Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Goodness of Nuke Power?

"We understand that today's nuclear plants are far from perfect."

 -- Final quote on paper advocating pursuing nuclear power because it's the only way to forstal global warming/global cooling/cool change. Writers: James Hansen, a former top NASA scientist; Ken Caldeira, of the Carnegie Institution; Kerry Emanuel, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Tom Wigley, of the University of Adelaide in Australia.

It's an odd paper presented by the four global warming experts.  They basically stand and admit that recyclable energy is nowhere near the point of helping to turn the tide and prevent the terrible future of global warming.

So, plan B?  Keep nuke power turned on....for the seeable future.  They don't exactly advocate building more nuke plants, but it's hard to see any alternate build-up if you turn off the evil coal-plants, and want to keep the lights turned on.

I'm guessing a fair sized proportion of the green culture will read the report....feel shocked that they were deceived into believing that the anti-nuke power stance and global warming culture.....aren't walking hand-in-hand toward the future.

The blunt truth?  Go and attend any car show of the past two years and note the number of battery cars on display.  The car industry is moving toward battery the belief that someone will buy them, produce the power necessary to charge them, and be happy over the future direction.  They aren't idiots.

Somewhere out there.....there has to be a magic number of wattage being talked about and an increase in electrical production down the line.  If you buy less gasoline.....there's some electrical power upsurge that will be required.  Will it come from magic beans, alien pyramid platforms, or some yet-to-be-developed technology?

Reality is a tough thing to accept.....if you think about it long enough.

The Invisible Database

It's a little story that won't really be mentioned much....but it'd make you sit and ponder.

Jim Angle works for Fox News.  Jim wanted to experience the 1-800 business with ObamaCare's call-in center.  So Jim went to a unlisted phone...not a Fox News phone....and called.

The 1-800 technician eventually answered and to help Jim.....the 1-800 guy asked a few questions which would allow him to help Jim in a better, address, etc.

Well....there's a pause in the conversation at this point....while the 1-800 ObamaCare's technician is looking at the data.

Then the technician says....oh, you work for the media.  Jim kinda paused at this point.

Then the technician said.....we will put you on the resolution technician listing and he'll call you up in two to five business days, and they were basically finished.

So Jim is waiting....ever so patiently for the resolution expert to call from the 1-800 center.

Jim is wondering.....without his social security number....without identifying himself.....without saying he was a they could possibly know that he was a news journalist from the media.

The answer?  Somewhere out there.....someone has amassed a database, which is connected to every single American, their occupation, their employer, and it's working as they planned it.

This brings me back around to this odd government mandate....not the date business....but that you had to be connected to this government web, address, get into the "system".  If you weren't poor or needing the government grant business for your health care....this wouldn't really matter and it was all a wasted piece of the overall plan.  Course, maybe herding everyone through this funnel and requiring them to play the database game....was the key part to start with.

This next week....some gal or guy will call Jim.  Jim will ask how they knew it was media.....and resolution geek will have to find some really good and creative answer to give.  If you ask me.....the gimmick just won't work if we confirm the database exists.