Friday, 20 December 2019

Why the House May Never Hand Impeachment to the Senate

Once you hand the articles over....the Senate process would start, and likely be over in roughly twenty days (more or less). 

The trouble with this discussion is that Hunter and Joe Biden were skipped for the most part in the House 'game'....but neither can avoid the Senate episode, and for Joe Biden....if he's dragged in via subpoena and made to swear on 'truth'.....his reputation for the most part ends.  For Hunter, the allegations of money-laundering will be laid out and likely gets him the full focus of the Treasury Department and the FBI. 

I might be willing to bet that Pelosi and team have reached a point where they know the score is zero on convicting Trump and they need some exit to play this game out. 

Reputation for the whole affair?  If they fail to hand the Impeachment articles over by the middle of January, then the whole thing starts to die off because the news media can't keep people focused on this whole thing.  Adding to it, by mid-January.....the Super Bowl and NCAA basketball business starts up. 

I'll go and predict that if nothing happens with the House articles by 10th of January (the 2nd Friday of the month), then it's finished, and just dissolves away as a Jeopardy question. 

Should they have gone to Censure?  Yes.  But it's late now to admit that.

Adding to Trump's campaign funds in this Impeachment build-up?  That's another huge part of the story.  He probably collected a minimum of 50-million in this past hundred days. 

We can laugh, but this is a pretty lousy joke. 

Mayor Pete in the News

I sat and watched pieces of the Democratic debate from last night, and Senator Warren got all over that poor kid....Mayor Pete.

Mayor Pete apparently had some campaign fund-raising a 'wine-cave', with 900-dollar-per bottle wine. 

I stopped the video, and ran that a couple of times....just that 20-second piece.

Being from Alabama, I am a bit curious about a wine-cave.  We don't drink that much wine in Alabama and when we's usually on the deck out back, or under some shade-trees in the midst of a hot summer afternoon, with an ice cube or two in the wine cup (you know, those Dixie-cups).

But then I got onto the subject of the 900-dollar wine.  You see....having lived for years in Germany, I've had a chance to drink a fair amount of wine.  In fact, I've sipped some really fine Italian, German, Australian, South African, Spanish, French, and even Greek wine.  Well....some were fine (that Greek wine is marginally two-star, no matter what you pay for it).

The general amount that you'd pay for fine German wine is maybe $6 to $20.  On some special occasions, you might pull out the equivalent of $30.  The majority of Germans will tell you in their entire life, they've never spent more than roughly $30 for a fine bottle of decent wine. 

So the question ought to come up....all these poor fools who were paying 900 dollars for a wine with Mayor Pete.....were they really drinking a bottle of wine worth $900?  I have my doubts.  My guess is that the bottles were simply $100 per bottle wine, and the rest were catering services and the donation to the Mayor Pete's campaign.

Does Senator Warren have a point?  Basically, you have to offer 'something' for a campaign stop fund-raiser.  It doesn't matter if it's a cup of Pepsi, some catfish, cupcakes with Cool-Whip on top, or beans and rice.  In the end, you need to get a couple of hundred dollars out of some crazy fool. 

The sad part of this story is that Trump only needs to say he's getting impeached, and send you a personal e-mail about this, and it's forty-percent chance that you will just send Trump's team $100, for nothing.  No dip, no wine, no biscuits....nothing.  You might go one step higher, buying that stupid cheapo red-baseball cap with 'MAGA', for $35, or buying ten of the stupid hats for $350.  Can Mayor Pete compete with Trump?  No.

My end-point is this....which you have to wonder about....what exactly was Senator Warren serving for her fund-raiser?  A beer and cheap chips, for $129.00? 

Can Anyone Be Impartial Now?

RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Judge)....says that if Senators cannot be impartial....then they can't vote in the impeachment.

Part of this comment goes to an oath that Senators have to they start the hearing.

I pondered over this impartiality chatter for a long while.  To be honest, if you really pushed this impartial 'game'....virtually every single House member (both Republicans and Democrats) would have to step out of the building and walk away from Impeachment.  The nine Supreme Court judges?  Same story.  Journalists?  Yep, same story.

You walk around the general public today and discuss politicized topics?  You find that most everyone has an opinion, unless they live under some bridge, smoke a lot of Acapulco Gold marijuana, or live in some delusional fantasy world with cat-people/dog-people.

So RBG's fantasy world of impartiality no longer exists?  More or less.  Even if you asked her about Trump, she'd be very slow to respond to any hide the fact that she's already non-impartial.

Basically, that's what people are having to do now....pretend to be impartial, and just act dopey.  Civilization?  Socrates, if he were alive today....would say that civilization has collapsed, and there's something going on that violates human standards.