Monday, 11 November 2013

The Sucker's Deal

It's an odd expression that Americans tend to hear, but then ask the real meaning.

Allow a guy from Bama to explain.

Gus buys a truckload of Turtlewax-like wax.....that isn't really Turtlewax, but the fake stuff.  Gus pay $1 per bottle for the stuff.  Gus then turns around and advertises the bottles at $7 but then has a "sale" and the newly discounted price is $5.99.  Gus clears five bucks on every bottle.  The gimmick works as long as everyone believes that everything was worth seven bucks in the beginning.  Once people realize that it's not even worth the $1 per bottle that he originally paid, then the "suckers deal" is finished and cannot be discussed anywhere without a laugh.

Well.....this past week, the head guy for France's foreign policy.....called the US bluff on some deal with Iran and it's nuclear stuff.....a sucker's deal.

Plain, blunt talk.

You can imagine the interview being conducted.  Some fancy intellectual news journalist, and then....the talk hits this curious response from the foreign minister.....a sucker's deal.  The US press likely got the tape of the episode, and thought that this must be a bad translated response.  No.....sucker's deal was the actual comment that the guy made.

The deal being structured, is where the big civilized nations of the world (the US, Russia, China, the UK, France, and Germany)....would all sit with Iran and come to a formal agreement about nuclear use.  It'd all be a happy moment, where sanctions would fall and Iran could move forward in a unrestricted economic world.

Over the past month, this new deal looked promising for Iran, and for President was likely going to be one of the three big positive points of 2013 for the US.  Everything looked great a couple of weeks ago, and as final details finally got put into the open.....people just sat there and questioned how this was going to fix anything.

A sucker's deal?  It's hard to imagine 2013 ending, and all the various chaotic moments of the US administration for this year, and some French guy has called US foreign policy planning with Iran.....a sucker's deal.