Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Problem with Meditation

I read a fair amount of newspapers from across the globe.  This morning, I went over a piece on the Daily Mail (a British daily).

There's this piece over how meditation can trigger mental issues.

Basically, some science folks did some analysis and studies.....then they did the statistical average.....roughly sixty percent of people who've been on some type of meditation retreat/trip.....end up with at least one negative aspect (confusion, panic, or depression).

Oddly, the way it works is that the early part of this meditation was positive and gave you some inspiration or positive thrust in life.  Then for some reason.....there's a 'rush' as you fall to the ground.  You probably could make up for this 'fallen and can't get up' episode by having another mediation moment, then just keep repeating this to avoid the confusion factor or panic attacks or depressive moments.

Relating to 'aholic' moments?  Over the years, I've encountered a few folks who were addicted to meditation-type situations.  Several times a day....they needed to retreat and have a couple of minutes of reach a positive state of mind.  I didn't think much of it....just that they seemed to be like smokers and needed a 'nicotine-type' fix for their mental state.

How many people meditate?  Unknown.  Psychology Today, back in 2010.....said there were around ten million Americans who did at least one meditation moment per day.  How they reached this conclusion was not precise and had some rough estimation involved.  If true, then it means that you likely bump into three or four people a day as a minimum who are stuck on meditation.  Higher in urban areas than rural areas?  I might tend to agree on that.

Will this trigger anything?  Well....I'm guessing some TV dimwits will say it's a national problem and want to confuse people with anti-meditation talk and have anti-meditation gurus appear to chat on frustrations of meditation.  Eventually, some folks will wonder if they ought to flip over and become enthusiasts of mediation to fix some other issue in their life.

Bottom line?  Just get with your life and don't worry about rights or wrongs.  Sip some Mountain Dew, watch an episode of Gilligan's Island, get a haircut, or chat over septic tank knowledge.....just live a bit on the edge and be happy over that.