Tuesday, 26 June 2018

My View of the Harley Davidson Story

Basically, I could write a 100-line observation over this situation of Harley Davidson departing from the US, and only manufacturing motorcycles in India, Thailand, and Brazil....but after an hour or two of pondering....I'll limit it to 11 lines.

Now, ask yourself....is there anything that you can think of....made in India, Thailand or Brazil, that you'd pay a minimum of $8,500 and perhaps on up to $30,000?  I know....that's the odd part of this story.

So, after they move.....would you really go and buy some piece of trashy steel made in some third-world country?  And if it already had issues to start with....now you'd make it with folks being paid $5-an-hour at best.....is the $8,500 cheap cycle or the $30,000 grand-cycle....really worth that amount?

Yeah.  I don't think any idiot would be willing to pay real money for something like this.  Within four years, I think some Chinese guy will buy the company for about half-the-value that they are today.  And you will end up with Chang-Davidson cycles.

As for the question....should Trump put up a tariff on importing Harley-Davidsons into the US?  No.  Just make them put a big label over the gas-tank....where the cycle was manufactured, so it's noticeable from six feet away.  That should probably take care of the situation.