Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Tucson and Sanctuary City Status

Well, the election occurred yesterday, and this proposition was on the ballot.

Against - 79 percent.  For - 21 percent.

A strong signal?  Here's the big factor, this was a mayor and city council election.....without state officials or the Presidency on the ballot.  So a lot of people just said it was not worth showing up.  Who did show up?  I would go and suggest that more than half of the voters were mostly over the age of 50.  If this had been done in November 2020's election?  I think it would have been closer to 50-50.

But Tucson has a unique situation in that a large amount of the population is 55 or older.  Sanctuary status isn't exactly something that thrills that particular population. 

In most cities, I suspect if you allowed public voting to occur....Sanctuary status would be voted down.  The negative holding it back?  It means you are holding the local police to a standard, and saying that that state or federal laws don't matter.  It's a bad habit to start, and you can't be sure where it'd end.