Monday, 16 March 2020

The Coronavirus $1000?

Romney came up today and suggested a $1,000 check for American adult.....for Corona.

I sat and pondered this.

First, how would most spend it?  On toilet paper?

Second, why only $1,000?  Why not $12,000?

Third, wouldn't a lot of guys just spend it on women, booze, or casino operations?

Fourth, how do you handle homeless folks and drug addicts on the street?

Fifth and final....why only a one-time deal?  Couldn't we make up a rule that said upon getting the flu or got another $1,000 check? 

Just Pondering

By the end of April, with temperatures rising and increased sun....I kinda expect the virus numbers to max out, and by the 20th of downward.

But this brings up this question.

When you go out on the 25th of April and open the garage door.....there's around 24 packages of toilet paper there (enough for 15 months), and well over a 7-year supply of hand sanitize.  You also probably have 18 months of canned soup and 200 pounds of flour which will expire before you can ever use all of it.

What do you do at that point?

There's a serious problem coming up, if the experts are correct on warmer temperatures and sun affecting the virus outcomes. 

The Joe and Bernie Show

I put in 30 minutes trying to watch the Biden-Sanders debate.  It was a pretty dismal situation, and I'll offer four observations:

1.  If you had assigned some political point to Joe Biden over the past six months....that point disappeared and Joe appeared as some far-left guy.  Maybe it was an accident, or just the political gaming going on....but it probably left regular older Democrats just shaking their heads.

2.  No audience left this as an odd debate.  Neither got applause.

3.  CNN moderators marginally worked.  I emphasize....marginally.

4.  Joe went well....without screwing up (much).

Odd Note Comparing Coronavirus to Gulf War Philosphy

Upon arriving in the Gulf War zone in 1991, the threat of chemical weapons was a big deal.   So about an hour after arriving at the Saudi site....we were basically told that even if chem weapons were used.....the heat would dissipate the chemical 'stuff' in a matter of 'minutes' (usually spoken of 10 minutes or less).

 So I look at the Coronavirus chatter, and kinda see the same suggestion....that as spring comes and goes, with increased heat....the virus won't be able to rest on surfaces for any real amount of time.

All of this worry to dissolve in a matter of four to six weeks?  Well, least until the fall arrives, and the threat returns.