Monday, 28 May 2018

The Nine Out of Ten Story

I read a lot of science stuff, and dig into DNA-related science.  So today, I came to this one odd feature, from Phys.Org news.

They talked to a DNA expert who has been reviewing the general path or 'life' of DNA with humans and animals.  And there's this piece.

Nine out of ten species on Earth today.....counting humans and animals.....based on a study....came into being around 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.

Prior to that, the species (to include modern humans)....didn't exist.

The odds of 90-percent of animal life being 'new' and from the same odd time-period?  Well....the study and the science folks can't answer that.

As you look around at various dogs, cows, horses, birds, and various cultures of humans....they didn't exist 200,000-plus thousand years ago.  It basically would lead to discount both evolution and creationism, and you'd have to entertain the idea that someone just kinda dropped off various critters and humans.....and some existence started all of a sudden.

I know.....this will be hard for some folks to accept.  But the problem is that the DNA stuff has reached a level where you can be fairly sure about the general path and how things progressed.  It also means that the folks who arrived....had some kind of Noah's Ark of their own, and believed that the species were going to be part of a long-term plan.

Just something to think about.