Sunday, 12 April 2020

Remembering the Timeline

In case the news people ever get you confused, just remember:

- The House Impeachment articles were passed on 18 December 2019.

- The articles were not taken to the Senate until 16 January 2020.

- The Senate got procedural rules on 20 January 2020.

- The opening of the Impeachment hearing started on 22 January 2020.

- The Q and A session in the Senate started on 28 January 2020.

- On 5 February 2020, the hearing was concluded, and the charges 'dumped'.

You might have various news journalists attempt to confuse just remember the timeline.  But let's remember the virus timelines here:

- It's on 31 December that China says there's a serious virus at work in the WHO.

-  On 3 January, the CDC boss reacted and sent a email to the Chinese CDC operation....offering help.

- On 6 January, the CDC (not the WHO) ordered up a Wuhan travel notice.

- On 7 January, the CDC opened a incident system to share and respond on data.

- On the 11th of January....the CD issued a Level I travel warning on Wuhan.

- On 17 January, the CDC started having public screening at US airports that had travelers from Wuhan arriving (3 airports nationally).

- On the 20th of January, Doctor 'Doom' announced a NIH effort was underway for a vaccine.  This is 3 weeks from the day that China admitted there was a problem.

- On 23 January, the CDC asked for a “special emergency authorization” via the FDA.  This was to ensure states could use the new test for the virus.

- On 27 January, President Trump sent an offer to the Chinese President.....asking if they needed help.

- On 27 January, the CDC issued a major warning to all Americans to avoid all nonessential travel to China due to the virus.

- On 27 January, a White House Coronavirus Task Force started up.

- On 31 January, the White House declared a public health emergency.  With this came a complete China travel restriction and suspended entry into the United States for foreign nationals who pose a risk of the virus.  With that came a halt to all flights from China into the US, with only seven airports allowed to conduct some type of travel arrangement.

- 6 February, the CDC-tests were shipped out across the nation.

- 12 February, thirty countries got the US kits.

- On 11 March 2020, the WHO declared a Pandemic.  One can argue that evidence existed in early February for this declaration.  But it really didn't matter.

If you receive any suggestion to the otherwise, it's fake news.

Just Humble Advice That I Hand Out

1.  Did the Surgeon General really utter 'Pop-pop' and 'Big Mama'?

Yes.  But lets be honest, the guy is black, and in the black use certain phrases.  It's the same way in the Latino community, the redneck community, and the Beverly Hills community.  The reporter who got all hyped about this....probably hasn't been around a real black community in twenty years.

2.  Is there anything to really discuss about this 'red-pill' versus 'blue pill' stuff?

Basically, this is a trend where you wake up as a true Democrat, get some tingly feeling, then feel lied to (to some degree) and just admit to your barber, wife, neighbor, or fake-Facebook friends that you got 'turned', and now can vote for Trump.  The phrase used is 'red-pill'.

Are there Republicans who, who got all tingly and took the 'blue-pill'?  Some, but it appears (my numbers) that there are around 100 red-pill folks for each one single blue-pill people.  Either the Democratic message is marginal, or the Republicans are asking too many questions.

3.  What should I do with my Corona-money from the Feds?

Spend it....wisely.  Don't spend it on wild women, booze, or weed.

4.  I'm standing in a NY City where nurses are wearing garbage bags for protection.....what's wrong with this?

Well....the hospital has a logistics guy who marginally does his job and probably ought to be dismissed.  On the other hand, this might have been one of twelve signals that you need to call up cousin Lonny and have him pick you up....transporting you overnight to Ohio, where 'care' is much better.  Promise Lonny a portion of your Corona-check.

5.  Did the NY Times really print a story describing our current condition as being in a 'dystopia' (meaning an imaginary period of sorrow/woe with suffering throughout the landscape and things are almost in a apocalyptic situation).....thus requiring socialism as the 'cure'?


Folks in California would suggest that the writer for the Times might be on a pretty good weed trip and having consumed a fair amount of gin.

6.  Should I bet on the House of Representatives opening up for business in May?

No.  I think a quarter of them (especially over the age of 50 and having a unhealthy lifestyle)....are a bit fearful of attending meetings or hearings.  I might also suggest that the House won't be open until after election-day.

7.  Does anyone remember impeachment?

That's the funny thing.  If you were to bring in a hundred folks and do a current events least a quarter of the group have forgotten the impeachment already, and by November....probably up around 70-percent will have forgotten.

8. This Australian 'miracle' pill deal.....what's the deal with it compared to Trump's 'miracle' pill?

Well....around four decades ago, because of a number of folks having headlice problems in Australia (don't ask why).....they developed this compound and made it into a pill.  Oddly, if you hand out two day's of the the bulk of folks with the wipe out the virus (no, not 100-percent but the numbers appear like 95 percent) by the third day.

