your parent's signature. 

4.  You make any threat to harm anyone....cops get called and they are mandated to arrest you and hold you for a minimum of forty-eight hours.  Judges get called and you have to face some court activity before you get a chance to go back to school.

5.  Give the school system an opportunity to let kids test out, and leave by the end of the 10th grade. 

6.  Unannounced drug tests on students and teachers....minimum of two tests per year.  You fail as a student, you get two weeks of suspension.  As a teacher, you get a month off without pay.

7.  Cellphones forbidden in all schools. 

8.  Showing disciplinary issues?  Let the judge retain your social media account and prevent your use of any social media for 90 days.

9.  Fights at school?  Call the cops, let them sort it out.

10.  Fights on a bus?  Call the cops and let them sort it out.