Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Just Something That Popped Into My Head

As people pass away.....the relatives ought to be 'pushed' into noting the cause of death off the death certificate, and then note this on the tombstone later.  Maybe the stone would just say Covid-dead, or maybe some artsy symbol would be developed (in Chinese of course) note the special way of death. 

If you did pass away, and the hospital dude stamped you 'Covid-19-dead' ought to be there on your stone as a legacy. 

Folks would wonder by.....fifteen years in the future and come by your spot in the cemetery....'yeah, he was my neighbor....but you know, he'd drink heavy and had that car accident which killed him'.  Then the associate with guy would comment 'well, it says here that he was Covid-19-dead'. 

Then this conversation would start the cemetery, where the two would talk for an hour over your demise, the fake nature of this, the Covid-19 experience, and the stone's commentary (fake, I know).

It's good experiences like this....two guys in a cemetery.....yakking for an hour over a departed guy and his questionable Covid-19 situation, that makes for a good friendship. 

And if you don't understand's a southern thing.