Friday, 21 December 2018

US Troops Out of Afghanistan Story

Shocker?  No.  President Trump pulled another rabbit out of the hat and triggered the Secretary of Defense to react....announcing his exit.

So what's the end-story to Afghanistan?

Back in August, someone sat and added up the total cost of the Afghan war, the rebuilding stage, the continual 'baby-sitting' cost, and came to around $1.07-trillion (yes, trillion) dollars.  In fact, around two weeks ago....three characters who were deep into some contract deal with the Pentagon were brought up on charges....involving an Afghan project and massive corruption.

Are we any nearer to peace in Afghanistan?  No.  Have we fallen into the rut that the Soviets fell into?  Not quiet, but it's obvious that we aren't getting anywhere.

Did the Pentagon get the long-term strategy wrong?  The Pentagon, from 9-11 to this week....felt some obligation to 'bring' peace to Afghanistan.  The term 'bring' is questionable but on paper....there were various formulas and devices to construct some 'better' Afghanistan. 

Trump's view?  I think he looked at the money spent and asked the spent a trillion dollars and what do you have to show for it?  It's not a pleasant answer.  Mattis?  In his view, we were always at some point where people felt things would turn and go into a more positive direction.  The problem is that this was an everlasting 'curve' just never saw this great positive direction.

The 3,000 US troops left now?  Most will fall into the category of trainers.  It's not the end of all US support, but I think money-wise, this is an indication that we just aren't going to waste billions more on the country.