Naturally this begs questions.  The original virus leads back to bats.  Is there a possibility that the bats have a lice issue?  No one talks much about that, but you have to wonder....if Bat-lice are really the culprit here.

9.  Is the virus triggering financial problems with the Post Office folks?

Well....the Post folks have been in dismal financial issues for several decades, and rates keep climbing....with the Feds giving some cash to make up the difference.

Trump might say's some cash, but I want you guys to operate ONLY four days a week.  This might trigger a huge Democratic backlash.

10.  If there is a second Corona-check much should it be for?

I propose a $15,000 voucher-card which you have ten days after have spent.   In reality, I expect another $1,200 per person to occur in mid-June.

11.  Is it true that Boston went and created one-way sidewalks, and you get tickets if you fail to walk the right way?

Yeah, it's true. 

12.  Is this new slogan by Trump (".....invisible enemy") a bit crazy?

He started to tweet it a week ago and you see it mentioned at least once or twice a day.  Let's be honest.....Corona is not your 'friend'. 

13.  Are mute-buttons across America being worn out during this period?

I would imagine at least thirty times a day....folks are hitting the mute-button.  About half the time that Doctor Doom appears, I hit mute now.  With Joe's near 90-percent mute for me.

14.  Whats with this Surgeon General that Trump has (Doctor Adams)?

The guy is brilliant and articulate.  He connects to regular people, and gets to the point.  Whoever is running in 2024 for President....ought to strongly considering bringing this guy along as VP.

15.  Can city or state officials shut down churches?

They can instruct a church to offer social distance rules....meaning a 500-seat church would be limited to probably 150 folks.  They could suggest a out-door situation where you drive up....stay in the car.....getting a radio-speech (short distance) from the minister.  But to purely shut it down or hand-out tickets?  No....the Constitution didn't offer waivers for the government (federal, state or local) to 'control' things.  In this case, it's merely getting people angry enough to vote against the mayor or governor (oddly, they are all Democrats that I've read on so far).

16.  Any truth to this rumor that the Steele guy who wrote the Trump Dossier is hooked to the Russians?

Well, here's the thing that stands out as a fact.  The FBI reached some point of wanting to assign a value to the dossier and needed to know background on Steele.  So after they asked the CIA folks.....the problem came back that they knew in a absolute sense that Steele was connected to various Russian characters and they didn't give him much of a value (at the CIA level). 

In simple terms....they knew that too much of his info was 'misinformation'.  So this should have soured the FBI guys enough to drop the whole thing.....yet they didn't drop it.

At this point, the AG has to decide.....are these FBI guys that STUPID, or just corrupted?  Either way, you'd have to either fire them, or put them under major supervision for the next five to ten years. 

17.  Was there a memo in January that came out to the White House to warn of severe consequences because of Corona?

This is debated.  Someone handed the info to a insider to the Trump circle, and he inserted a brief paragraph into a memo.  Where he got the a debate item.  How many memos are created and forwarded to the President is also debated.  To be honest, there might be fifty pages of text written daily and most Presidents simply don't have the time to analyze these memos to the degree required. 

Then you come to the 'what if' question....if he had read this and analyzed this completely.....we would have shutdown all air-travel back in everywhere and freaked out the House and Senate crowd, and had all journalists hyped-up that this was totally unnecessary.  You win lose some.

18.  Did Iceland actually test 10-percent of their population on the virus?

Yes.  But with a population of 364,'s not a big deal.  So what they found is this one simple fact.  Fifty-percent of the tested group had results of 'positive', YET showed no symptoms.  So it begs the question....will there suddenly be some massive showing in five to fourteen days of the virus in Iceland?  Or will there be a large segment who have a cough and minor ailment.....never realizing that was the full impact of the virus. 

19.  What's it really mean if the AMC theater-chain goes bankrupt?

Well, it's a big argument here.  Lets say they fully close down in the next month.  At the current pace of things, I don't expect theaters to really re-open in April or May.  Even in the summer months.....the threat of the virus will be there.

So I'm expecting a lot of the AMC operations to never re-open.  You may find by September that fifty-percent of all theaters across the nation are wiped out and non-operational.

Some type of new public delivery system will likely occur by Xmas, with people staying home and watching a streaming service.

20.  Did the Surgeon General really tell blacks not to drink, do drugs, or smoke?

Well.....yeah.  Don't worry.....99-percent of blacks will laugh over the suggestion and continue on.  They aren't that crazy.