Sunday, 29 March 2020

The Possibility of a National 'Lock-Down'?

Zero chance on success.

First, I would probably go and say that one out of three Americans might hold to that idea for two to four weeks.  The rest would just look the other way. 

Those who own businesses (coffee shops, bowling allies, theaters, dry cleaners, or gift shops?  Most can't afford more than two weeks of shut-down time. 

Maybe if you'd packaged the stupid 'gift' money and said everyone gets $3,500 for a month but you have to play 'lock-down' in order to get it.....that might have been the enticement to make it work.

Then relying on the police to enforce the lock-down?  We already have enormous disrespect for the police going'd go and add to the disrespect? 

Bringing in the National Guard?  How many?  100,000 for the NY region alone? 

Colleges and schools?  Shutting them down for the whole month of April?  They'd all tell you that it would mess up their schedule of operations.

Go to the Hollywood region and ask how many would play along with a lock-down? chance it'll happen (even though we need a three-week lock-down).