Tuesday, 5 February 2019

On the NFL

After the Super Bowl ended (I didn't watch, and must admit.....I haven't watched an NFL game in four years)....they got around to talking about the viewers.  It was the lowest watched game in a decade. 

What's really happened here?

Once the kneeling business, and continued attachment to social warrior 'tendencies' hit some serious strides.....people asked some general questions, and then departed as viewers or fans. 

Here's the thing about it.....very shortly (might be here in 2019, or 2020).....the salary structures are going to be discussed with ticket sales and decreased TV viewer ratings.  All of this will likely lead to a 10-percent cut in pay for the majority of players.  Hostility brewing? 

There's some talk about the 2021 players-owners contract and how this will go.  So 2019's season is awful critical.  Everyone needs to get fans back on board, and just plain stop talking social-warrior chatter.  The players and teams need one season where there is no negativity for fans to talk about.  The Colin Kaepernick 'saga'?  It needs to end.  Some team needs to just offer the guy a back-up quarterback contract, and Colin needs to accept it and move on with what is left in his career.  He might be able to squeeze four more productive years out of this mess. 

What happens if kneeling and social justice events continue into 2019 and 2020?  I'll go ahead and predict a lock-out/strike for the summer of 2021, and players get shocked that owners aren't rushing out to resolve this mess.  Yes, the entire 2021 season might not even exist.   For college players aiming to arrive in 2021?  They'd best start planning a plan-B type situation for that summer, and the fall.....looking for real employment to cover their bills.