Monday, 8 April 2019

Stress Story

It came out in an interview from Chelsea Handler (a comedian of sorts) that as the election in 2016 occurred, she became 'unhinged'.

What she meant by that?  Well....she had to go and pay some mental health expert to listen to her talk about the election.  Basically, she couldn't it.

Then all of this eventually led to her smoking a bit of marijuana, to chill out and reach a state of consciousness necessary.

After watching the piece, I sat and pondered upon this.

What she's saying is that she really can't handle stress.

If she had a flat tire, or a septic tank problem, or a muffler fall off the car, or a tree fall in her yard after a storm, or some dog crap on her sidewalk....well, that's way too much stress.

Then flipping over to use marijuana?  It's basically admitting that you'd have to use it almost daily to reach some level of 'chill-out'.  Some NPR report on Trump while driving to work?  Gotta stop on the side of the road to smoke a blunt.  Got some CNN report on with the office TV on Trump?  Slip out to the smokers area and do a joint with your buddy, until you are both 'burnt'. 

All of this means that the 420-industry (our marijuana friends) are selling a ton of drugs to the unhinged, and business for the next six years will be great.

It's sad to admit that we've slipped to the point where half the population can't handle stress of anytype.