Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Oscar's 'Crap'

Frankly, I'll admit that I haven't watched an entire episode of the Oscar's Award Show....since probably 1990.  There are few of these movies that I actually go out to the theater to watch, and to attempt to run some three-hour Frankenstein-like awards show.....well....it's a joke.

So when the Kevin Hart business came up this week, I pondered over the mess.  The solution to future shows?

Have some kid push a table out to the middle and let him ask the Amazon Alexa box each time....who won this or that.....just let Alexa do all the talking. 

No jokes.  No stage dramas.  No three-hour shows.  We can get this show over in 90 minutes.  Just let Alexa run the show. 

Migration Story

This week, some PhD group laid out their research and said that there are approximately 750 million people on the Earth....who'd like to migrate and seek asylum....somewhere else.

Naturally, there are various groups (pro-asylum in doctrine) who'd like to create these doorways to make this possible.

What the PhD guys didn't lay out....is that if you asked the 750 million folks about 'where' they want to go, it usually ends up being the US, Canada, the UK, France, Australia/New Zealand, and Germany.  No one cares about going to Mexico, Greece, or Peru....or for that matter....roughly a list of 120-odd countries.

Even if you had some path just ten million folks a year on this migration effort....to these seven countries....most would suggest a limit.  That limit in the case of the UK?  Probably 100,000 max.  For Australia or New Zealand.....they want questions answered over your English ability and past criminal behavior, and they might go and accept a limited number (I doubt if New Zealand would take more than 10,000). 

All of this migration chatter is leading to a smuggling gimmick where people are just paying money and figuring if they arrive....with no passport, the pain of forcing people to return will be too much and you will have to accept them.  Jobs?  Well....this is the fantasy of the whole story.  Most of these people have no skill other than flipping burgers or physical labor like mowing grass.  The same folks will be angry after five years of one-star employment, and shake their heads over the whole migration business. 

What really triggered all of this?  The internet.  People sat there and looked at these wonderful lives being lived out in Germany, Australia, and the US......then figured they could easily fit into that image. 

A bigger mess coming in the next decade?  You just don't see this being easily resolved.