Sunday, 5 April 2020

Fake COVID-Dead

In the last hour....I sat there look at this CDC 'note' on their web-site. 

It basically says that you (the hospital or doctor standing over the dead guy) think that I might have died from COVID 19 (hint: Wuhan fever, Coronavirus, or China-virus), then you have to list me as dead from COVID 19, and just 'assume that my death was caused by the virus'.....WITHOUT the test.

So I could have been standing in the field when Marvin (my new Brahma bull) came over and stomped me into the ground, and the ambulance crew just wasn't clear at the dumping point about my demise, and I'm listed as COVID-dead.

Or maybe my cousin's meth rage reached a point where he hit me with a baseball, and the ambulance crew wrote something that was unreadable on the I'm listed as COVID-dead.

Or I could have been standing on the roof of my house and gazing at the topless neighbor in her backyard, when I fell and broke my neck.  The doctor looked me over at the hospital, and listed me as COVID-dead.

There's something wrong with this CDC guidance.  If they tested me, and I came up'd be reasonable.  But I could be dead from some heroin overdose heart-attack, and get listed as COVID-dead. 

If this stands up as common policy.....there'll be 150,000 Americans dead by next Saturday.....from COVID 19.  Fake deaths.....the new reality in America. 

My Theory on the NY City Infection Rate

Having spent time in NY City (three occasions).....I would suggest that extreme use of the subway system, with symptom folks on-board and coughing.....lead to the subway system being a conveyor of the virus.  So one sick passenger, in a thirty minute ride and coughing.....gave it over to a dozen other folks, and each of them days later.....gave their symptoms over to a dozen folks each.  You can do the spreadsheet, but it'd only take four weeks to collapse the health system in that fashion. 

This is the reason why the NY City virus model....won't work in Alabama or Tennessee.  This would also explain why the virus hasn't really exploded in California (it's not a four-star location for mass transit). 

If We Graded the Questions

After you review enough of these White House press conferences over the past three years, you come to this of wondering.....what if we started to only review the questions of the reporters, and graded them.  You know....'A' to 'F'.  What would happen?

If you took an average session over the past three weeks (I've watched six of them entirely from beginning to end, and another four with 20 minutes of each). 

I would say that that roughly sixty-percent of the questions would be my grade of either 'D' or 'F'.  There weren't just poorly constructed....they were questions that you'd expect out of a 13-year-old kid.  They were mostly geared with the answer  hidden in the question, and they wanted the individual at the stand to say the answer in a certain way. 

From the remaining forty-percent of questions.....some might have come near a 'C' or 'B'....less than 10-percent that I would grade as a 'A' question. 

In some ways, the idiot reporters are handing Trump a soft-pitch for him to blast them for their stupidity.  It's like they want a red-spot on the side of the head or some bruise on their knee. 

The Sunday political chatter people?  They are heading in the same general direction....just two steps behind. 

Ten Observations

1.  If you take a map of the 'big' hits on the Coronavirus around the US, marking only the top ten areas....they are major urbanized 'zones' (NY for example.....New Orleans for example).  Here's the odd thing....the ten are what you'd call sanctuary cities.  I sat there this morning for ten minutes....trying to get over this fact, and kinda wonder why 'A' and 'B' match up like this.

2.  If you played the 'shot-glass' game with the nightly 30-minute newscast from ABC....with 'Corona' as the magic would be requiring 1.5 bottles of booze. 

3.  One of those odd ID facts popped up in my readings this morning.  You know....if you went down to donate blood....those folks expect you to produce an ID before they accept your blood?  It's a good thing we don't require blood collection on polling days. 

4.  If you happen to pass away with nine of the typical Corona symptoms, and they don't test you....then you don't get listed under the Corona-victim column.

5.  So far, no politician has stood up to suggest a national memorial someplace....with all the names listed of folks who died from the virus. 

6.  It's not page one or even page six news....but in Iceland.....they kinda refused to do all the intensive stuff you see in Germany, the US or South Korea.  Business operations are running....cafes are serving coffee, and life continues on.  Why?  Well, they have a historical trend of just observing social distances when required, quarantining only the sick, and aggressive testing.  Infection rate?  Roughly one-percent of the Island's population (figure 370k).  Death-rate?  About one-percent of the infected. 

7.  Have you ever sat in a social situation and simply counted the number of times that your associate touches their face in some way?  I sat and watched some live chat forum this week where a German guy was all chatty for three consecutive minutes, and he must have touched his face in some fashion at least twenty times in that 180-second period.  Then you start to wonder.....are these type of people just begging to get the virus.

8.  I'm beginning to much profit is built into a $50,000 ventilator.  It's painfully obvious now that a 18-year old high school kid, with parts from Lowes and Radio Shack....can build a $300 ventilator.  Now, the question is....would I trust the kid's $300 ventilator as much as the $50k ventilator?

9.  Odd how Hunter Biden has almost disappeared from most all news sources over the past month.

10.  Most Alabamians are contemplating the Governor's 'stay-at-home' order  So the three major questions are: (1) Does she mean within 8 miles of home? (2) Will this mean farmers have fewer idiots stopping by the house to gossip for four hours out of the day and ruin the general work schedule? (3) Is there a chance that this will ruin NCAA football, and halt the chances of Coach Saban winning another national championship?

Making Mail-In Voting Work

After a fair amount of thinking....there is a way to make mail-in voting (talked about with the Democrats) a functional thing:

1.  While the ballot is mailed from the county court-house, to the can only be mailed via a legit post office....meaning you physically show up and present the envelop to the clerk.

2.  While standing there, the clerk will note the name on the application, and the return address (put there by the county clerk).  He/She then asks the voter for a ID (any type with a picture and name).

3.  There must be a license number, or social security number then listed by the clerk on the voting form.  Then the envelop is sealed.

4.  The envelop is now mailed via registered mail to the county-court house.

5.  Any discrepancy with your ID....NO vote, and no registered mail accomplished.

6. Double-voting?  If this comes up, your local court should issue a summons and have paperwork prepared for your fine (minimum of $10,000) and the loss of voting privileges in that state for a period of twenty years.

7.  If you don't have a form of ID?   You don't vote.

My guess is that a fair number of Democrats will say this is wrong, and would trigger people to be marginalized. question would do you exist in life without an ID?  Show me the guy who has no ID (prison members and nutcases don't count).