Thursday, 13 September 2018

A Puerto Rico Memorial

For a couple of weeks, I've heard this 'chatter' about 2,975 local folks in Puerto Rico had died from the hurricane business (instead of the couple dozen widely reported in the month after the event).

So I have this nifty idea.  I think the Senators should get together and make a memorial-type statue in San Juan, and have all of the 2,975 names listed on the memorial. 

Course, the question there actually a list of the dead folks?  You know....the 2,975 folks? 

It ought to be a big memorial.....worth at least 10-million in my humble opinion, and ought to have some fancy night-lights and maybe a scripture or two written on it to remember the folks who died.

Google Talk

I sat and looked over political news this morning.....over how folks are hyped up over Google's executive talking after the November 2016 election, and how upset employees and managers were of the Hillary loss.  At some meeting, the bosses even talked on how voters needed to be 'educated' or taught how to handle voting.

After the 1972 presidential election (a dismal defeat for McGovern, with almost 20 points separating him from Nixon)....a lot of the leadership were consumed with a pro-McGovern attitude, and started chatting about 'stupid' voters and how they needed to educate society on how to handle voting. 

The thing that bothers me see Google executives, along with those of Twitter and Facebook....resolved to some type of political games.

Would you expect that out of GM, Coke, Pizza Hut, Costco, or Honda?  No.

If this kind of behavior were coming from the Kansas City Royals, Dallas Cowboys or Chicago Bulls?  No, you wouldn't accept that either.

If this were Hollywood studios producing Marvel-theme movies related to politics or pro-Hillary type scenarios?  No, you wouldn't accept that either.

Would it bother you if your burger chain was all hyped-up and attempted to be a pro-Hillary burger chain?

Would it bother you if your toilet paper makers were all hyped and attempted to be a pro-Hillary toilet paper company?

If I were holding stock with Google, Facebook or Twitter.....I'd be asking questions about work-time and political-time, and how this amounts to some kind of profit.